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DarkWing Duck podria haber estado en Disney Infinity 3.0

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Pues parece ser, que tras tantas encuestas via mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. desecharon al pato, en favor de Olaf de Frozen en Disney Infinity 3.0.



Disney Infinity asks for information from its fan base many times throughout the last years development cycle. You may remember many times Disney requesting for your character feedback on their facebook or twitter profiles, well they had another direct effect on the game.

Olaf beat out Darking Duck.

You may remember, John Vignocchi has stated that Mulan is in Disney Infinity 3.0 because of the fans. She was near the top in fan requests.

Well John Vignocchi said in a recent interview with Polygon that also thanks to the fan polls, another Disney Infinity character made it in in front of a character that hes pushed hard to make it in.

Were listening to the fans, he said. We do the Facebook fan stuff all the time. We do these informal polls, and they wind up in the senior executive meetings with guys throwing stuff around and yelling at each other. OK, this is what the fan poll said we should be doing, these characters. Thats how I lost Darkwing Duck to Olaf this year.

If youve listened me rant  on the Toys For Games Cast each week, you know Ive wanted two characters from the get go: Mulan, and Darkwing Duck.

So while Im bummed Darkwing Duck didnt make it in 3.0, this only bolsters his chance for 4.0 and beyond.

Also, let it be know, Im not upset that Olaf is in Disney Infinity 3.0. He needs to be in the game after his exclusion in Disney Infinity 1.0.

Plus, hes going to sell a lot of figures, and thats good for business. 




Fuente: http://infinityinqui...e-to-fan-polls/

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