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he-man y thundercats, cruce juntos

he-man thundercats comics

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Escrito 08 julio 2016 - 18:05


promete ser espectacular.


>When thunder and lightning combine, it makes for a storm. But this fall, DC Comics has its own elemental clash in the works starring two animated icons.

>CBR has learned that the publisher is prepping a "He-Man/Thundercats" crossover series, pairing the popular '80s toy and cartoon franchises for the first time. Launching in October, the six-issue limited series will be written by Mattel Head Writer and Masters of the Universe Lead Creative Rob David and Supervising Producer Lloyd Goldfine with art by Freddie E. Williams II who recently wrapped the "Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" crossover.

>The story will unite the headlining heroes thanks to a plot by Thundercats ubervillain Mumm-Ra, who searches the dimensions looking for a weapon that can defeat the fabled Sword of Omens. Of course, he lands on He-Man's own power sword, and the action ensues.

>"For everyone out there who took different action figures and teamed them up to take on the world, this one’s for you," David said in a statement. Goldfine added, "Writing this crossover event is the thrill of a lifetime, and Rob and I can’t wait to get started...You don’t wait 30 years and not go big!"

>"The Power of Grayskull and the Great Eye of Thundera have aligned to make me the luckiest guy on all the earths!" said Williams. "He-Man and ThunderCats were my life when I was in grade school—family and friends knew I loved both cartoons so much. I used to pause episodes and draw from them, since they were so awesome. The He-Man/ThunderCats crossover is the fulfillment of a lifelong goal and my fanboy dream come true! I'm having a blast!"

>Though they currently head up story development for Mattel's He-Man brand, David and Goldfine have worked with other pop culture icons in the past – notably writing 2009's "Turtles Forever" movie starring the TMNT. David also recently wrote for DC's "He-Men: The Eternity War" series.


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