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Lo que han hecho con Rock Lee desde Shippuden tiene delito

Naruto Boruto Anime Rock Lee

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"“Extreme: Ninja Picture Scrolls — more commonly known as GEMAKI — is themed around famous Shinobi of each successive generation. Currently, it’s a very popular card game. Boruto and his friends have become increasingly eager to collect the cards. While doing so, Boruto and his friends realise that there were many unrecognised but influential people who had yet to be turned into cards. These included their former teacher Aburame Shino and Meta’s father Rock Lee,” the blurb reads.


As it explains, the card game is accepting nominations for its next addition, but only one will get approved. Now, Boruto and his fans are warring with one another over which hero should be added to GEMAKI. It is only a matter of time before Shino and Rock Lee get involved themselves, but fans should not expect them to fight. After all, the heroes are two who are downright supportive, so it will be the kids they need to worry about."




De tener sendos combates con Gaara y Kimimaro, relegado a capitulos de relleno como éste donde deben decidir quien es el menos irrelevante entre los irrelevantes: Shino o él.

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Sala Cytube para Direct 13 Febrero 2019:

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Peor cuidaron a Neji matándolo :-(




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