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sopa de tiburon

Sonic Mania, nuevo video y malo robotico

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sopa de tiburon Ornstein y Smough

vida restante: 100%


Before Sega released today's new Sonic Mania video, we'd only seen act 1 of most of the game's stages. Today, however, the publisher has revealed act 2 of Green Hill Zone - a remix of the original game's first level.

Things you can note from the gameplay - there are elemental shields in play, a la the third Sonic game, but with more functionality (Sonic burns down a bridge with the flame shield at one point, for example).

You'll also notice Sonic use ziplines - another element found in the third game - but they've been incorporated into levels from earlier games, too. 

Sega has also revealed the Heavy Gunner boss, the first act boss in the new Studiopolis zone. He'll chase Sonic and co. down a highway as you fight him and you have to deflect his missiles as you avoid him and his smaller robo-pals.

Take a look at him below:



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