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Cómics y videojuegos: Resistance

cómics Resistance

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Al igula que el de uncharted e infamous no llego a España pero siempre podeís importar si os gusta:


    Issue #0/Resistance2: Released with Collector's Edition of the Resistance 2 video game.
    Issue #1: January 14, 2009.
    Issue #2: January 28, 2009.
    Issue #3: February 25, 2009.
    Issue #4: March 25, 2009.
    Issue #5: April 29, 2009.
    Issue #6: May 27, 2009.
    Graphic Novel(Issues 0-6): February 9, 2010.




The background story of U.S. Army Private Jordan Adam Shepherd; the soldier who would eventually become "Daedalus"; the Leader of the Chimera, is revealed. In a long series of flashbacks; it details Shepherd's childhood consumed by his father's abuse, alcoholism and religious fervor, the latter of which is passed on to Jordan, along with his father's extreme temper; which Jordan was horrified to find he possessed when, consumed with paranoia on how close his wife was becoming with a neighbor following her miscarriage, Jordan murdered the neighbor. Consumed with guilt and desperate to do the right thing; Shepherd would join the U.S. Army and eventually volunteer for Project Abraham; where Shepherd fails to mention his immune system was compromised during his childhood after wandering into a chemical testing zone in the everglades surrounding the house he shared with his father, and so when injected (according to SRPA Doctor Ortiz), it caused a "world of problems". Confined to the SRPA's Project Abraham Compound; Shepherd suddenly uses his new-found psychokinetic powers to mentally attack Ortiz and other doctors present (for Ortiz's constant berating was too much for him to stand). Shepherd is overpowered and sedated by an SRPA panic team; though as the comic ends, it is revealed what the "world of problems" are: Shepherd's entire lower body, in response to the injection's side-effects on his compromised biology, has expanded and transformed; heralding his transformation into "Daedalus".


Este tema ha sido archivado. Esto significa que no puedes responder en este tema.