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[Post Oficial] GOD OF WAR: Ragnarok

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    • sopa de tiburon
      The festive season is here! Gearsmas is going to take us through the New Year. We’ve got lots of things to keep you entertained!
      Glowies are here! 2XP (and free boost) for everyone Snowball Fight returns Jingle Juvies sticks around New store updates THE LAMBENT HAVE ARRIVED!
      The dark wintery nights are here and what better way to light them up with a sinister trio of Glowies.
      The Lambent are available in the store individually or as a bundle. And for those of you asking, we are releasing the Lambent as stand-alone characters so we have the ability to create Lambent variants in the future. As usual, they will be available for Gears Coins in early January.
      Each character is available for 250 iron or in a bundle for 1,500 Iron. The bundle includes:
      Lambent Grenadier Lambent Drone Lambent Theron Guard Lambent Flesh full weapon Set Sorrowed Sway expression Lambent Civil War banner Locust Rune Queen Mark LET’S GET GRINDING!
      If you’re looking to increase your re-ups or level up your PvE classes, then we have the Gearsmas present for you – 2XP! We’re also giving everyone free Boost.
      And yes, we will finally reveal our re-up changes in the New Year.
      We all love a good ole fashioned snowball fight… so we’re bringing back this fan favorite just in time for the holidays. For those who haven’t played this before, it’s a Team Deathmatch-like mode that equips players with a Boomshot that shoots snowballs.
      These antlered-terrors are sticking around until January 4th, so you can enjoy the wave after wave after wave of yelping Juvies.
      As a reminder, Jingle Juvies is a 20 wave Horde event that features a lot of Juvies sporting antlers and boss waves featuring a lot of Juvies and lots of regular enemies to keep you on your toes.
      Also, the issue where players were getting incorrect rewards when completing the Daily Challenge will be resolved with tomorrow’s changes.
      Fruitcake full weapon set – 850 Iron Nice Present For You expression – 300 Iron Gearsmas 2020 mark – 125 Iron FEATURE STORE
      Krampus Scion – 1,500 Iron or 10,000 Gears Coins Gift Wrapped loadout set – 500 Iron Ugly Sweater Jack – redeem for free Gearsmas 2019 banner – redeem for free ESPORTS
      Chrome Steel Marcus – $9.99 USD  
    • sopa de tiburon
      This Week in Gears will fill you in on everything happening in-game this week for Gears 5!
      Beyond the usual store and event updates, we’re also adding the most recent tuning to the developer playlist so make sure to play and pass along any feedback.
      We’ve also added the Scorcher to the maps below. Please note that weapon spawns have a 50% chance of being one of the following:
      Blood Drive: Scorcher and Dropshot  Lift: Scorcher and Boomshot Exhibit: Scorcher and Dropshot  Forge: Scorcher and Boomshot VERSUS EVENT: FFA GNASHERS ONLY

      Just you, your Gnasher and your dream of ruining the day of seven other players.
      Lace up your best bouncing shoes on and head into Gnashers Only FFA this week to prove your skills.
      Classic Horde is… well, Classic, meaning there are no fabricators, ultimate abilities, skill cards or passives, and everyone starts off with a Lancer, Gnasher and Snub.
      Unlike the original Horde, however, the Classic Horde playlist uses the Horde Frenzy model of 12 waves with a boss every 4 waves. The playlist will also be restricted to only the new maps introduced in Operation 5, giving players a great opportunity to try out the new maps as well!
      As an added treat, we’re rolling out a Classic Horde medal group where you can earn the complete Bloody Weapon set.
      Here are the challenges:
      Classically Trained – Survive 36 waves of the Classic Horde event Lone Wolf – Get 100 kills with the Gnasher (any MP mode) Hold ‘em Back – Get 100 kills with the Lancer (any MP mode) Scavenger – Get 25 kills with heavy weapons (any MP mode)  

      Fresh weekly hive. Fresh weekly rewards.
      The Gauntlet returns! This intense, one-act Hive forces you and your squad to battle through three huge fights (and bosses) in rapid succession to escape the Venom in time.  

      Stranded Dizzy – 500 Iron Dizzy Banner – 100 Iron Dizzy Skull Mark – 65 Iron FEATURE STORE

      Winter Armor JD – 250 iron or 2,000 Gears Coins Swarm Winter Sniper – 250 Iron or 2,000 Gears Coins Frigid Blast Weapon Set (Full) – 850 Iron or 6,800 Gears Coins Snowflake Bloodspray – 125 Iron or 1,000 Gears Coins ESPORTS

      Chrome Steel Hivebuster Mac – $9.99 USD GEARS TACTICS TITLE UPDATE
      Attention Gears fans!
      Here are the patch notes for the latest update for Gears Tactics!
      This Title Update will be out at November 30, 2020 at 7:00 pm PT. The full patch notes can be found below:
      Improved narration in the equipment screens. Improved narration of the hit chance UI element. Fixed white flash that could occur for one frame in the loading screen. Fixed the character animation snapping when backing out of name customization in the Barracks. Fixed goggles not disappearing from the Deviant Sniper when it is killed by a headshot. Fixed flickering between the occlusion shader and some buildings in Act 2 and Act 3. Optimized content in Act 2 to improve performance. ALL PLATFORMS – GAMEPLAY
      Controller Only: Fixed a timing issue where sticky cursor abilities (e.g. execute) could be confirmed before the preview was shown. Controller Only: Added camera limit to Jacks free aim abilities so the camera won’t push past the limit of the ability. Improved targeting of free aim abilities, like Overwatch or Jacks capsules.
      The ability can now be confirmed while hovering over another unit instead of that unit being selected. Fixed the turn getting stuck when a player unit attempts to chainsaw an enemy unit that has an opportunity attack
      and the opportunity attack is triggered while the player unit is mantling over cover. Fixed enemies spawning in the ground if player units are too close in some missions. Fixed a case where a unit revived in a corner could get stuck. Fixed elite enemy reveals being in the wrong location when loading a save game. Fixed hit chance UI element background sometimes not appearing. Fixed sounds cutting out during later stages of the Brumak fight. Fixed Tickers appearing on the ground for one frame while dropping from the Reaver. Fixed Jack facing in the wrong direction after opening doors. PC
      Improved boot times. Added a new advanced video setting “Fast Pipeline State Cache”. This setting decreases boot times but increases system memory usage by up to 600MB. Optimized planar reflections, the GPU cost of the feature has been greatly reduced. Added a user facing message when file read errors happen so the user can be alerted to potential file corruption errors. Fixed misaligned text on buttons in some resolutions. XBOX CONSOLES
      All: Fixed lighting being too dark in night environments. All: Fixed Gabe missing his undershirt during the intro cinematic if the game is still installing Act 2 content when the cinematic loads. Xbox One X|S: Fixed a visible hitch when units drop from a Reaver for the first time. Xbox Series X: Enabled enhanced reflections. See below for comparison images  
      Xbox Series X: Enhanced Reflections – OFF
      Xbox Series X: Enhanced Reflections – ON
      Fixed a crash on Xbox One X when browsing characters in the convoy later in the campaign. Fixed a crash that could happen when using bayonet charge. Fixed a rare crash while using the torque bow. Fixed a rare crash in gameplay while planning the enemy turn. Fixed a rare rendering crash. Fixed a few rare crashes in loading screens. Fixed a rare crash during streaming install when the game is suspended. Fixed a rare crash that could happen after the game is saved. Fixed a rare crash on boot while registering users and controllers. Fixed a crash when a mine explodes on an e-hole and the unit that placed the mine is dead.  
    • sopa de tiburon
      Get ready for Operation 5: Hollow Storm!
      Operation 5 takes us back to the vibes of Gears 2 and 3. We’ve added iconic characters, new maps including River and the all-new Imulsion-themed map Nexus, the fiery Scorcher, and much more.  
      We’ve overhauled Horde and Escape by separating characters from classes, continuing to refine the PvP experience, introduced a new Heroic cosmetic as well as added an all-new Tour of Duty.
      There is only one option…ATTACK! Grab Dizzy Wallin and Tai Kaliso to recreate the fight against Skorge (we recommend mid-bridge in River for all the Gears 2 feels). Or pick up Anya Stroud and pair her with Marcus to fight for tomorrow.
      Dizzy, Tai, Anya and Skorge are now available individually or as part of the Operation 5 bundle in the Gears 5 Store.
      The Lambent Drone, Lambent Grenadier, and Lambent Theron Guard will make their way into Gears later this Operation. Stay tuned!
      And don’t forget Gabe Diaz! Any player that completes the Gears Tactics tutorial will automatically unlock him once they log back into Gears 5.
      Set deep under Mount Kadar, this Locust Stronghold will have you battling amongst rivers of Imulsion.
      Set high above the clouds, this regal map has features fights inside and outdoors with views that will inspire both awe and fear.
      Echoes from past permeate this classic Gears 2 map. Which path will you choose – rush to the bridge for a head-to-head fight or make your way to the houses to grab the Longshot / Torque Bow and lay waste to the foes below you?
      Bombed-out cars and trucks provide plenty of cover in this classic map – take note of the new cool blue lighting which we think provides a subtle calming effect to this seaside warzone.
      The Swarm’s arrival at this city center has brought this once revered plaza from disrepair to complete ruin.
      And as a special bonus, we’ve added another tile-based FFA map – War Room. This map is set within an underground COG bunker where you will navigate the many winding halls trying to slay out and stay alive. This map will be playable in both Ranked FFA and in custom lobbies.
      The rewards in the new Tour of Duty will keep you playing throughout Operation 5.  Make your push to General to unlock Lambent RAAM.
      Along the way you’ll earn three new weapon sets, marks, bloodsprays and expressions. And if you progress beyond General, you can continue to progress and earn precious Gears Coins that you can use for items in the store.
      PvE has received a major update in Operation 5. We’ve decoupled characters and classes, added new and skill cards rewards and unveiled variety of Horde and Escape challenges. Read our recent PvE blog for all the details.
      For the PvP players, we’ve implemented our Community Service program to deal with quitters, updated the Ranked bonuses, and made some changes to our playlists. Here is a breakdown of all thew news.
      That’s all for us. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Operation 5, join in the conversation on Twitter, the forums, Discord or the community reddit /r/GearsofWar!
    • sopa de tiburon
      Básicamente todas las armas bajadas de potencia y daño salvo la gnasher.
      In Operation 4, we made some major changes to ranked in Gears 5. With the arrival of Operation 5, we’re rolling out a few more adjustments to PvP.
      Quitters suck. You hate them and so do we. We’re very excited to introduce our Community Service program as replacement to the current quit penalties.
      Beginning in Operation 5, any player that leaves a Ranked match early will be required to complete (and perform in) a number of Quickplay Versus matches before they’re able to compete in Ranked matches again. The more times a player quits a match, the more Quickplay games they’ll need to complete before they’re able to play Ranked again. Furthermore, to ensure players actively compete in these Quickplay matches they’ll need to achieve a minimum amount of points and finish the match for it to count towards their Community Service. We feel this is a much clearer and effective solution to deal with quitters and believe it will discourage negative behavior while still allowing people to play Gears 5.
      For the player’s left behind, it can be a frustrating experience. For those who stay and continue to fight through to the end, we will grant additional Gears Points (GP) to reward those playing shorthanded. For each player that quits out of a 4v4-team-based mode the remaining players will receive 200 points per player for a maximum of 600 GP, while 2v2 players will be granted 300 GP if their teammate quits early. Note: that these points will only be awarded to players on the losing team.
      We’ve heard your feedback about Gears Points and we’re happy to rollout scoring changes that reward the player’s that truly stand out on the battlefield.
      The following bonuses will now be awarded for all Ranked team-based matches (bonuses won’t impact Ranked FFA):
      Top Player Bonus: The top player on both teams will receive a 250 GP bonus at the end of each match. Match Win Bonus: All players on the winning team will now be awarded 500 GP. Round Win Bonus: For each round a player wins in a best of three game type they will be awarded an additional 500 points per round win. For each round a player wins in a best of 13 game type (e.g. 2v2) they will be awarded an additional 150 points per round win. Solo Player Bonus: Players that solo queue will be awarded a bonus of 15% of the GP they earned in the match regardless of the match result. PLAYLIST CHANGES
      Throughout Operation 4, we looked at ways to improve the quality of gameplay and matchmaking. We’ve tested 4v4 across KOTH and TDM and feel that it creates more opportunities for players to clutch-up and demonstrate individual skill while still preserving the importance of teamwork. We also looked at which playlists were the most popular and those that aren’t.  As such, here are the Operation 5 Versus playlists:
      TDM (4v4) max of 2 KOTH (4V4) full stack 2v2 FFA QUICKPLAY
      Guardian TDM KOTH Arcade Co-op vs AI We know some of you may not see your favorite modes but they are still available in custom lobbies and we’ll continue to feature these modes as special events.
      The goal of the Developer’s Playlist is to help us test out tuning and balance mechanics resulting in diverse playstyles, balanced gameplay and providing players the feeling of individuality.
      With the beginning of Operation 5, we want you to get your hands on some new versus tuning. Beginning in Week 1 of Operation 5, we’re adding this tuning to our Versus Event – Classic Blitz. Then, in Week 2, we’ll move the tuning over to the regular Developer’s Playlist for you to get extensive hands-on with these changes.
      In this iteration, we want to push for a more tactical gears experience where every action should have a give and take with a certain level of risk involved. The core versus theme is focused on unique close quarters engagements with rifle play mostly playing a supportive role.
      Let’s get into the details.
      The goal is to add “weight” to the characters, where players can feel each change of direction.
      Reduced the base player acceleration by 17% Cover Slip (Up A) modifier decreased from 1.66x -> 1.6x Reverted the roadie run speed down to 480 from 500 Removed the speed boost gained by performing cover actions New: Sliding will now take into consideration acceleration, previous as soon as the player entered a slide, they would immediately reach the max speed of 600uu/s. Now we have set the initial speed of the slide to 300uu/s with an acceleration rate of 2000uu/s2. This means the character will feel like they have more weight while maintaining the fluidity of movement. CORE GAMEPLAY
      As we’ve reduced the RNG tied to the gnasher and cover actions, we saw an increase in players shooting immediately out of slides especially “Air Back A’s” for example. We’re exploring ways to create more punishable windows for certain actions while still pushing us closer to that give and take gameplay.
      Added a slight delay to firing after cancelling a slide: 0s -> 0.15s Increased the delay from firing when aiming out of cover from 0.1s -> 0.2s Weapon swap speed changed from 0.7s -> 0.9s with primary weapons and 0.5s -> 0.65s with pistols, slightly faster than previous titles. RIFLE/SECONDARY WEAPONS
      The rifle/secondary play should suit the situation, stronger in team fire and when catching people by surprise but not suppressing player’s movement from A-B as a single user. Some secondary rifles should feel like upgrades to the loadout weapons but not break away from this theme.
      Reduced the rate of fire from 110rpm -> 90rpm (rounds per minute) Removed the semi auto shot delay. Bullet magnetism reduced by 50% at all ranges MARKZA:
      Bullet Magnetism reduced by 50% at all ranges HAMMERBURST:
      Weapon Damage decreased from 55 -> 40 (per bullet) Stopping Power slightly decreased at short, medium and long ranges RETRO LANCER:
      Weapon damage decreased from 100 -> 75 Weapon rate of fire decreased from 400rpm -> 360rpm Headshot multiplier reduced from 1.35x -> 1.2x LANCER:
      Weapon damage reduced from 50 -> 45 POWER WEAPONS
      Power weapons should also suit the situation while still feeling significant and approachable. We feel bringing some weapons (Overkill and Claw) into a more suitable power level for versus might allow us to showcase them on more maps if we reach that goal.
      We’ve also altered the Longshot based on previous feedback and pushed the Torque Bow charge time back to its classic feel.
      Stick charge time increased from 1.35 -> 1.7 LONGSHOT:
      Reverted the change to firing from the Hip ADSing while standing still will cause the user to be 100% accurate CLAW:
      Weapon Damage decreased from 145 -> 80 Weapon Rate of Fire increased from 360rpm -> 450rpm Active Rate of Fire decreased from 1.25x -> 1.11x Weapon Mag Size increased from 60 -> 100 Removed the 2nd magazine on pickup Accuracy decay rate reduced from 5.0 -> 3.0 Removed the weapon jam feature OVERKILL:
      Reduced the mag size from 4 -> 3 Greatly decreased bullet magnetism for both Hipfire and ADS at all ranges Note: There will be a known UI issue with the ammo when testing this tuning.
      Make sure to stop by our Developer Stream today where Jonathan Taylor, Lead PvP Designer, and James McAlary, PvP Designer, will go over these changes.
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