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Conan, vuelve a Marvel

conan cómics

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Marvel Entertainment and Conan Properties International have announced that the Conan franchise will return to Marvel next year.

With more than 650 issues from 1970 to 2000, Marvel brought fans the adventures of Conan The Barbarian, Conan the Adventurer, Conan the Savage and Savage Sword of Conan among other popular titles. Conan was most recently published by Dark Horse Comics.


*"From Barry Windsor-Smith to John Buscema to Neal Adams, a legendary line-up of amazing artists brought Conan to life in the pages of Marvel comics," said C.B. Cebulski, editor-in-chief of Marvel. "It's a legacy we're now going to live up to with the talent we have lined up for the Cimmerian barbarian's homecoming in early 2019. We’'e excited!"


*"We’re thrilled to be working with Marvel and look forward to the new adventures in store for Conan," said Fredrik Malmberg, president of Conan Properties International. "As the most well-known and creative publisher in the industry, we think Marvel is a great fit for our stories."

Details on upcoming comic book titles, collections, reprints, and creative teams will be shared at a later date.







I guess that explains why Bunn's Conan the Slayer suddenly stopped.

More's the pity since DH was so determined to do his entire life story even if some parts were weak like Brian Wood's run. I think they were almost half way through

Does Marvel have anyone nearly half as good as Barry Windsor-Smith or John Buscema to draw these anymore? Because Conan needs some manly man artists to really sell the aesthetic.

They just agreed to the deal- they still need to line up writers, artists, etc. and get issues put together. And modern artists are slow as fuck, so they need a year lead time to make sure there's like 3 uninterrupted issues ready to print come January 2019.


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Escrito 13 enero 2018 - 19:43

veremos a ver que hacen le utilizaran para crossovers y supongo que sacar otra vez recopilatorios veremos si hacen remakes de conan el barbaro y la espada salvaje o tiran por otras alternativas.
Dark horse empezo bien con un dibujo realista pero luego empezaron a contratar artistas que no pegaban nada con el cimmerio mas propios de superheroes.

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