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sopa de tiburon

Cómics y videojuegos Diciembre

Publicaciones recomendadas

sopa de tiburon Gwyn, Señor de la Ceniza

vida restante: 100%

Estos son todos los cómics ( o los más relevantes que salen este mes):



TOMB RAIDER: SURVIVOR'S CRUSADE #2 tombraider2th.jpg

Jackson Lanzing (W), Collin Kelly (W), Ashley A. Woods (A), Michael Atiyeh ©, and Hannah Fisher (Cover)

Jonah Maiava has one question for Lara Croft: where the hell have you been? She ran off to Thailand alone, leaving her most loyal ally in the dark . . . And he's worried about her. As she focuses on tracking down Trinity and discovering the truth about her father's death, Lara has been isolating herself. If everyone she loves gets hurt, is it even worth having friends?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Dec. 20.


Fiona Avery (W), Dan Jurgens (W), James Bonny (W), Brian Ching (A), Michael Lopez (A), Eric Basaldura (A), Drew Johnson (A), Jay Leisten (A), Gerardo Sandoval (A), Joe Jusko (A/Cover), and more

This volume collects issues #0 and #1/2 of the 1999 Top Cow Tomb Raider series, issues #1â12 of the 2001 Tomb Raider: Journeys series, and five one-shot stories: Origins, Epiphany, Takeover, Arabian Nights, and The Greatest Treasure of All. Inside this oversized hardcover, find the art of superstars Adam Hughes, Billy Tan, Tony Daniel, Andy Park, Keu Cha, David Finch, Joe Jusko, Scott Benefiel, Brian Ching, and more!

496 pages, $39.99, in stores on Feb. 14.


Gail Simone (W), Rhianna Pratchett (W), Nicolás Daniel Selma (P), Derlis Santacruz (P), Andrea Mutti (P), Juan Gedeon (I), Andy Owens (I), Pierluigi Baldassini (I), Michael Atiyeh ©, and Dan Scott (Cover)

Lara Croft is trying to piece her ordinary life back together after her ordeal in the Lost Kingdom of Yamatai. The other survivors of the Endurance are experiencing horrific visions as they try to put what happened behind them. Follow Lara's story after the 2013 Tomb Raider game as she embarks on a new globetrotting adventure, discovering a dangerous organization that's threatening her friends. Can she figure out what's going on in time to save a life? This deluxe hardcover collects issues #1-18 of the 2014 Dark Horse Tomb Raider series, and the never-before-collected prequel story Tomb Raider: the Beginning.

496 pages, $49.99, in stores on Feb. 28.






Paul Tobin (W), Jacob Chabot (A/Cover), and Matt J. Rainwater ©

Dr. Zomboss erroneously believes that all humans hold a secret desire to run away and join the circus, so he aims to use his newly created "Big Z's Adequately Amazing Flytrap Circus" to lure Neighborville's citizens to their doom! Once plant-friendly neighborhood defenders Nate and Patrice infiltrate his show, though, Ringmaster Zomboss and his hapless zombies are in for a garden-ful of trouble!

80 pages, $9.99, in stores on Feb. 14.



HALO: RISE OF ATRIOX #5 halo5th.jpg

John Jackson Miller (W), Jonathan Wayshak (A), Jeremy Colwell ©, and Aleksi Briclot (Cover)

Brute chief, Jovus, believes himself the most dangerous brute in the galaxy. But Atriox's fearsome legend has reached even the most distant UNSC outpost. When the two brutes come face to face, their clash shapes the future of the Banished.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Dec. 20.




Insomniac Games (W/A) and Sony Interactive Entertainment (W/A)

Dark Horse Books and Insomniac Games proudly offer a look back at the history of the Ratchet & Clank saga in a Qwark-tastic collection of never-before-seen concept art and behind-the-scenes commentary chronicling eleven amazing games and the brilliant studio that created them!

184 pages, $39.99, in stores on Feb. 21.




INJUSTICE 2 #15 injustice15th.jpg

Written by Tom Taylor, art and cover by Mike S. Miller.

Mission: bust Wonder Woman out of a Themysciran prison. After being trained by Black Adam and Damian Wayne in Kandaq, Kara Zor-El is sent out to try and free her cousin's most loyal ally. Is she up for the challenge? Several surprises await her.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Dec. 6.


Written by Tom Taylor, art by Mike S. Miller Daniel Sampere and Juan Albarran, cover by Bruno Redondo and Juan Albarran.

The mission to free Wonder Woman reaches its climax as Kara discovers that the Amazons prove to not be of one mind when it comes to Princess Diana's fate. Also: a solo story featuring The Flash.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Dec. 20.


SKYLANDERS: SPYRO & FRIENDS skylandersth.jpg

Ron Marz, David A. Rodriguez (W), Jack Lawrence (A), David Baldeon ©

Join Spyro and his fellow Skylanders as they embark on all-new adventures! Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Jet-Vac, and all of your favorites are here ready to battle Kaos and the rest of the various vile villains of the land!

80 pages, $12.99.

ANGRY BIRDS COMICS QUARTERLY: MONSTERS & MISTLETOE angrybirdsbth.jpg angrybirdsath.jpg

Paul Tobin & Various (W), Jordi Alfonso & Various (A), Paco Rodriques ©, Tony Sandoval (VC).

Red, Matilda, Chuck, and all your favorite feathered friends are back for more adventures in the second Angry Birds quarterly comic! This oversized issue is crammed full of creative characters and silly stories that will delight readers new and old!

48 pages, $5.99.



Price: $3.99

Rating: Teen +

Cover A: Jonathan Lau

Cover B: Gameplay Cover

Writer: Chris Sebela

Art: Jonathan Lau

Genre: Action, Media Tie-In

Format: Comic Book

Page Count: 32 Pages


Its graduation day. Diana Burnwood struggles to balance her two lives, her psychotic mentor and her conscience as she prepares to make the first kill on her road to avenging her parents. While Agent 47 and his brother 6 make their move to escape the Institute and end up changing their lives and world history forever in one bloody blow.


RETAILER INCENTIVE #1: (CVR C 10-COPY LAU B&W INCV) For every 10 copies ordered and received, retailers will qualify to order a Jonathan Lau Black & White cover at the net cost of $2.00 each.


RETAILER INCENTIVE #2: (CVR D 20-COPY LAU VIRGIN INCV) For every 20 copies ordered and received, retailers will qualify to order a Jonathan Lau Virgin cover at the net cost of $2.00 each.

UPC: 725130262127 03041



Price: $3.99

Rating: Teen +

Cover A: Yildiray Cinar

Cover B: Jonathan Lau

Cover C Subscription: Cam Adams

Writer: Ian Edginton

Art: Cam Adams

Genre: Action, Media Tie-In

Format: Comic Book

Page Count: 32 Pages


Kim Wu, Jago and Tusk join forces to seek out the war-golem Aganos and the location of the legendary Lost Forge. Here is the only place on Earth where they can gain access to the Astral Planethe dimension where someone or something is draining the powers of the Guardian Spirits. Kim Wu and her companions are unaware, however, that the Coven is tracking their every move, bent on slaying them before they can cross over.


RETAILER INCENTIVE #1: (CVR D 10-COPY LAU B&W INCV) For every 10 copies ordered and received, retailers will qualify to order a Jonathan Lau Black & White cover at the net cost of $2.00 each.


RETAILER INCENTIVE #2: (CVR E 20-COPY CINAR B&W INCV) For every 20 copies ordered and received, retailers will qualify to order a Yildiray Cinar Black & White cover at the net cost of $2.00 each.





Price: $3.99

Rating: Teen +

Cover A: Aaron Lopresti

Cover B: Álvaro Sarraseca

Writer: Chuck Wendig (main), Ray Fawkes (Sovereigns back-up)

Art: Álvaro Sarraseca (main), Johnny Desjardins (Sovereigns back-up)

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Format: Comic Book

Page Count: 32 Pages


ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Stop us if youve heard this one, theres a nuclear bomb in a city of fascist lizard people, and two thieves must race to defuse it as a man from out of time and place must fight an evil Saurian Emperor to save his daughter from being eaten. Too bad the Imperator has a hand-picked bodyguard. The last secrets of Turoks true identity will be revealed!

Also: The Sovereigns Part1? The battle continues for our heroes as they face a threat from beyond the stars and even further beyond your imagination!


RETAILER INCENTIVE #1: (CVR C 10-COPY SARRASECA B&W INCV) For every 10 copies ordered and received, retailers will qualify to order an Álvaro Sarraseca Black & White cover at the net cost of $2.00 each.


RETAILER INCENTIVE #2: (CVR D 20-COPY LOPRESTI B&W INCV) For every 20 copies ordered and received, retailers will qualify to order an Aaron Lopresti Black & White cover at the net cost of $2.00 each.


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    • Marquez
      Este canal es realmente bueno y recomendado para todos. Hacen documentales bastante chulos sobre sagas o compañías del mundillo.


      Han hecho una serie de documentales sobre esta compañía y su saga estrella. El primero es



      Si alguien no quiere verlo un resumen:

      Absolution fue una cagada.
      El 80% de jugadores pilló la Season One de golpe, sin esperar a todos los capis. El 20% lo hizo por capis.
      A pesar de las críticas el juego no empezó a vender en serio hasta la GOTY.
      Hablan de Square como SQEXIT debido a su despido. Aún así dicen que fueron muy buenos con ellos incluso en esos momentos malos.
      El despido fue simplemente por no vender, las críticas buenas daban igual.
      Tuvieron que despedir al 40% de la plantilla tras esto.
      El episodio de Paris fue el que más les costó hacer.
      Actualmente casi 6 millones de jugadores han jugado a la misión gratuita que regalan.
      Hitman 1 y 2 (season 1 y 2) ya venden muy bien, con el paso del tiempo. A pesar de las discretas ventas iniciales.
      Están muy presentes en los foros de videojuegos. Los visitan para saber el feedback de sus juegos.
      Hitman season 3 está en camino. Junto con otro juego pero no pueden hablar de ese todavía. Es secreto.
      Saben por el feedback de la gente que los últimos Hitman están considerados los mejores de la historia.
      Han abierto un nuevo estudio. Vamos que parece que vuelven a tener pasta y les va bien.
      Para los no hayan jugado al último se lo recomiendo encarecidamente. Es un juegazo.



    • oscarock


      The Halo TV series gets a new director, and more details on Master Chief's big budget Showtime debut.


      The Halo TV series is moving forward. Years after plans for a live action Halo film fell apart, Master Chief is headed to Hollywood with a TV series on Showtime. Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television is producing, and after a period of silence we've gotten some fresh news about the show, including a new director.

      There's not much we know for sure about the content of the show, but there are going to be Spartans, with Master Chief taking his proper place as a central character. And if we had to bet on it: There's probably going to be a Halo ring, too.

      The nine episode TV series is early in production. The most recent casting news gave us some clues as to the characters we'll be seeing when the show arrives (likely in 2020). 

      Heres everything we know about Showtimes Halo TV series so far.

      When does the Halo TV series air?
      There's no air date yet. According to the latest news from The Hollywood Reporter, the Halo TV series begins filming in June 2019. That means a long period of casting and pre-production, and makes a 2020 debut likely. That idea is backed up by comments from President of Programming Gary Levine during a Television Critics Association press tour.

      Will the launch of the TV series coincide with the release of Halo Infinite? With a 2020 date, it's plausible!

      Is Master Chief in the Halo TV series?
      Yes. Yes he is. He's been confirmed at every opportunity, and as of mid-April, we know who's playing him. Actor Pablo Schreiber has been cast as Master Chief. You may remember a younger Schreiber from his role as dockworker Nick Sobotka in season 2 of The Wire, or from some more recent shows and movies: American Gods, Skyscraper, Orange Is the New Black. According to IMDB, he's nearly 6'5" tall.

      Also confirmed via a casting notice: Dr. Halsey, the scientist in charge of the Spartan program and the closest thing Master Chief has to a mom. Except the Spartans were taken from their real parents as young children and turned into supersoldiers. So it's a complicated relationship. Dr. Halsey's personality also serves as the basis of the AI Cortana.

      Who else will we see in the series? The casting notice calls for "Jenny, listed as an Asian woman between the ages of 18-20." She's likely an original character created for the series.

      How many episodes will there be? 
      Showtimes initial order consisted of 10 hour-long episodes, a common season length for big-budget prestige TV series these days. That order has since been dropped to nine episodes. Showtime hopes Halos influential lineage will deliver the networks "most ambitious series ever." No pressure.

      [Halo] is futuristic space-based science fiction," elaborated President David Nevins at the TCA conference. "Its not fantasy. I think there's been one iconic franchise in my opinion in the history of television in that category and that's Star Trek. It was a long time to get the script where we felt we had something really interesting and felt like it belonged on Showtime in terms of its character depth. Its going to be a big show.

      Whos part of the production?
      Apart from Showtimes obvious involvement, Steven Spielbergs Amblin Entertainment is one of the bigger studios handling production duties. Its yet unknown if the acclaimed filmmaker will personally have a role, but it appears Showtimes project is a continuation of a concept Spielberg was set to executive produce back in 2013. Considering Spielbergs background and enduring interest in science-fictionbeing no stranger to the nostalgic pull of gamestheres a fair chance of spotting his name in the credits roll.

      Developer 343 Industries (and Microsoft, by extension) is also involved in some direct capacity. Hopefully that's good news, and not the first step down a path towards another Assassin's Creed or Tomb Raider. 343s responsibilities could simply entail making sure the series feels authentically Halo, leaving the TV pros to do their work.


      Who is writing and directing the Halo TV show?
      Kyle Killen has been tapped as writer and showrunner. Killens most recent work, the largely panned Mind Games, failed to anchor an audience past its first and only season. His earlier and more fruitful endeavors included Foxs Lone Star and NBCs Awake, both sharing the same fate and lasting only one season. While Killen is relatively unblooded in the deep sci-fi genre, his recurring interest in theming a protagonist around facing plural realities could serve as an intriguing foundation for exploring the supernatural aspects of Halos far-reaching universe.

      On a TCA tour, Levine explained Killens selection over more experienced writers was a deliberate one, saying, We made a conscious decision to hire a writer not known for sci-fi and not known for big battle movies or anything. Because that's already baked into the Halo franchise and we will service that. But we also want to ensure that we get underneath the formidable armor of the Spartans."

      Originally director Rupert Wyatt was going to be part of the project, but he exited the show in December. Now the series has a new lead director and executive producer in Otto Bathurst, who most recently directed the 2018 Robin Hood, and the first episode of Black Mirror (you know,the one with the pig).


      Any confirmed actors?
      None yet, but well update this section as names appear on the shows roster. With casting in swing, it's likely we'll have some names well before the series begins shooting.

      What kind of story will the Halo TV series tell?


      Story details are locked down, but Levine affirmed it as a new story incredibly respectful of the canon utilizing the franchises framework of the war with the Covenant and the eponymous Halo space stations. Thats further reinforced by this official post by 343 head of transmedia Kiki Wolfkill, who explained that the series will try to strike a balance between fan expectations and presenting something new.

      As we think about what it means to bring videogame franchises to movie or TVthe biggest challenge can often be finding the right balance between moments fans have already experienced and moments that have yet to be experienced through a different medium, perspective, or creative lens, Wolfkill wrote. We are excited to navigate these creative waters to bring you something that is both respectful of what you already know and love, but also new and surprising and enthralling.

      When in the Halo timeline might it take place? The war with the Covenant boasts several points of interest for a TV series. A possible strong angle could cover Chiefs origins, his conscription into the Spartan program (which would include an appearance of the titular planet from 2010s Halo: Reach), and his eventual first contact with the Covenant, all of which would comprise a useful backdrop for plenty on-camera opportunities to show off John-117s face in various stages of grizzled determination. An adaptation of Halo novel Fall of Reach would make sensebut if you're trying to bring in the Halo rings and tell a new story, that seems unlikely.


      En resumidas cuentas. Serie de gran presupuesto, por Showtime, producida por Steven Spielvberg (y tal vez con algún episodio dirigido por él). Diez episodios en la primera temporada, y se estrenaría el 2020.


      Dicen que no hay actor para el jefe maestro pero por otros lados dicen que eso no es cierto, que el elegido es Sergio Ramos.



      Pues no sé que pensais. Es que la acabo de oír como posible sucesora de GoT y me ha hecho gracia. No sabía que estaba la cosa tan avanzada. De hecho, creía que hasta la habían cancelado.


      Un saludo.


    • Sergio1991
      Hola, aprovechando el comienzo del nuevo año, quería preguntar unas dudas sobre la Halo: The Master Chief Collection y sobre la saga Halo en general.
      1) ¿Es cierto que a excepción de Halo 2 (que se ejecuta a 900p), el resto de videojuegos de esta recopilación se ejecutan a 1080p y 60 frames constantes y estables?
      2) ¿Es cierto que se habilita la opción de jugar al primer y segundo Halo con el aspecto que tenía originalmente en la primera Xbox (más allá de ciertas mejoras para poder ejecutarse en resolución Full HD).
      3) ¿Es cierto que Halo 2 carece de doblaje al castellano en esta recopilación?
      4) La versión física de esta recopilación, ¿es completamente funcional y operativa por si misma, sin dependencia alguna de internet (para actualizaciones de contenido)? O dicho de otra manera, ¿si se inserta el disco físico de esta edición en una Xbox One, se podría acceder a todo el contenido para un jugador sin problema alguno? Para que nos entendamos, que no fuera un caso como el de Spyro, donde sólo están contenidos en los discos parte de los niveles de Spyro 2 y 3, debiendo descargar el resto de internet.
      5) A nivel de narrativa, ¿la saga destaca por una trama compleja y profunda o es una mera excusa para matar alienígenas sin piedad?
      6) Para aquellos que no sean muy duchos o amigos de los shooters en consola (ya que prefieren la precisión de un ratón), ¿está saga está bien ideada para fomentar un control y precisión asequibles incluso para aquellos que no suelan jugar a este genero con un mando?
      7) Finalmente, ¿pensáis que una recopilación como esta sería posible en la siguiente generación, incorporando los Halo 5 y 6, además de alguna mejora extra en materia gráfica o jugable?
      ¡Saludos y gracias anticipadas!
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