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El sistema de combate de Bravely Default servirá de inspiración para un nuevo juego

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Escrito 11 septiembre 2019 - 06:12

Bright Red Skies Gets Bravely Default-Inspired Combat Update, Looks Like a Post-Apocalyptic Valkyria Chronicles




Fans left in the lurch by the absence of news following last year’s Valkyria Chronicles 4 may want to keep an eye on Bright Red Skies.

Like Sega’s cult series, the game is a cel-shaded, tactical turn-based  RPG in which players take control of a squad. However, some of the apparent points of differentiation are the hex-based combat areas and post-apocalyptic setting.

Bright Red Skies‘s developer, Mark Viola, recently posted an update outlining the new mechanics implemented across August.

Foremost among them is an effective range function that ensures the various firearms feel distinct. Another added feature is flanking, which rewards strategic play.

Viola has also incorporated a system—inspired by the Bravely Default series—that allows units to use multiple abilities in one turn, at a cost of being bumped down the turn order and possibly fatigued (removed from the battle).

The full update also touches on a handful of other quality-of-life changes, including changes to the camera system.

Viola also mentions plans to have a demo ready “at the end of September, but realistically it might be closer to the end of October.”

Bright Red Skies is currently listed to be available via Steam Early Access, though no launch date is yet available.


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Pues un juego que no me interesará ni un ápice.
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Los diseños de los personajes parecen fan-arts.

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