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Mensajes publicados por damilkpo09

  1. Esta es una película que vi hará unos quince años, recuerdo solo un par de escenas. Un extraterrestre con forma de ¿duende? se infiltra en una nave y empieza a causar problemas. En una parte consigue fusionar una araña con un hombre-máquina que trabajaba en la nave. Y si no me equivoco al final lograban abrir una compuerta dejando al extraterrestre a la deriva.


    Parece una de esas pelis cutres de terror ochenteras o tal vez de los noventa.


    Un saludo y gracias

  2. American progressive metal veterans Symphony X will enter the studio this week to begin recording the follow-up to 2011s Iconoclast for an early 2015 release. Were gonna start the drums on Tuesday [september 9], and with all the recording and then the promotion, we hope to have a new album out for the spring, Symphony X bassist Michael LePond told United Rock Nations last week (hear audio below). He continued: The songs are ready to go. We have ten songs. We may record nine or ten; well see how it goes.


    Regarding the musical direction of the new Symphony X material, LePond said: Stylistically, its not as heavy as Iconoclast was. If I had to compare, I would say that its a combination of The Odyssey and Paradise Lost something in there. It has a lot of classic Symphony X elements in it, which I think a lot of our fans were missing for a few years. So I think our fans will really like this one. It really just focuses on solid songwriting.


    Asked if Symphony X has come up with a title for the new album yet, LePond said: We dont have the name of the album yet. Right now we have all the music and we have all the lyrics written down, but we still need to put the lyrics to the songs.


    On the topic of the time table for the completion of the new Symphony X album, LePond said: I think we would like to have the album recorded by the end of the year, finished. And then we give it to the record company and then they need three months to promote [it]. So thats the plan right now.

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