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sopa de tiburon

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  1. >Remember when Sega cancelled a fully finished game at the same time they were hemorrhaging money and absolutely couldn't afford to? All because ameritards decided any game with a plane and a building in it was offensive.
  2. >LIFE IS STRANGE: PARTNER’S IN TIME #1 A NEW ERA, A NEW #1! THE ADVENTURES OF MAX, CHLOE, AND RACHEL FROM THE HIT LIFE IS STRANGE GAME, CONTINUE INTO A NEW ERA! Time-rewinding photographer Max has spent the last couple of years in a reality parallel to her own. Lately, she realised she was running from her responsibilities... and from the Chloe she left. Now... there may be a way for her to get home. With the universe against her, it's time for the coast-to-coast road trip of multiple lifetimes to find it - following the band The High Seas towards an uncertain destiny! Written by Emma Vieceli with art by Claudia Leonardi and Andrea Izzo. Issue #1 on sale October 14, 2020.
  3. https://soranews24.com/2020/08/04/akihabara-saying-goodbye-to-landmark-as-giant-sega-arcade-announces-its-closing-for-good/
  4. The AWE expansion will be available for Control on Xbox One, PS4, and PC from 27th August, alongside a free August update with a new ability upgrade, additional usability options, and more checkpoints for some of the campaign's more taxing missions. Each outlaw has their own playstyle, from ranged specialists to combat-focused classes, melee brawlers, and others, so you'll be able to experiment with team builds and combinations of skills. "This is a heist after all, and no heist would be complete without assembling the gang to discuss the plan before cracking the vault and making good on your getaway!," Willans adds. With its own retelling of a legend in a "gritty, brutal" version of Dark Ages Britain, Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be heading to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2021. Kalypso Media has announced that the "politically-charged" Lobbyistico DLC for Tropico 6 is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, bringing the European Union and "big league" politics to the eponymous island, with new features including a 'Corruption' gameplay mechanic. The Lobbyistico DLC also adds three new buildings, new personality traits for your own El Presidente, new music trakcs, additional customisation options for your avatar and palace residence. These include the ability to put up an 'El Prez' Hollywood-type sign on your front lawn, to inform people of who lives in the massive palace.
  5. First released back in 2008, Jonathan Blow's indie darling Braid is set to return early next year as Braid: Anniversary Edition, an upgraded and enhanced version of the classic time-manipulating platformer, with its hand-painted visuals given a high resolution repaint, with new animations, remastered soundtrack, and more. With the high-res repaint come additional visual touches like brush stroke effects and fluid, smoother animations, while you'll also be able to flip back and forth between the revamped Anniversary Edition and the original version of Braid, if you like. To complement all of that, the game will also feature a detailed developer commentary. The commentary aims to be the most in-depth to be found in a game, according to original creator Jonathan Blow, covering everything from "art, programming, game design, level design, history of independent games, [and] whatever else..." with the ability to follow specific threads of the commentary, if you'd prefer. Braid: Anniversary Edition will be heading to Xbox Series X and Xbox One in 2021.
  6. **** DOOM Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online Are Getting Xbox Series X Versions
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