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[Anya Van Gozar's Private Log] [Entry 4#] [April - 10 - 2768]


Ugh… I don’t even know why I should keep doing this. It’s not like I ever going to hear this again. Well, maybe when I bring up a couple of drinks, I could sit and play it, just to remind me how useless I am, can’t see other use for this shit.




Ok, I’m completely fed up… that should be obvious. I’m just wishing to leave this goddamn planet for some of those operations, like keeping an eye on the Carssians, or stopping the attacks of the Afasen tribe on Codris. But no, here in our lovely Earth, I'm stuck with tons of paperwork, traffic control for hours, and giving orders to those stupid pieces of scrap, instead of doing the damn job on my own! This is the reason I’m in the I.R.A. Forces for fucks sake!




I just… don’t want to see people suffer like I did. I don’t want them to end up like my brother, throwing their lives for the sake of people who live for taking advantage of innocent people. I know that the androids and drones do a nearly perfect job taking care of the danger, no one gets hurt thanks to them, but I didn’t want to throw my own life to something meaningless, what I really want is to be able to do my job and to be proud of it, to feel that I’m doing the difference…  to stop feeling so guilty for his stupidity. God, I just need a little bit of action.


I think I’m going to destroy this horseshit.




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