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  1. la gnasher va a volver a tener 8 cartuchos en vez de 4 en operación 4.
  2. la portada del dick tracy es puro cómicn oir con uso de sombras es majestuosa. puros memes:
  3. memes epicos. Ah 2007 we have to go back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0oYiyBJnk0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj97xwJWmSY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBDaq_C1hlk
  4. WHAT’S UP – JUNE 18, 2020 Welcome to What’s Up, our weekly blog where we’ll recap everything big in the world of Gears. In What’s Up this week: Developer Playlist added to Gears 5 Operation 3 extended until July 14 Final Three Versus Events Medal Groups coming DEVELOPER PLAYLIST IN GEARS 5 The team has a list of planned changes they want to make to Gears 5. Whether it’s adjusting weapon & movement tuning to tweaking existing modes to testing out new features, there is a lot we want to do to improve how Gears 5 plays. So, effective today we’re adding a Developer’s Playlist to Gears 5. This is a critical step for us as this list will allow us to test potential changes before we roll them out into the full game. This playlist will be dynamic and reactive. But the critical feature is it will allow you to play and more importantly, give us valuable feedback. We wanted to launch our Developer Playlist with a bang so until the end of the Operation, we’re testing the impact of removing adhesion from all weapons and changes to the active reload system. It’s a big one, we know! ADHESION REMOVAL (AIM ASSIST) Adhesion is one of three tools (along with magnetism and friction) used in Gears 5 that help the shooter stay on target when actively tracking moving enemies. These features exist in some capacity in almost every modern console shooter to create a consistent experience when aiming with thumbsticks. We’ve heard your feedback about the impact that adhesion has especially in assault-style weapons. By removing adhesion, while still keeping magnetism and friction, the gunplay in the Developer Playlist will feel more like the original Gears of War games. We look forward to hearing your feedback – just remember, better skill will be required to track moving objects and land shots with more precision. Note: If you have already disabled aim assist in the frontend, then you will not notice any change. ACTIVE RELOAD The increased power of an Active loadout weapon is something we’ve been looking at for while. We all know how quickly an Active Lancer, or Lancers, can melt someone. In this iteration of the Developer Playlist, we’re also changing the Active Reload effects for all Loadout weapons so the only active bonus is a faster reload. This is similar to what already exists in the Gnasher. We’ve also adjusted the ‘perfect’ active zone. It has now been moved to the left (to the start of the grey active zone) and has been slightly increased in size to compensate. Make sure to tune into today’s Developer Stream. We’ve got Jamie Mactaggart, lead gameplay designer, on to talk about the Developer Playlist and to answer all your questions. We’ve set-up a dedicated thread on our Gears forums for to you provide feedback on these changes. Check it out here OPERATION 4 DELAYED As we revealed on last week’s Developer Stream, we made the tough decision to delay Operation 4 until July 14. This is an unfortunate by-product of the team working from home due to COVID-19. We know you’re all anxious to see what Operation 4 will bring but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. We really appreciate your patience on this – we can’t wait to share what we’ve got planned. VERSUS EVENTS MEDAL GROUPS For those of you clamoring to finalize the Versus Events medal group and claim the Niles Boomshot, hold on to your butts. Every week for the next three weeks, we’re going to add a new event with an associated medal challenge! But we wanted to make it a little more fun that; so for the final two weeks of Operation 3, we’re giving you the option to vote for which playlist you want. We’ll let you know the choices closer to the voting date. As for next week’s event, it promises to be positively golden. That’s it from us this week. Don’t forget to drop by today’s stream and we’ll see you on the battlefield. TC
  5. https://arch-img.b4k.co/v/1590524037994.png GRIDIRON WEAPON SWAPS Today we rolled up an update to the weapon swaps in Gridiron. Here’s the full low-down on the changes. Map Location First Half Second Half Bunker Artillery Frag Grenades Torque Bow Bunker Dropshot Incendiary Grenades Canals Market Boltok Boltok Under Mid-bridge Torque Bow Torque Bow District Arcade Markza Shock Grenades Hotel Markza Shock Grenades Bandstand Frag Grenades Boomshot Street Incendiary Grenades Incendiary Grenades Cinema Dropshot Frag Grenades Vasgar Helicopter Dropshot Torque Bow Tickets Shock Grenades Markza Arrivals Shock Grenades Markza Tank Longshot Boltok VERSUS EVENT: GNASHERS ONLY KOTH Take a staycation this week and jump into Gnashers Only King of the Hill – where the gibs are mighty and the Lancer Fests don’t exist. NEW HIVE: THE CORRUPTION The Corruption is a hive built around a seemingly overwhelming amount of Rejects. Players must explore and find explosive weaponry to deal with the onslaught of rejects. NEXT FOR GEARS 5 We’ve got a few updates coming next week (no, not the new ranking system) but they are all part of our ongoing work to evolve Gears 5 into the game that you and TC wants. SIGNING OFF That’s it from us this week. Tune in to live.gearsofwar.com this afternoon as we return to the stream grind and continue to showcase our TCA Partners. This week we’re hanging with Shadowz, looking out for some sick plays and, as always, answering your questions. Can’t make the stream? Catch the VOD or check out his content on Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter. Until then, TC
  6. todos los juego sega arcades que no tienen versión en consolas o pc:
  7. Yo creo que Mac, keegan, lahni/ lizzie o cole podría ir bien.
  8. ion no lo he leido, el de hal jorda es posteriore a universo dc renacimiento de 2016 es muy post johns.
  9. June 02, 2020 Rock of Ages III: Make & Break June 03, 2020 Awesome Pea 2 June 03, 2020 Depth of Extinction June 03, 2020 Strawberry Vinegar June 04, 2020 Tour de France 2020 June 05, 2020 Cyber Protocol June 05, 2020 Outbuddies DX June 05, 2020 Reed 2 (NA) (PS4) June 05, 2020 Task Force Kampas (EU) (PS4) June 05, 2020 Rigid Force Redux June 05, 2020 Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio June 05, 2020 We Were Here Together June 09, 2020 Jump King June 09, 2020 1971 Project Helios (NA) June 09, 2020 Demon's Tier+ (EU) (PS4) June 10, 2020 Demon's Tier+ June 11, 2020 Beyond Blue June 11, 2020 Evan's Remains June 12, 2020 Goosebumps: Dead of Night June 12, 2020 Project Warlock June 12, 2020 Warborn June 16, 2020 Desperados III June 16, 2020 Disintegration June 18, 2020 Waking June 19, 2020 The Last of Us: Part II June 19, 2020 Ys: Memories of Celceta June 23, 2020 Little Town Hero June 23, 2020 Assetto Corsa Competizione June 23, 2020 SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated June 30, 2020 Hunting Simulator 2 June 02, 2020 Rock of Ages III: Make & Break
  10. Yo hoy me lo he pasado con dos güiris la de operación 3 : púgil cuerpo a cuerpo, necesita a lahni y cole mínimo con buen nivel yo era casan, yo siempre voy con dos de puntuación y luego 3 cartas, resucitar legendaria, salud por tiros a la cabeza y -35 daño si esta herido. Nos hemos hecho -39 minutos o asi. Me falta una colmena de operación 2 para otro logro. Pero esas ya no clasifican para aspectos asi que jugare con 5 cartas buenas y el personaje que me digáis, este fin de semana la conexión me iba muy bien. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vISaXIJhkWs
  11. Pues parece legal: https://www.game.es/VIDEOJUEGOS/ACCION/XBOX-ONE/YAKUZA-LIKE-A-DRAGON/180174
  12. EA has revealed the first footage of Madden 21 during Microsoft's recent Inside Xbox presentation, and has detailed an upgrade program for Xbox Series X. As you might expect, it looks a lot like Madden, but prettier. The footage we have is for Xbox Series X, and gives us our first look at EA's next-gen sports title. Interestingly, EA has also unveiled an upgrade program for Madden 21, allowing players who purchase the Xbox One version to upgrade to Xbox Series X at no additional cost - however, it doesn't seem to utilise Xbox's Smart Delivery program. Instead, the system that EA and Microsoft unveiled has a time limit - purchase the Xbox One game before 31st December 2020, and you can upgrade to the Xbox Series X version until 31st March 2020. It's unclear whether EA was unhappy with how flexible Microsoft's own Smart Delivery system is, but it is a strange choice either way
  13. Bandai Namco Studios (led by members of the team behind the 'Tales of' series) has unveiled Xbox-exclusive Scarlet Nexus, an RPG in which you play as Yuito Sumeragi, a protagonist armed with psycho-kinetic powers. Set in a distant future, Scarlet Nexus revolves around the discovery of a psionic hormone in the human brain. Consequently, extra-sensory powers are common among people, altering the world as "deranged mutants" known as 'Others' (that look like flowers and various shrubberies with legs) began to descend from the skies, thirsting for human brains. The Others are impervious to conventional weaponry, however, meaning that only those gifted with psionic abilities can take them on. As part of the gifted 'Other Suppression Force', you'll help in providing humanity's last line of defence against the Others in the city of New Himuka, where you'll also need to unravel the mysteries of Scarlet Nexus' 'Brain Punk' future. You'll also be able to lift, break, and throw pieces of the environment, as you cleave a path through enemies, in what promises to be a blistering action RPG. Scarlet Nexus will be coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox One, with Smart Delivery support, meaning you'll own the best version of the game, whichever console you own.
  14. Yakuza 7 will be coming to Xbox Series X as a launch title, SEGA and Ryu ga Gotoku Studio have announced, cementing Microsoft's commitment to bringing the Yakuza series to Xbox. Most recently, we've seen both Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami hit Xbox Game Pass, with Yakuza Kiwami 2 still to come. Known as Yakuza: Like A Dragon in the west, Yakuza 7 follows new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga in a new Yokohama location. The game adopts a new turn-based 'Live Command RPG Battle' system, which includes summons, a variety of allies to recruit, and more. Watching the trailer below, it looks every bit as outlandish as any Yakuza game worth its salt. Yakuza: Like A Dragon will be available for Xbox Series X at launch (as well as Xbox One, Windows 10, PS4 and Steam), meaning you can expect to see it landing in 'holiday 2020'. Will we be seeing Yakuza 3-5 Remastered and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life at some point, too? We certainly hope so, although nothing has been confirmed as yet.
  15. Digital pre-orders for Disintegration are live now on the Xbox Store for $49.99/£39.99, and the game will be heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on 16th June 2020. Pre-ordering will grant access to multiplayer DLC, including the Lost Ronin Midnight crew skin, Flex emote, Disintegration Medal Gravcycle attachment, and animated player banner
  16. Wild west tactical-RTS game Desperados III is out on Xbox One next month, and publisher THQ Nordic has released a new trailer showcasing playable character Hector Mendoza. Mendoza is built like a bear, and hits like one too. Equipped with a trusty axe to cut his foes down to size, as well as a sturdy shotgun that can take out multiple enemies in a single blast. He's not all power, no precision though - Hector also carries a bear trap lovingly named Bianca (that we can only assume he acquired when he got caught in it himself) which he can place down to trap opponents. You can check out his particular style in the trailer down below. Desperados III rides onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on 16th June 2020.
  17. WHAT'S UP – APRIL 30TH 2020 Welcome to What’s Up, our weekly blog where we’ll recap everything that’s happened in the past week and talk a little about future developments. In What’s Up this week: Gears Tactics Out Now Follow up on last week’s Skill Point changes Title Update 5.1 GEARS TACTICS OUT NOW! It’s out! It’s finally out! It’s been almost 2 years since Gears Tactics shared a sliver of the Gears 5 spotlight on stage at E3 2018 and now it is (or should be) sitting on your PC’s hard drive ready to play whenever you want. How did two years go by so fast? We’re so proud to see continued great reviews for the labor of love from us and our partners at Splash Damage. Venturing into a new genre for the Gears franchise was never going to be easy, and it’s great to see so much positivity around the release. We hope you are having a blast with it! Some of you may be wondering what’s next for Gears Tactics. We’re going to support the game with further Title Updates to address any emerging bugs or balance issues as huge numbers of players get their hands on the game. Beyond that, we’re working hard to deliver the Xbox Console version of Gears Tactics later this year. All the love that was poured into making Tactics a true made-for-PC title is being done to make the console version feel right at home there too. For those of you waiting on Tactics to hit your console, we’ll make the wait worth it. SKILL POINTS Last week, we launched a trial solution to the Ranking System awarding 0 points on a win – instead of mitigating losses, we would ensure gains on any win by awarding points. As a reminder, the current Gears 5 system is based on the quality of your performance vs the quality of your opponents, which means dropping a round against the wrong team could net you more negative points lost than positive points gained. We updated the system to prevent a win resulting in negative points, which was then followed by this change. When you receive a 0 in Gears 5 on a win, this was the system protecting you from losing Skill Points, despite the fact you won the match. After the change, you would gain Skill Points in this scenario. The downside is that, when a player eventually loses after only gaining Skill Points only through the artificially added Skill Points, the system will give them negative points to ensure their rank and True Skill Rank is aligned. Given the vast majority of our Ranked development is being put into our new overhauled Ranking System, which moves away from this model entirely, this was an interim solution we wanted to try to see if it could offer improvement while we finish development on the new system. Frankly, based on your feedback, it hasn’t worked. As of today, we’ve rolled back to the previous 0 protection version of the Ranking System with no artificially added Skill Points for winning. We know this isn’t ideal either, but it’s the lesser of two evils. Given where we are in the development of the brand new Ranking System, we have no further updates planned for the Ranking System that exists today. Soon, it will be going the way of the dodo – but for now, the experience will exist as it is until we rollout the new Ranked system. TITLE UPDATE 5.1 In case you missed it amidst the Tactics fever this week, we dropped a small Hotfix Title Update on Wednesday to address some issues that emerged since the launch of Operation 3. We also snuck in a couple of consistency updates for the Gnasher and movement under certain conditions too. You can find the full update notes here. THIS WEEK IN GEARS 5 This Week In Gears 5, it’s headshots galore in Escape with new hive Lethal Encounters and Hyper Dodgeball is delivering jump scares for days. Check out everything on offer this week in game in Monday’s This Week In Gears 5 post. SIGNING OFF Things have been a little quiet these past two weeks from us but the tides of change are coming. The team are heads down on the next big things for Gears 5. As we’ve been talking about over the past couple of months, development is laser focused on addressing some of your biggest fundamental concerns and feedback points around the game since launch above all else. There’s a lot to unpack that we are really excited to tell you about. The new Ranked System is just scratching the surface. However, the team is adjusting to a new remote-work based existence that means it’s a little tougher to predict schedules – especially when it comes to testing. We’ve been promising a Roadmap full of whats and whys for a while now, but the team are also conscious of the unpredictable scenario we find ourselves in. The Roadmap will come, but it may still be a little while yet. Thanks for all the understanding and patience you’ve showed us since the COVID pandemic. We really appreciate. In the meantime, go have a blast on Gears and we’ll see you next week. TC, out. https://arch-img.b4k.co/v/1588112059155.png
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