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sopa de tiburon

Gears of war 5 E3 2019

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sopa de tiburon Sir Alonne

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Jun 9, 2019
Whats Up E3 2019 Edition


The day youve all been waiting for is here. E3 has arrived and weve already dropped a metric ton of Gears 5 announcements including the most important of all:

Gears 5 will release on September 6th through Early Access, and September 10th worldwide.

After a year of waiting (for us as well!), the time has finally come to talk about Gears 5. Thank you so much for your passion and excitement about our game. It truly means a lot.

Now enough with the soppiness. Lets get right into the Gears 5 goodness!


Did you see this coming? Our biggest announcement of the show was the reveal of our new 3 player Co-Op Mode called Escape.

Escape is unlike any Gears PVE mode youve played before. After being abducted by a Snatcher, your mission is to plant a venom bomb in the very heart of the Swarm Hive and then fight through the Swarm to get the hell out before the Venom  kills you.

For the first time in Gears history, you will also have the power to create, play and share your own Gears maps for Escape with a brand new tool Map Builder.

But we know why youre reading right now. You want gameplay. You want all the details. Well, read on dear Gears fan.

IGN First

A whole month of Escape coverage is on the way exclusively through IGN First!

Head on over to the Gears 5 IGN First Hub now to see the first ever impressions of Escape. Make sure to bookmark the page and check back all month long for even more Escape coverage, gameplay and details you wont want to miss.

Live Escape Gameplay From E3

On top of the extensive coverage from IGN over the coming weeks, theres still lots more Escape to come from E3.

Today (Sunday, June 9), join us for a special Live From The Hive stream direct from E3 at 5pm PT on live.gearsofwar.com.

Rod Fergusson will be joined by WWE Superstars Austin Creed, Tyler Breeze and AJ Styles to stream some live Escape Gameplay, followed by a Rodcast where well be answering your questions about Escape!

Why Live From The Hive? Because we built one in the orchestra pit. No, really.

And if thats not enough gameplay for you, Creators at E3 will also get the chance to capture and release their own footage of Escape!

Play Escape At Select Microsoft Stores

If youre not at E3, your dreams of playing Escape early could still be a reality.

Were really excited to share that Gears 5s Escape Mode will be available to play from Sunday, June 9th (2:30 pm PDT until close) until Tuesday, June 11th (12:30 pm PDT until close) at 15 select Microsoft Stores across North America. Check with your local store for hours of operation.

Heres the full list of participating stores:

  • Los Angeles, CA  Century City

  • Miami, FL Dadeland Mall

  • Orlando, FL Florida Mall

  • Oak Book, IL Oakbrook Center

  • Schaumburg, IL Woodfield

  • Natick, MA Natick Mall

  • New York, NY 5th AVE

  • Dallas, TX NorthPark Center

  • Houston, TX  Houston Galleria

  • San Antonio, TX La Cantera

  • Tysons, VA Tysons Corner Center

  • Bellevue, WA Bellevue Square

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico Plaza Las Americas

  • Vancouver, BC Metropolis at Metrotown

  • Toronto, ON Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Gears 5 E3C Panel: The Cast Of Gears 5


Tune in for a special Gears 5 Panel live from the E3 Coliseum on Tuesday, June 11th from 10:00 11:00 am PDT for an inside look with Rod Fergusson and the cast of Gears 5. Learn more at https://www.e3expo.com/e3-coliseum

5 Ways To Play

Today is just the beginning of a long conversation about Gears 5 that takes us from today right through to launch on September 10th. We cannot wait to tell you more about this game.

While this month is all about Escape and Map Builder, heres what to expect to hear about and when on the Road to Launch.

Versus July

Gears 5 Versus will debut with a bang with ELEAGUE, culminating with the ELEAGUE Summer Series Live Tournament on July 13-14 where 8 of the worlds top Gears teams will face off in an epic showdown in the first Gears 5 tournament EVER.

Versus mode will also be playable in July during the Gears 5 Tech Test. Join us to be one of the first to play our all-new competitive game type Arcade a frenetic experience built for jump-in, over-the-top fun. Youll also get hands on with the next evolution of our esports mode Escalation 2.0.

Access to the Gears 5 Tech Test is included with Xbox Game Pass or by pre-ordering at participating retailers, including the Microsoft Store.

Horde August
explore-horde-5cf9759fe900e-1024x576.jpgp>Horde mode will return in August with a hands-on gameplay debut at gamescom, featuring new character abilities that can turn the tide of the battle.

Campaign September

Play the Gears 5 Campaign beginning September 6 through Early Access.

With all-out war descending, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection to the enemy and discover the true danger to Sera herself.

This is the biggest Gears campaign ever and the first to feature three-player split-screen campaign co-op.

While these represent the major pillars of the Gears 5 experience, theres still plenty of details in between that well be covering when we can.

Our goal over the next three months is to bring you a comprehensive look at Gears 5, leading you deeper into the game than weve ever done before a Gears games release. Expect streams, detailed blogs, answered questions and PLENTY of gameplay.

Gears 5 Editions

The full version of Gears 5 will release with the Standard Edition of the game on Xbox Game Pass on September 10, 2019. But if you want in earlier than that, weve got some exciting news for you.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will get access to the Ultimate Edition version of the game at no extra cost. That means you get to start playing on September 6, 2019 and enjoy all of the Ultimate Edition bonus content including an exclusive Ultimate Edition Character Pack and 30 Days of Boost!

Heres a simple breakdown of the different editions available for Gears 5:

Gears 5 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers (Digital)

  • Play on September 6, 2019

  • Ultimate Edition Character Pack

  • 30 Days of Boost

Gears 5 Ultimate Edition (Digital)

  • Play on September 6, 2019

  • Ultimate Edition Character Pack

  • 30 Days of Boost

Gears 5 Ultimate Edition (Physical)

  • Play on September 6, 2019

  • Ultimate Edition Character Pack

  • 30 Days of Boost

  • Exclusive Steelbook

  • Gears 5 Sticker Sheet

Gears 5 for Game Pass Subscribers

  • Play on September 10, 2019

Gears 5 (Physical or Digital)

  • Play on September 10, 2019

We know playing the moment Gears 5 goes live is important to our fans, so Gears 5 will be available to pre-install for both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers just like you would with a digital pre-order.

What Is Boost?

Were sure you have questions about what 30 Days of Boost means in the Ultimate Edition version of Gears 5.

But what exactly is Boost?  Customization, Boost and Unlocks will be talked about in-depth in the coming weeks and months. Just know, it is not required to earn any content, nor does it give you access to a premium selection of unlockable items that those without Boost cannot access.


This pre-order bonus is next level. Were so excited about this.

Weve teamed up with Skydance Media to bring a special Terminator Dark Fate Character pack, including Sarah Connor and the T-800 endoskeleton from the film, to Gears 5. Yes, really!

If you want to secure both characters for your Gears 5 collection, along with a bonus Vector Lancer Skin and 7 Days of Boost, all you need to do is download and play Gears 5 from Xbox Game Pass before September 16, 2019 or pre-order any version of Gears 5.

Road To Gears 5

Back in March, we gave you the opportunity to play Gears of War 4 to earn Gilded RAAM and take him with you into Gears 5. Well Gears fans, that was just the beginning.

Between now and launch, well be offering up 10 (!!) more opportunities to earn content to take into Gears 5, including FIVE more Gilded Characters and a whole bunch of bonus customization items.

While Gilded RAAM was meant to be for the most hardcore dedicated Gears 4 players out there, the remaining Challenges have been designed to be more approachable and achievable for everyone though respectable in their own right.

The first 5 Challenges will go live in Gears of War 4 tomorrow, June 10th, at 10am PT.

The last 5 Challenges will go live on August 1st at 10am PT.

All 10 Challenges end on September 2nd at 10am PT.

Look out for our dedicated Road To Gears 5 page launching tomorrow for full info on all the Challenges. Oh, and if youre wondering what those bonus customization items are, well be talking about that more when we reveal Versus next month. We wont keep you waiting long.

New Gears 5 Swag

Gears 5 Collectors Edition

Lets jump straight to the big guns the GameStop Exclusive Gears 5 Collectors Edition!

The Gears 5 Collectors Editions star of the show is the Limited-Edition RC Jack Drone complete with stand. Thats right Jack can zoom around your home or anywhere you can fly a drone with its a six-axis gyroscope flight system and LED lights.

Jack also comes packed alongside an array of collectibles straight from Damon Baird Industries: a DBi ID Badge with Gears 5 lanyard, an embroidered DBi patch, a DBi collectors booklet, an original Jack schematic print and an exclusive in-game Jack skin.

The Collectors Edition also comes with a copy of Gears 5 Ultimate Edition packed in a steel book case featuring incredible artwork by the legendary Alex Ross.

The Collectors Edition is exclusive to Gamestop and pre-orders are now open! If youre at E3, you can also check this out in person at both the Gamestop booth and the Xbox booth.

Gears x Aape


Announced this past Friday on Xbox Wire, Gears is partnering with AAPE for a limitd-run shirt and hoodie that are available at the Xbox E3 Booth, while supplies last.

And thats not all the apparel we have for you keep an eye out on the Xbox Gear Store for a few more prints and styles going live in the next couple days.

Tsume Collectible Statue

Tsume is releasing a Gears statue that is immensely detailed from every angle.

Marcus takes on RAAM on a pile of history, blood, sweat, and tears. Measuring up at an astounding 23.62 inches wide and 29.13 inches tall, this is quite the collectible. These images do it a fair amount of justice, but to truly appreciate the scale of this thing, youll want to check this bad boy out in person at the Mixer booth at E3 if you can! Pre-orders are open now via Tsume.

Finally, get your hands on a piece of Gears 5 ahead of its release by taking home a poster featuring the Key Art. Queen Myrrah, Marcus, JD, and Del, with Kait front and center. What mysteries lie in the details? You tell us. Posters can be ordered today via Amazon.

As you can imagine, there is a metric ton of Gears 5 collectibles, merch, and swag coming your way. Stay tuned on our socials for more in the coming months and dont forget the items weve already announced:

Phew! Thats a ton of news from just DAY ZERO of E3. Stay tuned for even more Gears goodness to come throughout the week and beyond. Weve only just begun.

Psst only 89 Days to go until Gears 5 Early Access.

TC, out.


Gears 5 Preview: Hands-on With the Brand-New Escape Mode IGN First


By Miranda Sanchez The best advice I was given for playing Escape, the Gears 5s new co-op game mode, was to crank it up to the highest unlocked difficulty and work backward from there. I pride myself on being able to adapt to gaming challenges quickly, so I figured I could get a quick victory plus I was playing with two people who worked on the mode.

Unlike Hordes pressure to defend, Escape asks you to, well, escape. And quickly. In it, a group of up to three players (online or local co-op!) must make their way through a maze-like Hive as their own deadly venom bomb trails behind while plenty of Swarm wait ahead. Even knowing new enemies and weapons awaited, I figured my special companions and I could handle it.


It turns out handling it meant trying and failing several times before we finally figured out a strategy for the Hives last treacherous room. Our close encounter with yet another failure ended in a spectacular battle where my last remaining ally and I nearly ran out of ammo trying to take down a tornado of disgusting Swarm leeches. It was, frankly, awesome. I felt like we deserved a reward for finally completing it, only to realize we gained a new modifier to amp up the difficulty further.

Gears 5 Escape Mode Is Like a Puzzle

Escapes challenge is alluring; its like solving a puzzle.

Escapes challenge is alluring; its like solving a puzzle, only I felt like I couldnt truly declare victory until I unlocked and beat the map with all its modifiers. Said modifiers are a new, more customizable way to change difficulty rather than selecting a blanket term with preset challenges. Three are unlocked at first. The trio paired with this map gave our enemies double health, double damage, and increased the number and variety of enemies. Completing Escape with all available modifiers on unlocks the next -- we got one that decreased the amount of ammo received from the already-scarce ammo boxes.

I was rather gung-ho on the difficulty of Escape, but I appreciate that it allows everyone to customize the kind of challenge they get from Escape every time they play. If it feels too challenging, your team can change the modifiers or even unequip them all and just learn the basics of the map. Escape offers plenty of good tools to deal with its challenges, though.


Gears 5 Escape Mode Characters and Abilities

Escape stars three class-based characters, and they each come with their own passive and active abilities that are essential for clearing the mode. Theres Lahni, a scout whose active ability grants her an electroblade that stuns and damages enemies she strikes. Its particularly effective against big enemies. Then theres Keegan, a support character whose active makes a small area where allies can regenerate ammo for a short time. Rounding out the new characters is Mac, a tank who can hold a rather wide invulnerable shield for a short amount of time. Using their chargeable abilities at the right time is crucial if youre playing with multiple modifiers. Each character also has their own XP and equippable skill cards that can be upgraded to increase their benefits. Unequipping skill cards can also make a run more challenging if youre into that.


Lahni, Keegan, and Mac are Hivebusters, a new group within the Gears universe who are determined to go on these suicide missions to eliminate Hives. Well have more on their backstory and how it ties to Gears 5 on June 18, but know that these three characters wont be the only characters you can play. Eventually, other Gears characters like Kait will make their way to Escape with their own classes and special abilities. The character abilities will also be in Horde, but not in the Versus modes.


Gears 5 Safe Rooms

Another major tool that Icould see helping keep me determined while multiple modifiers are on or even none is the Safe Room. This room is a sort of benchmark between sections of Escape that allows your team to take a quick breather, grab a drink, run to the bathroom, reply to a text whatever you need to do before youre ready to take on the rest of the map not unlike Left 4 Deads safehouses. Its also a save point. Yes, if you fail, you dont have to start all over. You return here. While that can be good, if you missed an enemy room that dropped something you needed or ran out of time to explore a safe room filled with ammo, grenades, or even a Boomshot, you may just want to start over or drastically change your tactics. We opted for the latter when we failed to find me a Markza on one run. We had been relying on my headshots, which made our next attempts a little more challenging.

Speaking of headshots, if youve checked out the Gears 5 gameplay footage, you should notice that the gunplay looks quite a bit different. There are damage numbers (and yes, they can be turned off), the hit reticle changes colors depending on how you shoot an enemy, and weapons have recoil that creates bullet patterns rather than letting the bullets bloom as a player fires longer. Additionally, the iconic Crimson Omen no longer blocks the middle of the screen. It has evolved into the Inverse Omen, allowing players to better see their attacker (if you see them) when their health is low. Studio Head of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, said that with Gears 4, they wanted to prove they knew how to make a Gears. With Gears 5, they want to add their own touches to the franchise and challenge expectations, including bringing Gears gunplay up to modern standards. The Coalition worked with pro players to test their gunplay upgrades, and as a fan of shooters, Id say these changes are all for the better.

With Gears 5, they want to bring Gears gunplay up to modern standards.

If the sheer challenge of playing through Escapes difficult modifiers isnt enough, there will also be leaderboards to track the best completion times and special cosmetic rewards for the players who place high enough. Youd have to get your best time in Escape rather quickly, though, as Escape Hives are built with special tiles that allow The Coalition to release new official maps roughly every week, meaning there will be plenty of new challenges and rewards post-launch. Player progress in Escape also earns you other rewards across Gears 5, but well learn more on that later.


The Coalition Hives wont be the only ones you can play. Escape comes with a neat map builder which allows players to easily make their own Hives and challenge friends and the greater Gears community to play their creations. Im excited to unleash my own design disasters into the world, provided that I can beat it before Im allowed to publish it. Im thinking at least twelve snipers by the exit and an overly aggressive Flock. Good luck, future self.

We now know that Gears 5's release date is September 10, 2019-- and it there's a pretty crazy Gears 5 Collector's Edition, too. IGN has even more Gears 5 Escape content on the way. Be sure to stay tuned all June long for details on Escapes story, more on the map builder, and plenty of other Gears news.


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