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sopa de tiburon

Detalles de un modo historia de Gears of war 5

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sopa de tiburon Sir Alonne

vida restante: 100%

Son los del cómic de Hivebusters al comando de Hoffman, sacado de ign Details on Gears 5 Escape Mode's Story and New Characters - IGN First

Meet the Hivebusters.

Gears 5s Escape is the newest game mode in the franchise, and it comes with a whole new side story. Three new characters are on a suicide mission to help rid Swarm hives from Sera, and though their story doesnt directly impact the mode, it is an interesting bit of worldbuilding that enriches the Gears universe further.

Lahni, Keegan, and Mac are Hivebusters. As we see in Escapes gameplay, their mission is to get caught by Snatchers to infiltrate the heart of a hive, plant a venom bomb, then escape as the hive dies. Though there are some in-game details about the Hivebuster, including banter between them while youre playing through Escape, the best way to learn about their story is through the new Gears of War: Hivebusters comic.



Autoplay setting: On


The Hivebusters comic is written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, and hes no stranger to the Gears universe. He killed a Carmine and put Raam in the spotlight in his comic Gears of War: Rise of Raam. He helped shape the characters story we see in the new mode.

One of the things that [The Coalition's] Rod Ferguson told me when he brought me on is that they wanted to do this really awesome, exciting new game mode. [The Coalition] wanted to ground it in an interesting story because they were bringing in three new characters," Wiebe said. "They wanted to make a distinct and have a different voice for it. So, they brought me on to write out these characters that they had done some design work for. We have Keegan, Lahni, and Mac, and they all come from different backgrounds. I came in to flush out those characters, give them some personality and some drive as to why they're doing what is essentially a crazy suicide mission.

An Introduction to the Hivebusters

The Hivebusters are part of a special group called Team Scorpio. They were tasked with the suicide mission of attempting to exterminate a Swarm hive from the inside. Each character is bound to this mission with different expectations, though they were all only required to complete this one run. After their mission is successful, however, they choose to stay together for more assignments. Team Scorpio's story is still being explored in the Gears of War: Hivebuster comics, but in the meantime, Wiebe gave us the backstory on each of the characters to explain their motivations.


Lahni servers as Scorpios scout and she comes to Team Scorpio with experience as the second oldest of the crew. Wiebe describes her as an adrenaline junkie which plays into how her ultimate gets her up close and personal to her enemies.


This is a new character idea that is something that, Coalition was awesome working with me on the concept for. Lahni comes from a group called the Brash Brigade, Wiebe said. It's not established in the lore as of yet, but the idea is that after the Locust War ended, there were still pockets left of locust cells that existed and were still going to present a problem. She was a highly trained special ops soldier at the age of 19 who went in with the Brash Brigade and they would clean up these pockets that still existed unbeknownst to the greater population of Sera. She was imprisoned for a dangerous action that she took to protect her squad, but ended up [causing] the death of one of her senior officers. So, she was imprisoned for her actions. She's been given an opportunity to get out of prison; do this mission and should she succeed at the mission, she will be put back with her Brash Brigade. That's what's motivating her.

The Coalition Studio Head Rod Fergusson confirmed that Lahni is a Tai Kalisos cousin.


Keegan is the oldest of the group and he fills the support role. Wiebe said is kind of a fatherly figure of the group. His active ability allows him to give ammo to allies for a few seconds.


Keegan is a guy that carries a lot of weight on his shoulders," Wiebe said. "He served with the Onyx Guard but was taken away to protect Prescott back in the day. He feels that he missed the war and all of his brothers and sisters from the Onyx Guard were essentially wiped out during the war. Now, he's been given this opportunity. He sees it as an opportunity to pay them homage and to do right by them in his mind. So, that is why he's there doing this mission as kind of a last stab in his old age to do something that matters in his opinion.


Mac is the youngest of Team Scorpio and comes in with the least experience. He serves as the tank of the group and uses a shield for his ultimate ability.


[Mac] was raised after the war. He has no connections to the Cog. Essentially, an outsider that lived just outside of society with the rest of his family and all the other families that moved out to this place. Mac, his story is a bit of a secret and I don't want to go to too many of the details because it's revealed in the comic book series, Wiebe said. Essentially, he is motivated by revenge and for him, it is really a suicide mission. He doesn't expect to survive, but he wants to make an impact and just get as much revenge as he possibly can before he passes. His story is actually quite a sad one.

Team Scorpio's journey will continue to play out over the course of the summer as the Gears of War: Hivebuster comics are released. In addition to giving greater context to thse characters through the comic, Wiebe is also using the comics to flesh out some details about the Swarm.



What I really love about writing for Gears is that there's a really big universe that The Coalition, and Rod [Fergusson] in particular, have been really great with giving me a lot of freedom and a lot of ideas that I have, Wiebe said. In the comic book, you can see that the very opening of the few pages is this really strange, bizarre, almost dream space where it looks like Lahni, Keegan, and Mac can interact with each other's dreams and memories. That is all part of a process of being [taken by the] Swam and basically being podded by a snatcher. So, I kind of presented this idea that maybe when they're under they can walk through each other's dreams and memories and they just allowed me to roll with it. They are really excited by big ideas like that. There's so much space for that to grow.

The Gears of War universe is growing in other ways too. We recently learned that the Gears of War movie will be set in an alternate reality.

Gears 5 is out on September 10. If you havent already, be sure to read our hands-on impressions of Escape and check out the rest of our IGN First coverage of Gears 5 that continues all month long.

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vida restante: 100%
El modo escape no es el modo historia

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Truke Diosas de Oro

vida restante: 100%

pa mi lo mismo, pero sin patatas. 

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    • sopa de tiburon
      Get ready for Operation 5: Hollow Storm!
      Operation 5 takes us back to the vibes of Gears 2 and 3. We’ve added iconic characters, new maps including River and the all-new Imulsion-themed map Nexus, the fiery Scorcher, and much more.  
      We’ve overhauled Horde and Escape by separating characters from classes, continuing to refine the PvP experience, introduced a new Heroic cosmetic as well as added an all-new Tour of Duty.
      There is only one option…ATTACK! Grab Dizzy Wallin and Tai Kaliso to recreate the fight against Skorge (we recommend mid-bridge in River for all the Gears 2 feels). Or pick up Anya Stroud and pair her with Marcus to fight for tomorrow.
      Dizzy, Tai, Anya and Skorge are now available individually or as part of the Operation 5 bundle in the Gears 5 Store.
      The Lambent Drone, Lambent Grenadier, and Lambent Theron Guard will make their way into Gears later this Operation. Stay tuned!
      And don’t forget Gabe Diaz! Any player that completes the Gears Tactics tutorial will automatically unlock him once they log back into Gears 5.
      Set deep under Mount Kadar, this Locust Stronghold will have you battling amongst rivers of Imulsion.
      Set high above the clouds, this regal map has features fights inside and outdoors with views that will inspire both awe and fear.
      Echoes from past permeate this classic Gears 2 map. Which path will you choose – rush to the bridge for a head-to-head fight or make your way to the houses to grab the Longshot / Torque Bow and lay waste to the foes below you?
      Bombed-out cars and trucks provide plenty of cover in this classic map – take note of the new cool blue lighting which we think provides a subtle calming effect to this seaside warzone.
      The Swarm’s arrival at this city center has brought this once revered plaza from disrepair to complete ruin.
      And as a special bonus, we’ve added another tile-based FFA map – War Room. This map is set within an underground COG bunker where you will navigate the many winding halls trying to slay out and stay alive. This map will be playable in both Ranked FFA and in custom lobbies.
      The rewards in the new Tour of Duty will keep you playing throughout Operation 5.  Make your push to General to unlock Lambent RAAM.
      Along the way you’ll earn three new weapon sets, marks, bloodsprays and expressions. And if you progress beyond General, you can continue to progress and earn precious Gears Coins that you can use for items in the store.
      PvE has received a major update in Operation 5. We’ve decoupled characters and classes, added new and skill cards rewards and unveiled variety of Horde and Escape challenges. Read our recent PvE blog for all the details.
      For the PvP players, we’ve implemented our Community Service program to deal with quitters, updated the Ranked bonuses, and made some changes to our playlists. Here is a breakdown of all thew news.
      That’s all for us. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Operation 5, join in the conversation on Twitter, the forums, Discord or the community reddit /r/GearsofWar!
    • sopa de tiburon
      Básicamente todas las armas bajadas de potencia y daño salvo la gnasher.
      In Operation 4, we made some major changes to ranked in Gears 5. With the arrival of Operation 5, we’re rolling out a few more adjustments to PvP.
      Quitters suck. You hate them and so do we. We’re very excited to introduce our Community Service program as replacement to the current quit penalties.
      Beginning in Operation 5, any player that leaves a Ranked match early will be required to complete (and perform in) a number of Quickplay Versus matches before they’re able to compete in Ranked matches again. The more times a player quits a match, the more Quickplay games they’ll need to complete before they’re able to play Ranked again. Furthermore, to ensure players actively compete in these Quickplay matches they’ll need to achieve a minimum amount of points and finish the match for it to count towards their Community Service. We feel this is a much clearer and effective solution to deal with quitters and believe it will discourage negative behavior while still allowing people to play Gears 5.
      For the player’s left behind, it can be a frustrating experience. For those who stay and continue to fight through to the end, we will grant additional Gears Points (GP) to reward those playing shorthanded. For each player that quits out of a 4v4-team-based mode the remaining players will receive 200 points per player for a maximum of 600 GP, while 2v2 players will be granted 300 GP if their teammate quits early. Note: that these points will only be awarded to players on the losing team.
      We’ve heard your feedback about Gears Points and we’re happy to rollout scoring changes that reward the player’s that truly stand out on the battlefield.
      The following bonuses will now be awarded for all Ranked team-based matches (bonuses won’t impact Ranked FFA):
      Top Player Bonus: The top player on both teams will receive a 250 GP bonus at the end of each match. Match Win Bonus: All players on the winning team will now be awarded 500 GP. Round Win Bonus: For each round a player wins in a best of three game type they will be awarded an additional 500 points per round win. For each round a player wins in a best of 13 game type (e.g. 2v2) they will be awarded an additional 150 points per round win. Solo Player Bonus: Players that solo queue will be awarded a bonus of 15% of the GP they earned in the match regardless of the match result. PLAYLIST CHANGES
      Throughout Operation 4, we looked at ways to improve the quality of gameplay and matchmaking. We’ve tested 4v4 across KOTH and TDM and feel that it creates more opportunities for players to clutch-up and demonstrate individual skill while still preserving the importance of teamwork. We also looked at which playlists were the most popular and those that aren’t.  As such, here are the Operation 5 Versus playlists:
      TDM (4v4) max of 2 KOTH (4V4) full stack 2v2 FFA QUICKPLAY
      Guardian TDM KOTH Arcade Co-op vs AI We know some of you may not see your favorite modes but they are still available in custom lobbies and we’ll continue to feature these modes as special events.
      The goal of the Developer’s Playlist is to help us test out tuning and balance mechanics resulting in diverse playstyles, balanced gameplay and providing players the feeling of individuality.
      With the beginning of Operation 5, we want you to get your hands on some new versus tuning. Beginning in Week 1 of Operation 5, we’re adding this tuning to our Versus Event – Classic Blitz. Then, in Week 2, we’ll move the tuning over to the regular Developer’s Playlist for you to get extensive hands-on with these changes.
      In this iteration, we want to push for a more tactical gears experience where every action should have a give and take with a certain level of risk involved. The core versus theme is focused on unique close quarters engagements with rifle play mostly playing a supportive role.
      Let’s get into the details.
      The goal is to add “weight” to the characters, where players can feel each change of direction.
      Reduced the base player acceleration by 17% Cover Slip (Up A) modifier decreased from 1.66x -> 1.6x Reverted the roadie run speed down to 480 from 500 Removed the speed boost gained by performing cover actions New: Sliding will now take into consideration acceleration, previous as soon as the player entered a slide, they would immediately reach the max speed of 600uu/s. Now we have set the initial speed of the slide to 300uu/s with an acceleration rate of 2000uu/s2. This means the character will feel like they have more weight while maintaining the fluidity of movement. CORE GAMEPLAY
      As we’ve reduced the RNG tied to the gnasher and cover actions, we saw an increase in players shooting immediately out of slides especially “Air Back A’s” for example. We’re exploring ways to create more punishable windows for certain actions while still pushing us closer to that give and take gameplay.
      Added a slight delay to firing after cancelling a slide: 0s -> 0.15s Increased the delay from firing when aiming out of cover from 0.1s -> 0.2s Weapon swap speed changed from 0.7s -> 0.9s with primary weapons and 0.5s -> 0.65s with pistols, slightly faster than previous titles. RIFLE/SECONDARY WEAPONS
      The rifle/secondary play should suit the situation, stronger in team fire and when catching people by surprise but not suppressing player’s movement from A-B as a single user. Some secondary rifles should feel like upgrades to the loadout weapons but not break away from this theme.
      Reduced the rate of fire from 110rpm -> 90rpm (rounds per minute) Removed the semi auto shot delay. Bullet magnetism reduced by 50% at all ranges MARKZA:
      Bullet Magnetism reduced by 50% at all ranges HAMMERBURST:
      Weapon Damage decreased from 55 -> 40 (per bullet) Stopping Power slightly decreased at short, medium and long ranges RETRO LANCER:
      Weapon damage decreased from 100 -> 75 Weapon rate of fire decreased from 400rpm -> 360rpm Headshot multiplier reduced from 1.35x -> 1.2x LANCER:
      Weapon damage reduced from 50 -> 45 POWER WEAPONS
      Power weapons should also suit the situation while still feeling significant and approachable. We feel bringing some weapons (Overkill and Claw) into a more suitable power level for versus might allow us to showcase them on more maps if we reach that goal.
      We’ve also altered the Longshot based on previous feedback and pushed the Torque Bow charge time back to its classic feel.
      Stick charge time increased from 1.35 -> 1.7 LONGSHOT:
      Reverted the change to firing from the Hip ADSing while standing still will cause the user to be 100% accurate CLAW:
      Weapon Damage decreased from 145 -> 80 Weapon Rate of Fire increased from 360rpm -> 450rpm Active Rate of Fire decreased from 1.25x -> 1.11x Weapon Mag Size increased from 60 -> 100 Removed the 2nd magazine on pickup Accuracy decay rate reduced from 5.0 -> 3.0 Removed the weapon jam feature OVERKILL:
      Reduced the mag size from 4 -> 3 Greatly decreased bullet magnetism for both Hipfire and ADS at all ranges Note: There will be a known UI issue with the ammo when testing this tuning.
      Make sure to stop by our Developer Stream today where Jonathan Taylor, Lead PvP Designer, and James McAlary, PvP Designer, will go over these changes.
    • sopa de tiburon
      Han separado los personajes de las clases, ahora las 20 clases se pueden poner a cualquiera de los 23 personajes en Escape y Horda, no va a haber mapas de escape en esta operación, ahora se puede jugar con clases duplicadas ambos modos, y meten desafíos diarios por mapa y colmena tanto en horda como escape, más el desafio semanal de escape. Tambien van a meter los mutadores nuevos en horda y escape poco a poco.
      Operation 5 is almost here so it’s time to give an overview of some of the big updates and features coming on November 17.
      In Operation 4 the team made major updates to Ranked and the store with PvE getting a relative light touch. This all changes in Operation 5 as PvE takes the spotlight!
      As promised in the Operation 4 PVE Update, we have decoupled Characters and Classes – that’s right, you can now choose your Class and then pick whatever character you want to play. We can already see the Horde and Escape lobbies full of Carmine squads! 
      Not enough freedom? No problem. We now allow you to play as duplicate Classes and Characters, so now everyone can be Marcus and the Pilot Class. Operation 5 also includes a significant balance update for all Classes that includes tuning updates, 16 new Skill Cards, new Passives, and more. Check out the patch notes below for more details. Note: Sam, Jinn and DB characters won’t be playable in PvE until the next Title Update.
      Blademaster (previously Lahni) Brawler (previously Cole) Infiltrator (previously Kait) Demolitions (previously JD) Marksman (previously Fahz) Mechanic (previously Del) Robotics Expert (previously Baird) Combat Medic (previously COG Gear) Tactician (previously Keegan) Veteran (previously Marcus) Gunner (previously Clayton) Pilot (previously Lizzie) Anchor (previously Mac) Nomad (previously Paduk) Striker (previously Grace) Slugger (previously Sarah) Architect (previously Kat) Protector (previously Emile) Jack (previously… well, Jack) Last but not least, we’ve also increased the max level for each class to 20.  Any progress made with the previously corresponding character will be applied to the relevant Classes.
      And for those hotshots that reach level 20, every class you max out unlocks a specific weapon in the Heroic Venom Weapon set. The new Heroic rarity symbolizes the most impressive or challenging accomplishments in Gears 5; so, if you see someone wielding these, respect should be given.
      Oh, and this isn’t the only Heroic skin you should expect **cough re-up cough** – keep an eye out for more weapons sets and character skins coming later in Operation 5.
      Changed Horde passive from “nearby kills drop more power” to “exiting cloak by firing a ballistic weapon deals 10x damage” Changed Escape passive from “every 6th execution drops ammo” to “exiting cloak by firing a ballistic weapon deals 10x damage” Added 5m distance requirement to Infiltrator’s Laceration card. Changed behavior of Infiltrator’s Reaper card from “Executing enemies grants Stim” to “Shotgun kills grant Stim” Increased Ultimate duration gained from Infiltrator’s Chain card from 2.6s to 5.0s (Level 6) Changed behavior of Infiltrator’s Chain card from “Kills during ultimate extends ultimate” to “Executions during ultimate extends ultimate”. MARKSMAN (PREVIOUSLY FAHZ)
      Changed Marksman’s passive from “every 6th critical kill drops ammo” to “precision weapons penetrate through enemies” Reduced damage of Marksman’s Ambush card from +140% to +100%. (Level 6) ANCHOR (PREVIOUSLY MAC)
      Added card “Harness Energy” which gives 6 Stim per hit to the Barrier to the entire team. If under 100% health, gain 6HP instead. (Level 6) Added card “Bullet Chain” which increases damage 50% per headshot kill up to 200% for 15 seconds each. (Level 6) Increased bleeding damage of Anchor’s Bloody Shot card from 65% to 80%. (Level 6) Increased damage multiplier of Anchor’s Adrenaline Junkie card from 65% to 80%. (Level 6) Changed Cooldown on Kill perk to Ammo Regen perk. Changed passive from “taking damage recharges ultimate” to “Anyone who fires through the barrier deals 50% additional damage”. TACTICIAN (PREVIOUSLY KEEGAN)
      Added card “Disciplined” which increases damage 6% each hit with ballistic weapons up to 100%. (Level 6) Added card “Cooperation” which gives 30% additional damage to teammates attacking your marked target. (Level 6) Increased bleeding damage of Tactician’s Shredder card from 25% to 30%. (Level 6) Replaced Ammo Capacity Perk with Max Health perk. Changed Passive from “Killing your marked target recharges ultimate for 5s” to “Anyone who kills your marked target recharges their ultimate for 5s”. Increased seconds of Ultimate recharge gained from Tactician’s Recharge Bounty card from 23s to 25s. (Level 6) ROBOTICS EXPERT (PREVIOUSLY BAIRD)
      Added card “Homebody” which gives 32% damage resistance when 10 meters from a Power Tap. (Level 6) Added perks for Repair Cost, Repair Speed, Fortification Damage and Fortification Health. BLADEMASTER (PREVIOUSLY LAHNI)
      Added card “Blade Dancer” which increases melee damage 50% per melee or bleed kill up to 200% for 15 seconds each. (Level 6) Added card “Energy Surge” which gives 6 Stim per 0.5s when 10 meters from an Energy Tap. (Level 6) Added card “Brutal Claw” which increases Claw damage 60%. (Level 6) Added 30% melee damage resistance to Blademaster passive. Increased Bleeding Melee Damage perk from 100% to 150%. (Level 10) GUNNER (PREVIOUSLY CLAYTON)
      Reduced damage of Gunner’s Mulcher Mastery from 120% to 80%. (Level 6) Reduced ultimate cooldown multiplier per hit on Clayton’s Heavy Charger card from 0.0017 to 0.0014. (Level 6) BRAWLER (PREVIOUSLY COLE)
      Added card “Scorcher Mastery” which increases Scorcher damage 70%. (Level 6) Added card “Fuel Tanks” which increases Scorcher ammo capacity 120%. (Level 6) Reduced melee damage resistance on Brawler’s Thrashball Pro card from 70% to 60%. (Level 6) Reduced damage resistance of Brawler’s Inner Fire card from 52% to 35%. (Level 6) Decreased damage resistance of Brawler’s Damage Dash card from 43% to 40%. (Level 6) Increased burning damage of Brawler’s Pyromaniac card from 60% to 100%. (Level 6) Changed Assault Rifle Damage perk to Damage perk. PILOT (PREVIOUSLY LIZZIE)
      Added card “Silverback Scorcher” which equips a Scorcher to the Silverback that deals 120% damage. (Level 6) Increased damage of Pilot’s Enforcer Expert card from 60% to 70% (Level 6) Renamed “Sisters to the end” to “Wingman” JACKBOT
      Added card “Sacrifice” which revives teammates within 30m when dying as a hijacked unit. (Level 6) Added card “Rampage” which deals 70% bleeding damage when attacking as a hijacked enemy. (Level 6) Changed passive from “killing your marked target reduces cooldown” to “teammates deal 50% extra damage to your stun beam target” Replaced HP Regen perk with Ultimate Cooldown perk. Reduced multiplier of Jack’s Optimizer card from +170% to +150%. (Level 6) MECHANIC (PREVIOUSLY DEL)
      Added card “Bloody Shrapnel” which causes Trackers to deal 120% bleeding damage. (Level 6) Added card “Personal Defense” which increases damage 6% per hit with the Enforcer up to 100%. Added perks for Repair Cost, Repair Speed, Fortification Damage and Fortification Health. Increased damage of Mechanic’s Custom Robotics card from 30% to 60%. (Level 6) DEMOLITIONS (PREVIOUSLY JD)
      Added card “Bullet Boost” which gives 50% extra ballistic damage per explosive or bleed kill up to 200% for 15 seconds each. Increased bleeding damage of Demolitions’ Razor Hail card from 25% to 30%. (Level 6) Changed passive from “every 6th headshot drops ammo” to “mark up to 5 targets and marks last twice as long” Changed behavior of Explosive Launcher Capacity from “Carry 100% extra explosive launcher ammo” to “Carry 8 additional grenades”. (Level 6) Renamed Explosive Launcher Capacity to “Grenade Satchel”. Added card “Gambit” which allows 6 additional grenade traps. (Level 6) Renamed “Daddy’s Boy” to “Inspired”. VETERAN (PREVIOUSLY MARCUS)
      Increased ultimate duration from 10s to 20s. Changed behavior of Rifle Feedback from “Rifle hits increase Living Legend time” to “Ultimate duration increased by 100%” Renamed “Rifle Feedback” to “Focus”. NOMAD (PREVIOUSLY PADUK)
      Replaced Ultimate Cooldown perk with Precision Rifle Damage perk. ARCHITECT (PREVIOUSLY KAT)
      Added perks for Repair Cost, Repair Speed, Fortification Damage and Fortification Health. Renamed “Halo” to “Regenerative Field” PROTECTOR (PREVIOUSLY EMILE)
      Renamed “Halo” to “Regenerative Field” STRIKER (PREVIOUSLY GRACE)
      Renamed “Dark Fate” to “Team Up” Renamed “Posthuman” to “Melee Rush” ALL NEW PVE CHALLENGES
      We’re rolling out a variety of Horde and Escape challenges to mix up the action and give you something to strive for.
      ForHorde, we’re introducing the Daily Challenge. Each day, a different map will be chosen as the Daily Challenge, featuring a unique set of mutators and completion rewards. We’ve really amped up the role of mutators, introducing new types such as:
      Fun (Bobblehead Enemies, Zero Gravity Gore, Confetti Headshots, etc) Helpful (Increased Headshot Damage, Increased Player Stopping Power, etc) Challenging (Aggressive Enemies, Only Regen Health In Cover, etc) We’re also adding even more Mutators in the next Title Update.
      In Escape, we’re giving you two options to play.
      The Daily Hive, which grant special rewards for players who beat previous Hives at different difficulties. The Featured Hive, which runs for 7 days and challenges you to beat pre-set par times to earn even bigger rewards. All new PVE Challenges will be playable in Private Lobbies. Rewards include Class XP, Coins, Skill Cards or Legendary Skill Cards. Also, players can earn more Skill Cards just for playing the Daily and Featured maps, up to a maximum limit. Both the Daily and Featured Hives will pull from previously released Hives. Going forward we aren’t adding any new Hives; this was a very tough call for us but we know how important adding more traditional 5v5 maps are to you and now the team can laser focus on creating and delivering what you want.  
      Removed restriction of using duplicates of the same Class. Decoupled characters from Classes. Players can now use any Character with any Class. Doubled base damage of burning damage over time. Burning damage over time now applies full damage immediately instead of requiring 5 stacks to achieve full damage. HORDE
      Increased fortification cost reduction for engineer classes from 10% to 15%. Added a message that reminds players that they are carrying a lot of power. Added an icon that appears over destroyed fortifications in Tac-Com. Fixed issue with users being unable to grab fortifications after moving them to an invalid location. Fixed cover node issues on Power Tap. Fixed issue with Power Drops teleporting to the player on the Balcony in Asylum. Fixed issue with Reflective Shell Grenadier’s mutator not working. Fixed issue with users spawning Energy by exploiting a location on Harbor. Fixed minor resolution issues in two locations in Abyss. Fixed issue with the corner of the caution sign disappearing at lower LOD in Abyss. Fixed LOD pop issue on sign in Rail Line. Fixed issue with Jack’s hijacked enemy surviving the Forge Incinerator. ENEMIES
      Reduced base health of Guardian/Sentinel Shields from 1600 > 1200. Adjusted Matriarch’s incoming freeze damage multiplier from 0.2 to 0.4. Increased damage player’s deal to the Matriarch’s weak spot in Horde by 25%. Slightly increased the number of Sires, Mulcher Scions and Dropshot Scions that can spawn at the same time. FABRICATOR
      Added the Scorcher, Snub, Talon and Boltok to the Fabricator. The Fabricator can now take damage and be destroyed. When destroyed, the Fabricator cannot be used until it is revived for 4000 power. ESCAPE
      Fixed issue with the ending cinematic freezing and then skipping. POWER TAPS
      Adjust Team Health Bonus from 15% > 20% > 25% > 30% to 10% > 15% > 20% > 25%. Power Taps now spawn on Wave 1 in 50 wave Horde. That’s it for Operation 5 PvE Updates. Make sure to stop by our Developer Stream today where Michael Shannon, Lead PvE Designer, will walk us through all of these changes. And come back tomorrow where we break down what to expect in the world of PvP.
    • sopa de tiburon
      Vuelven Skorge y Dizzy. Para multijuador, horda y escape.

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