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sopa de tiburon

Gears 4: old town y dinner, actualización Marzo.

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sopa de tiburon Gwyn, Señor de la Ceniza

vida restante: 100%

Pues si ya esta aqui la actualización de Marzo, esta vez old town, es del 3 PERO ahora esta nevado y es de la URI en vez del pueblo de donde era Maria (la mujer de Dom)


Y dinner parece una mezcla entre gasolinera del gears 2 y la gasolinera de chaps del 1.


March is here, and with it comes a major update for Gears of War 4 including new features, fan favorite characters to collect, and a whole lot more.

Check out our March Update video above to see the first footage of Diner and Old Town in action, as well as the new Ranked Lobby system. Then, read on to find out more details on the two new maps, the Ranked Lobby system, improvements to the Gnasher, and a first tease of content to come later this month in Gears of War 4!

New Maps: Diner and Old Town

Prepare to fight on a brand new map from The Coalition, plus an old favorite, this March with the arrival of Diner and Old Town!

Watch The Flythrough

A lone neon-lit Diner in a dusty wasteland is the latest battleground in Gears 4! Developed over the course of the last 18 months, this map represents one of the most refined tactical experiences yet seen in a map from The Coalition. 

Combat inside the Diner is intense and claustrophobic as you fight for control of the kitchen and Sniper Spawn. Expect smaller engagements that demand close-quarters skills to come out on top.

The parking lot is a more open affair where the focus shifts to ranged combat. Work as a team, win the outside and open up new flanks to catch out your opponents in the Diner!

Old Town
Watch The Flythrough

Old Town is back! One of the standout maps from Gears of War 3, this map has been re-imagined in a snowy UIR Costal town, complete with a looming UIR Base lurking in the background.

Old Town features the same layout fans know and love, with its clearly defined 3 lanes and asymmetrical elevation change from low to high. Fight over the Torque and Sniper under the Belltower, stall to stall in the market, or hunkered down in the tight, long sight-lined alleyway.

With new weapon swaps, the dynamics of the critical alleyway fight have evolved. One round will force the fight into close range with the addition of the Overkill shotgun, while the other will encourage ranged combat thanks to the new Markza pickups. Win the fight to claim the Boomshot or new to Gears of War 4 Dropshot that spawns here.

Both maps are available to Season Pass holders in the Developer Playlist today (including Double XP and 20% bonus Credits), and will be available for free for everyone in Public Play from March 14th.


Ranked Lobbies


We're excited to introduce Ranked Lobbies for Core and Competitive playlists! This highly requested community feature improves the flow of matchmaking in Ranked playlists.

When matchmaking for any Core or Competitive playlist, you will now be placed into a pre-game lobby complete with map voting, bounty selection, and customization options. If a player quits prior to the match beginning, the pre-game countdown will cancel and continue searching to keep matches balanced.

Once the match is over, you'll be automatically returned into the Lobby search for your playlist without having to manually restart. These features will improve the experience of playing in Ranked Game Modes significantly for our players! Keep an eye out for tuning updates to Core and Competitive playlists planned to arrive in the next couple of weeks.



Gears of War 4 Gnasher Improvements


Over the past few months, we received numerous reports and videos from users regarding some point blank inconsistencies with the Gnasher across all game modes. We dived in to investigate, and our findings have led us to making some mechanical changes to the Gnasher that improves its close-range consistency.

Watch the video above to find out how these changes improve the Gnasher experience in Gears of War 4, then head over to our announcement article for a detailed breakdown.


The Month Ahead

Theres still plenty to come in Gears of War 4 after the update drops this month.

Well be kicking things off with a brand-new Legacy Character to collect! This Legacy Character will be available in a few weeks via Crafting, but lucky fans may find him (yes, thats a hint!) early in our March Gear Packs in the weeks ahead.

Speaking of Gear Packs releasing this month; well have new characters and weapon skins to add to your collection during March. Stay tuned to our new official Community Hub to stay up to date with all the latest news and calendar events!

Okay, okay. We cant leave it there. Heres a few sneak peeks to whet your appetite for whats to come:

boomshot_beamwave_gif_300x300-52851abdac  tu5_locust_teaser_300x300-f496bf1b475c4d

In addition, were adding new monthly events for fans to dive into. Set your watches every third weekend after a Title Update marks a Versus themed weekend, followed a week later by a Horde themed weekend event! We will continue to add Versus and orde weekend events with every update. Well reveal more about each weekend in the week leading up to the event, but were pretty sure Versus Snipers are going to be particularly happy this month.

Update Notes

  • Added Pre-Game Lobbies - including map voting - to Core and Competitive playlists.

  • Core and Competitive matches now auto-return to searching for a match upon match completion

  • Improvements to the performance of the Gnasher. Read this article for more details.

  • Improved the King of the Hill rotation selections for Impact and Impact Dark

  • Player score is now retained when rejoining a Core/Competitive match in progress

  • Matchmaking suspension notices are now more detailed and specific

  • Added ability to rebind Cycle Camera, Camera Modes in Spectator (Windows 10)

  • Zombie Brains dialogue no longer triggers when picking up or dropping the Fabricator

  • Added a fix for rare cases where a match could be stuck at the opening scoreboard

  • Fixed a very rare issue that could cause a Core or Competitive matches to end for all users

  • Fixed an exploit allowing energy to be teleported on War Machine

  • Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements

As always, well be reading your feedback to help inform the future of Gears of War 4. Now if youll excuse us, we have a Diner kitchen fight to go win.


como veis han meditdo cosas y y van meter más.


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vida restante: 100%
Buena actu.

Usa el hashtag #TeamEmpal en tus mensajes

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sopa de tiburon Gwyn, Señor de la Ceniza

vida restante: 100%

Si la voy a poner a actualizar, además a partir de ahora la tercera y cuarta semana eventos del versus y de horda

los videos de los mapas:

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