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  1. Pues está my bien el sonido en general, muy equilibrado aunque yo echo de menos un poco más de graves... A lo mejor son mis escuchas. Saludos
  2. Hola, hoy os dejo un video poema extraño pero fácil de entender por muchos/as. A ver qué os parece. Me resisto a la tristeza
  3. Like a moonless night - Something disturbing breaking the night Regards, Marcus
  4. The Ghost under the tree - The ghosts surround us, sometimes we can see them… Have you ever seen one? Regards
  5. Lady Nalga - Blow strong and Ship wrecked Lady Nalga - Blow strong Lady Nalga - Ship wrecked Best regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  6. I am cold - A woman waiting for the sun surrounded by the winter among its dry leaveshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDpAUrN-KxsI'm cold but I remain stillwithout even trying to put on my coatI light a cigarette and breathe its smokewith anxietywithout knowing for surewhy do I repeat that ritethat burns me between its threadsthat burns me between its threadsI think of youI think of mesurrounded by that coldthat covers mestirring mestirring meThe streets are emptybecause of the winter breathwhile the leaves roamturning upside downthe order that there was beforebeforeAnd while I smokeTime seems like a friendwho sat down to chat with meof your silenceand mineof your silenceand mineI think of youI think of me x2
  7. What is folie..? - Celtic Fusion - Original song by Mora Amaro La Loba and Marcus Nalgaber     I already feel the storm  that divides me I already feel the storm  that divides me  multiplying me in a thousand drafts  of mine in a thousand drafts  of mine   Necessary characters to survive  the hecatombe to survive  the hecatombe   I am lost in my inside there is no door nor window   to scape from the remaining time   from so close up everything seems terrible from so close up everything seems terrible   Folie folie folie folie   Friend with a strange name that makes me free from my reason   folie folie folie folie   I listen to my heart I listen to my dreams I listen to my voice I listen to my laughter et voila c'est la folie et voila
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