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Dibujo animado en realidad virtual

Oculus Rift futuro arte

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Escrito 20 abril 2017 - 20:18

Después del world in worlds que ya se marco, Goro Fujita ha subido la apuesta a una animación dibujada con el Oculus rift en VR que es una pasada.


Esta todo dibujado al aire, sin nada modelado en 3D como podría ser cualquier corto o modelado parecido. Gracias a dibujarlo con el Oculus el dibujo coge profundidad real y se puede ver des de cualquier sitio. En el fondo si que sería como modelar a mano alzada, pero es mucho más directo a nivel artístico y más parecido a pintar un cuadro que no a esculpir en si.




Before I talk about this piece I wanted to first borrow a phrase from Steve Jobs.


"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything."


To me this applies to the Oculus Rift & Touch in combination with "Quill": A VR painting tool developed by oculus story studio. After doing several paintings in VR, one of them being "Worlds in Worlds", Quill already changed the way I look at art forever. And just as I thought it can't get more exciting the Quill team let me test a version of Quill with animation capabilities.

Immediately I started thinking about how I could use it in my work. Several years ago I used to create animated gifs in form of endless loops. I always liked how these gifs could capture moments far better than a single painting. That made me think:


"What if I painted and animated a moment in time that people could explore and experience from multiple angles at their own pace?"


This is when I started working on my first animated Quillustration. I started with a street and animated a guy walking down this street frame by frame. Then I added a guy smoking a cigarette on the other side of the street all as looping animations. The more I added to the scene the more magical it became. Seeing my painted characters come alive and being inside my painting with them was incredible. The scene kept growing and as I added positional audio to the mix it became complete. This piece took me about 80 hours to finish and the fact that Quill allows a single person to create something like this is still mind boggling to me. Important to note, what you are about to see is a real time capture of the animated Quillustration meaning it’s all running in real time inside Quill.


This new medium is truly something extraordinary, it's more than I could have ever dreamed of!


So thank you Inigo Quilez and the Quill team to make this possible!


This is "A Moment in Time"




Worlds in worlds




Para ilustrar un poco y que se entienda, ahí esta glen keane con el de HTC haciendo la sirenita (mitad final)


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Y los simpson en 2d cumplen 30 años



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Parece magia

Me ham gustado los dos cortos, son una maravilla


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