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Este tema ahora está archivado y cerrado a otras respuestas.

Gabe Newell

[POST OFICIAL] The Age of Decadence YA DISPONIBLE! -Analisis Meristation NOTA 9!

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IlDiavolo Jockey

vida restante: 100%

La ambientación me llama muchísimo, en cuanto a jugabilidad... no es mi tipo, pero algo me llama bastante a querer probarlo.


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DARTHVR Tatsuya Suou

vida restante: 100%

Hace tiempo que quiero probarlo, a ver si tengo oportunidad. Aunque no lo jugaré en serio hasta que esté terminado y traducido, así que aun queda... De todas formas, no tengo pocos RPGs que jugar actualmente XD


i7 4770K 3.5Ghz; G.Skill F3-1600C9D-16GAR Ares; Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1

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Miquel93 Sagrada Trifuerza

vida restante: 100%

El juego ya está muy cerca de ver la luz, y Vault Dweller ha escrito un pequeño update explicando el por qué de tantos años (más de una década) de desarrollo:




"What is an answer without a question?"

"It is the questions that have always posed more value than their answers"


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Horribeler Stinger

vida restante: 100%

Con el tráiler me he partido un poco X-D

¿A la cárcel vas a venir a robar?

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Gabe Newell Belias

vida restante: 100%







As I mentioned previously, our plan is to go over everything, add all missing or requested content (like alternative solutions), improve flow, fix bugs, etc. The temple (the final location) will be added last.

Improvements, big and small:

- Instead of charging into the breach you can infiltrate a gate tower ninja-style and open the gates.

- You can now travel to the Monastery's inner chamber either via Zamedi (if you know how to use the console or via the portal in the sewers.

- You can peruse the databanks in Zamedi, Hellgate, and Monastery.

- Added a diplomatic option in Al-Akia in the IG questine.

- Added an option to attack fake-Meru.

- You can now craft ammo for bows and crossbows.

- Faster starting time.

- Inferiae's Guardian body looks broken.

- Added a warning if you leave the chargen screen with unspent stat points.

- You can keep unspent SP from character creation when you start a new game

- Added a healer to Ganezzar.

- If you return to the abyss after the fog is cleared, you'll see your old pal Galath.

- Completed the PA questline, returning the PA to Valla (or keeping it for yourself).

- Improved Teron's mining outpost quest. You can leave via the map, the decanus has the key for the chest, you are no longer railroaded in dialogue when the raiders attack.

- You can now wander around Teron after the praetor questline is finished, you are no longer forced to travel to Maadoran.

- Activating the Blue Steel mode in the mining outpost has consequences and rewards.

- New town maps for Teron and Ganezzar.

- Game doesn't end when you end the Ganezzar chapter, only way to end it is to find the temple.

- You now have an option to sabotage the ritual with Meru.

- Optimized projectile lifetime and velocity, resulting in faster turns when ranged characters are involved.

- Added more instances of civil SP rewards.

- Added the option to use your own poison at the outpost. It checks for both poison vials and leaves, and the outcome depends on your alchemy level.

- Improved Al-Akia exterior visuals and flow (chance to save on the expedition).

- Improved the narrative of HD questlines in Ganezzar.


- If you don't accept Varro's offer to join the guild the first time, the option doesn't disappear.

- Fixed issues with tower cellar in New Teron.

- Fixed issue with not being able to leave the tunnels after killing Glabrio in IG8.

- Fixed narrative issues with Faelan and Meru in Al-Akia.

- Fixed issue with inn stairs in Ganezzar.

- Fixed Dead River and Hellgate achievements.

- Fixed issue in AG9 with the entrance to the guild appearing on a side wall.

- Now you can give Bernie the "spear" even if you didn't agree to search for it (or he refused to share his secret).

- Bernie properly leaves when you give him the spear.

- Fixed PA quest endless loop with Esdras.

- Fixed rare issue of black screen when loading a savegame.

- Fixed issue with TG ganezzar questline not starting if you went with Levir to the catacombs.

- Fixed issue with HD armor reward in Teron.

- Fixed narrative issues with Antidas on New Teron versions.

- Several level fixes to Teron levels.

- Fixed bug with Feng not appearing in Terom MG when he should be, plus bad teleporting when talking with him.

- Fixed bug with Aemolas appearing in Terom MG when he shouldn't be.

- Fixed issues with map screen and repeating intro in Al-Akia when sent by HD to blow up the place.

- Fixed issue with IG7 triggering when you exit Al-Akia in other questlines.

- When talking with Soldiers in the Hangar, House Aurelian being destroyed is recognized.

- You can no longer take the inferiae portal if Maadoran was destroyed.

- Fixed Specter phrases.

- Fixed ending issues for when Meru dies in Al-Akia.


- The alchemist at Teron's Inn now sells you some alchemy ingredients (free ingredients removed).

- You can open hellgate's entrance door with the key.

- Changed text on Maadoran gate, opens the world map.

- Teron Bandit Camp quest now grants 10 SP (was 5 SP).

- Convincing Carrinas to go to the inn in HD2 grants 2 civil SP.

- Dellar doesn't take the mining outpost power tube from you.

- Teron Doctor name changed to Medicus.

- Power Armor Gauntlet weight set to 0 (It's part of the armor).

- Characters created with block higher or equal to dodge get a buckler on character creation.

- Regeneration works outside of combat.

Combat Balance:

- Reduced Power Armor shield to 6 DR, increased vsCS and vsRanged to 35.

- Anubis PA mode now grants HP regeration, 1 point per level. RA mode gives +2 STR, +2DEX, +2HP Regen.

- Pickaxe and shovel can now attack diagonally.

- Healing balms stop bleeding if used in combat (but doesn't restore HP).

- Rebalanced fights with the assassin and the merceneary at the vignette. Combat changes since their original placement made them harder than intended.

- Entangle duration increased by 1.

- Throwing weapons had wrong damage values, they were higher than they should have been for the AP cost. Plus also wrong passive effects values.

- Balanced crossbow damage, min damage higher, max damage lower, in general.

- Hammer knockdown effect activates on hit, damage reduced, costs less AP.

Well, that's about it. More content, improvements and fixes coming next month. As always, your support and feedback are highly appreciated.

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Vault Dweller Shiva

vida restante: 100%

No, todo en inglés. Aunque parece que hay intención, hace tiempo uno de los desarrolladores se pasó por clandlan para decir lo de una traducción, aunque desapareció y ahí quedó la cosa.

"Meaning and death is what you seek... Two separate things they are for a normal man. But for you... one and the same."


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Gabe Newell Belias

vida restante: 100%

Actualización de Agosto y se confirma la siguiente gran actualización para el 10 de septiembre (posible fecha de lanzamiento oficial del juego)




Next update coming on Sep 10

We're working on the temple (the final location) and the combat AI update, which will allow your enemies to use a wider range of attacks and respond more appropriately. It was a big chunk of work that took months and was completed only a few days ago. I must admit that I had reservations about including it in the upcoming update (last thing we need is breaking pretty much everything related to combat less than 2 months before the release), but it seems to be working quite well, so in it goes.

However, there are some issues (naturally) that were still working on. Two weeks should be enough, so well push the next update from the end of the month to Sep 10. The temple will also benefit from extra love and attention.

The dialogues and text are done, all that's left to do on the writing side are the endings. We have 12 endings requiring unique text (13 with the already released god ending), although if you break it down to fundamentally different decisions there are 5 main endings. Hope you'll find them to your liking.

I won't be around next week, so if you have any questions, ask them now.





2nd Aug update - more tweaks and fixes

We fixed a lot of issues and now we're working on the final location. So far it's on schedule to be released at the end of the month. 


- You can report back to Antidas once Meru's dead. 

- Expanded endings for HA and HD in Ganezzar. 

- Improved intro slides for Teron MG and IG versions. 

- Improved the art for all slides. 

- Improved the interior lighting of several buildings in Maadoran. 

- Improved performance in Maadoran, especially near district borders. 

- New ending for MDN TG if you killed Levir. 

- 2H Spears get a "push" attack, similar to shield bash. 

- Defense rating hints should be a bit more clear now. 

- Improved the look of blue steel armors. 

- Updated and improved inventory side panel info. 

- Added post-Ganezzar dialogues to several characters. 

- Improved map visuals a bit. 

- Improved lighting in Caer-Tor HQ. 

- Removed loading times when you take Aziz to the bandits camp. 

- Added achievements for destroying Al-Akia and performing the ritual on yourself. 


- Fixed Gaelius/Serenas mentions in the endings. 

- Fixed HD allies with HA ending. 

- Fixed missing achievements in Ganezzar endings. 

- Fixed issue with int+crafting check in Teron's palace display room. 

- Fixed issue with Azra's door repeating the Inferiae events. 

- When you return to Inferiae after escaping you get a custom scene. 

- Fixed several issues in Inferiae regarding night time and repeating events. 

- Fixed issue with IG questline if you destroyed Maadoran before going to the pass. 

- You can no longer roam Maadoran if HA is destroyed when you take Inferiae's portal. 

- Fixed issue with TG ending in Maadoran if you failed killing Gaelius. 

- Fixed issue with ending slide after you fight HA praetor investigating Senna's murder. 

- Fixed crash caused by walking near the fort in IG Teron under certain conditions. 

- Fixed a quest loop caused by loading a save after TG5 fight. 

- Fixed blocking inside Maadoran thieves guild. 

- Fixed issue with being able to continue TG6 after betraying Levir to Gaelius. 

- You now get the gate, the thieves & the assassins' guild on the city map if you enter Ganezzar from the thieves tunnels. 

- Iola is waiting at the inn, will take you for the machine ride if you have the money. 

- Fixed questlines issue that can happen if you finish any guild questline in Maadoran and blow the abyss before going to Ganezzar. 

- Fixed issue with black sky if you load a savegame on the top floor of the zamedi tower. 

- Fixed issue with Centurion outside palace if you killed Gaelius in TG6 and you never met it. 

- CS kills in AG6 properly grant training and bodycount. 

- Fixed impersonate check in the PA warehouse. 

- Fixed issue with GNZ AG questline not starting if you killed Darista for Lorenza. 

- Fixed issue with Faelan not taking control of enemy soldiers in Al-Akia. 

- Meru should no longer greet you when you bring the airship if he's not around anymore. 

- Fixed issue with looks of the meteor legionary armor. 

- Fixed dialogue lock-up if you died trying to escape MDN AG building as a traitor. 

- CS rating now correctly adds weapon cs modifiers. 

- Fixed issue in which you could attack Al-Akia with HD after the ritual. 

- You can't take your men to Ganezzar as IG after the siege event is finished. 

- Fixed issue with Glabrio not recognizing that Levir is dead. 

- Fixed issue in which Al-Akia wasn't correctly added to the map. 

- Fixed issue with quest lock if you went to Ganezzar after bringing the Ordu as a HA praetor. 

- Fixed issue in which there was no leader in Ganezzar if the IG joined HA when the player is an HA praetor. 

- You are no longer part of the MG if you fix the smelter and join HA after the Teron MG quest was completed. 

- Fixed issue with leaving Maadoran without reporting chat with Serenas to Strabos in MG6.  - Creatures attacks and some other attacks now ignore armor in CS, as intended. 

- Fixed issues with the mdn palace centurion after TG6. 

- Fixed wrong slide with Belgutai if he stayed in the pass. 

- Fixed wrong slide with Miltiades if you left him to his fate in Varrus' mansion. 

- Fixed issue with Aziz at bandit camp scene repeating if you went directly after talking with Dellar and Cado. 

- Fixed bug with guard fight in Teron Palace Text Adventure. 

- Fixed repeating dialogue with teron gate guards in the MG test. 

- Fixed issue with weapons doing less ADC to armors of the same metal. 

- Fixed issue in which you could hack Zamedi teleporter before intended. 

- Hanger Engineers leave as expected in all situations. 

- Fixed issue with Hangar soldiers not allowing you back in if you convinced them to allow you. 

- Fixed issue with failing lore check as disguised or loremaster in the mining outpost and then using the machines when the guards are dead. 

- Fixed issue with using the tube in the Maadoran tower and then using the portal at inferiae. 

- Fixed issue with Esbenus not being considered dead when killed by Aziz under certain circumstances. 


- Changed option on what to do with Erastus. Killing him nets you with extra gold and items at the cost of IG reputation. 

- Added intro slide to Inferiae, and you are no longer thrown in dialogue when you arrive. 

- Added a luck based way to leave Inferiae tower. 

- Escaping Inferiae no longer takes you to Maadoran, but to a road in the desert. You can chose where to go from there. 

- In the HA pass fight, you now start closer to the gates, and it's made more clear that you can escape the battle. 

- Awarded SP if you survived the pass battle, plus fixed issue with post battle text not appearing. 

- Added rank for kneeling to Balzaar, becoming his acolyte. 

- Changed check in TG6 when killing Gaelius on your own, checks for dex + CS (instead of just CS). 

- Removed travelling restrictions on Zamedi. 

- You are no longer forced to travel to Zamedi or Ganezzar if you go with Levir to the catacombs. 

- Increased the difficulty of convincing Antidas to kill Carrinas without any proof. 

- Removed Feng and Blacksmith exploration post-Teron. They were never intended to be there. 

- Removed option to fight Bassar in Gem quest if you are TG. 

- Changed flow of post-TG6 events. 

- Maadoran and Ganezzar blacksmiths sell new leather and metal materials. 

Combat Balance: 

- Cleave increases armor damage chance by 25. 

- Regeneration potion now gives 3 points in HP regen. 

- Increased spear interrupt THC by 5, reduced CS chance by 5. 

- Stats modify attack/defense in a 0/30 range, instead of -10/20. Constitution has 0/12 range defense bonus. 

- Tweaks to stone guardian attacks. Double attack does fast damage, more THC, less CS and ADM. 4 arms at same time does power damage, less THC, more CS and ADM. 

- Tweaks to scorpion attacks. Tail attack does fast damage, more THC, less CS and ADC. Claw does power damage, less THC, more CS and ADC. 

- Aimed attacks to head, artery, arms and legs have reduced ADC. 

- Torso attacks critical effect damage armor by 2. 

- Tweaked CS and ADC chances for fast and power attacks (15, before 10). 

- Hardened armor is now 10-30, from 10-50. 

- Increased auxiliary armor vsCS to 30 from 20. 

- Increased stats of the mangudai ordu armor. 

- Increased DR of Zagross Armguard. 

- Metal adds 25 hardness to both weapons and armors. 

- Tweaked the equipment of several NPCs (better equipment in most cases). 

- Tweaked leather armors. There is now a new, higher quality leather that works as an upgrade. Now armors are divided between these two versions, 6 base and 4 upgrades (for now). Upgraded has more DR, but a bit higher penalties, so the original ones can still be relevant. 

- Tweaks to acid and bolas THC formulas (Work in Progress). 

Not bad for less than two weeks of work.

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vida restante: 100%

Hostias, siempre quise este juego. ¿Es recomendable?


RIP Diablo 1996-2016
-CPU: Intel i5 6600K @ 4,4GHz - GPU: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4GB (Pacotadas Edition cortesía de Linotype) - MB: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming - RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16Gb (8Gbx2) - PSU: Corsair RM750X - Case: NZXT. H440 Black Green - Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - Sonido: Asus Xonar DX + Takstar Pro80 + Takstar PCM-1200

Just a Robot with Human Hair.


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Gabe Newell Belias

vida restante: 100%

Muy recomendable, eso sí es muy profundo y complejo jugablemente.


Hay una demo de una build bastante vieja de hace más de 4-5 años en dónde uno puede tranquilamente probar las mecánicas de combate y ver los dialogos junto con las tomas de decisiones etc .está muy muy bien. La demo la podés encontrar como descarga directa en la misma página de la desarrolladora o en la página oficial del EA en Steam

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Cazzeris Elder

vida restante: 100%

Acaba de salir la primera actualización de septiembre. Como ya se sabía, han incumplido el plan de lanzar un parche cada dos semanas porque vieron que si estiraban un poco más las fechas podrían incluir la gran revisión para la inteligencia artificial de los encuentros violentos hoy mismo; dotando esta ocasión de una importancia especial. Meses de programación dan por fin sus frutos en forma de nuevos ataques para los personajes no jugables, los cuales ya podrán estar a la altura del jugador y su amplio abanico táctico (sépase que la ingestión de pociones de velocidad y fuerza, lanzamiento de botes de ácido, acceso a golpes avanzados y el abandono de la clásica estrategia cuerpo a cuerpo para intentar acertar a blancos lejanos utilizando arcos y ballestas en momentos oportunos son algunas de las opciones que antes se encontraban fuera de su alcance, permaneciendo exclusivas para el protagonista).


Entre otros acontecimientos relevantes, se anuncia que el desarrollo se dará por finalizado el 14 de octubre de 2015; haciendo accesible la adquisición de The Age of Decadence en su forma definitiva vía Steam, GOG, Gamersgate o directamente desde Iron Tower. Este día coincide con un miércoles, contratiempo que desvirtúa al famoso chiste que se burlaba del dudoso estado de vaporware que caracterizó al juego durante muchos años, el cual solo confirmaba la fecha de salida como "jueves" (véase el "Incline Trailer" en el mensaje inicial). Esperemos que esta desconsideración hacia la comunidad no se tenga demasiado en cuenta.


Aunque no debemos olvidar que la estrella de esta actualización no es otra que la adición de la última localización del juego junto con la categoría de finales más importante, siendo esta la que trae consigo el desenlace de la trama principal de The Age of Decadence. Vince y su equipo puede congratularse, pues a partir de aquí todas las prioridades caen sobre un peldaño inferior por primera vez en la historia de este largo y estresante desarrollo.


Y supongo que ahora más de uno sentirá curiosidad acerca del trabajo restante, ¿estoy en lo cierto? En caso afirmativo sabed que este es el resumen de la respuesta de Iron Tower a esta pregunta:


- Restan los últimos toques en la elaboración del tema musical para la 3ª ciudad (la cual antes compartía su exótica atmósfera sonora con la segunda)

- Queda la inclusión de los detalles más específicos de la "escena" final, siendo estos obviamente relativos a las acciones del jugador en su particular aventura.

- Falta la expansión de los diálogos en su forma más secundaria, dedicada a añadir un poco más de vida al mundo y sus habitantes.

- Aún es imperioso implementar las descripciones de muerte únicas enlazadas a muchos funestos encuentros.


Yo contrastaría estas declaraciones con información anterior que enfoca esta fase de pulido hacia labores más gráficas y técnicas, como la revisión de todos los detalles visuales del juego en pos de asegurar un acabado actualizado que no deje texturas dispares o modelados mal ubicados, la adición de animaciones y efectos sonoros extra en interacciones y exploración así como la clásica exterminación de errores de programación y coherencia en la experiencia jugable. Más que nada porque Vince ha mencionado únicamente las tareas que le ocupan aún como director del proyecto, escritor y líder creativo; aparte de estar buscando él el interés de la comunidad en vez de aburrirla con detalles técnicos y procesos que rara vez pueden creerse finalizados (o que simplemente ya no se consideran prioridad sin que yo me haya enterado).


Sobra decir que aquellos interesados y desinformados que todavía no ven la dolorosa obviedad de las circunstancias están de suerte, pues la ilustrativa demo gratuita de 2012 ha sido actualizada recientemente para acoger algunos cambios en las primeras áreas que permitirán un acercamiento a los primeros pasos de la experiencia completa aún mayor. Ya no debería quedar ninguna duda o tensión pre-compra, aunque yo seguiré recomendando una adquisición inmediata que se quite de en medio cualquier contratiempo que amedrente a los consumidores, ya que el estudio de Iron Tower necesita y merece todas las ventas del mundo para garantizarse ese futuro tan prometedor de proyectos hilados con pasión, innovación, creatividad y bellas motivaciones.


Y si aún hay alguien con dudas, puede experimentar toda la información de primera mano leyendo los detalles de esta actualización que he ocultado bajo la señal de "Destripe" inferior y siguiendo estos enlaces:






- Temple and endings added.

- Added alchemy harvesting in Maadoran, Teron bandit camp, Darius tomb, Ganezzar, Saross.

- Improved AI, uses aimed and alternate attacks, throws bolas, liquid fire and acid, uses balms, antidotes, neurostymulant and berserk potions.

- Tweaked Maadoran Main Gate encounter, plus expanded it with an extra situation.

- You can now explore the pass during the HA quest there.

- Improved several hit and dodge animations.

- Heavily improved flow, visuals and design of TG3.




- Fixed issue with Inferiae portal regarding the big power tube.

- Fixed issue with travel block in Inferiae staying after you left Azra's house.

- Fixed Qantari axe damage.

- Fixed issue with textureless phrygian armor.

- Fixed issue with intimidating Cassius as a Daratan praetor.

- Fixed several minor camera issues.

- Fixed issues with HD Ganezzar endings.

- Fixed issue with Maadoran ending setting Antidas as dead, incorrectly.

- Fixed issue with killing Erastus in IG3 cart fight.

- Fixed issue with sneaking out of Inferiae and returning to the tower.

- Fixed several instances of the game changing your weapons.

- Fixed issue with stone guardian dead animation, looks MUCH better now.

- Fixed issue with bolter projectile.

- Fixed obsolete increase skill scripts.

- Impale critical bypasses DR as it should.

- Fixed attack descriptions.

- Fix for bad SSAO placement in dialogue screen.




- 4AP weapons can fit into the belt bag (except for hasta).

- Hellgate lasers reduce max HP by 2.

- You are sent back to Teron when HA is destroyed in the HD questline.

- You can now continue HA quest after failing to bring the Ordu.

- Tweaked fight with guards in TG6 tavern.

- Tweaked checks in TG6, disguise no longer mandatory.

- Added Daratan Reputation check in conversation with Flavius in TG3.

- Added sneak + CS check against crossbowman in the gate in TG3.

- Added sneak + CS check against lone merc outside the gate in TG3.

- Added perception option to find the passage if you killed Iolus.


Combat Balance:


- Masterwork weapon technique now 4-20, from 5-25.

- Chopper damage increased by 1, chance to damage armor increased by 30.

- Qantari weapon damage increased by 1.

- Base armor damage from weapon type (AP cost) doubled. Now 5-50, before 0-30.

- Hardened technique now 12-20 for weapons and armors, from 10-50 (weapons) 10-30 (armors).

- Metals increase hardness by 10.

- Range penalty is now 3 THC per tile, less than 3 tiles gets no penalty.

- Armor Damage Chance (ADC) for arm and legs attacks reduced by 50 (from 20).

- Flurry ADC is -25.

- Tweaks to initiative. Highest Dexterity goes first, if equal, highest Perception, if equal, highest weapon skill.

- Swing has 10 THC penalty, -10 to ADC, throws oppenents two tiles away if critical.

- Cleave has 15 THC penalty.

- Whirlwind has 20 penalty to ADC.



First and foremost, as of this moment the game is feature- and story-complete and is fully playable from start to finish, i.e. from 8 vignettes to 13 endings. What started more than 10 years ago as a dream has finally became a distinctive role-playing game, which will be released on Steam, GoG, and Gamers Gate on October 14, 2015.


During the next 5 weeks well work on the balance, visuals, flavor text, and bug-fixing. As always, your feedback is important and will be taken into consideration, so try the update and let us know what you think.


If youre just curious about the game but unsure if its for you, try the demo. Its been recently updated and gives you access to the first chapter and over 30 quests split between different factions.


As for the update:


- The final location (an ancient ziggurat a resting place of one of the Gods who fought alongside men in the Great War but vanished after the collapse of the Empire)

- 13 different endings, dictated by players choices, deeds, the items theyve obtained, and even what they have witnessed during the game.

- Improved combat AI: until now the enemies used 3-4 different attacks based on their to-hit-chance and your armor; the new and improved combat AI includes all attacks, use of alchemy, and quick switching from melee to ranged when needed.


Whats left to do:


- Music for Ganezzar (almost done, should be added in the next update)

- Faction, character, and personal endings (where you end up after the events of the game if you stick with a faction; maybe youll end up on top, maybe youll be sent to keep Centurion Bass company)

- Expanded dialogues (flavor only) and personal stories

- More death descriptions




^ Ganezzar in full bloom







Un saludo y a seguir disfrutando de los videojuegos de rol.

Entre vuestra merced en este castillo estrecho y mal acomodado, pero donde siempre habrá lugar para las armas y las letras

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Gabe Newell Belias

vida restante: 100%

Muchas gracias Cazzeris por esta actualización!


Muero de ganas por probar todo esto que han implementado hoy y por escucharme la OST completa de todas las localizaciones que nos depara.



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Cazzeris Elder

vida restante: 100%

Actualización del 17 de septiembre:






Now that all locations are in, we'll update the build on a weekly basis. So this week's update brings you: 

(Ahora que ya hemos implementado todas las áreas, lanzaremos nuevas actualizaciones semanalmente. Así que esta semana tenemos:)


Improvements (Mejoras):


Added a new lighting setting with improved shadows. Set it to "highest" in the options. 

Added a new path for Miltiades in Ganezzar when Pancratius is involved. 

Added a long-requested fight when escaping the palace in AG6 after killing Gaelius. 

Added new music tracks (wip) 

Replaced shield models (wip) 

Unlocked the mountain pass for the merchants (when Caer-Tor is added to the map 

AI: NPCs move closer to their enemies even if they can't reach them instead of waiting for the path to clear 

AI: NPCs use different ammo based on the enemies' DR


Fixes (Arreglos): 


Fixed Basil's tavern doorframe size. 

Fixed Arterial Strike's bleeding damage (was inverted with turns). 

Fixed issue with Faelan still in Al-Akia when you return after the ritual events. 

Fixed issue with not being able to continue TG3 if you failed convincing Flavius. 

Maadoran Slums' map marker now works properly. 

Fixed issue with the mercs not showing up at the gate in TG3. 

Fixed issue when talking with Lucius after the fight with the mercs in TG3. 

Fixed issues with Feng's house in 'new' Teron. 

Fixed passability issues in the monastery. 

Fixed issues with the endings. 

Fixed initiative issues in Kemnebi and Belgutai fights. 

Fixed harvesting issue in Maadoran. 

Fixed issue with Aemolas' well. 

Added several missing combat SP. 

Fixed issue with TG questline ending the game if you fought at the thieves tunnels. 

Fixed issue with gate merchant mercenary event in MDN. 

Fixed issue with Senna not admitting the player in the HA questline. 

Fixed issues with bolas effects. 

Miltiades is no longer in Maadoran if he went to Ganezzar. 

You can no longer enter Caer-Tor if the Ordu attacked the IG at Ganezzar. 

Fixed issue with double XP from Strabos when you leave Maadoran. 

You can now leave the tunnels in IG9 if you fought Glabrio. 

Fixed issue with AP ammo ignoring 10 points of vsRanged. 

Fixed issue with Ganezzar trader not giving blue steel. 

Fixed issue with Linos in MG9. 

Fixed several journal issues in the MG questline. 

Maseus is no longer in Maadoran if he went to Ganezzar. 

Fixed wrong Gaelius references when he's dead. 

Fixed issue with being able to pay Valla several times for the armor. 

Fixed issue with leftover items when trading the power armor to Valla. 

Fixed issue with journal for PA quest. 

Fixed issue in MG1 that would consider the quest failed if you failed convincing Mercato once. 

Fixed issue with MG3 gold stolen path. 

Fixed issue with AI not switching to melee if cornered. 

Power armor can't be dented. 

Wooden sticks no longer dent armor.


Changes (Cambios): 


Kleitos has more arrows. 

Tweaked Agathoth stats, DR and vsCS. 

Tweaked stone guardians. 

Location SP is not affected by intelligence (consistent with combat and civil). 

Abyss lore check now 8. 

Healing machine lore check now 8. 

Reduced SP from combat, but added training to all combat skills every 10 combat SP. 

Increased healer's cost. 

Tweaks to House Crassus' reputations from talks. 

Tweaked the damaged construct's stats. 

Increased the effect of charisma on reputation. 

Removed killing by stat damage, can go down to 1 point. 

Improved flow of MG3 ambush situation. 

Tweaked some checks in the MG Teron questline.


Combat Balance (Ajustes en equilibrio del combate): 


AP arrows now do 0.7 of both min and max damages (before it was 0.8 of just max damage). 

Barbed arrows now do 1.2 of both min and max damages (before it was 1.3 of just max damage). 

Tweaked several fights. 

Added "push" move to 2h crossbows and bows. 

Added feint move to throwing weapons and 1h crossbows.


Until next week.

(Hasta la próxima semana)




Y un par de comentarios (traducidos) relevantes de Vince, esta vez sobre los planes post-lanzamiento:




So far we've allocated 3 months for post-release support, which means at least 3 updates. During these 3 months we'll work on extra content because why not? Let's call it minor content: extra dialogues, extra quest solutions, minor quests.


If the game sells well enough to extend that time by another 3 months (i.e. we aren't forced to drop everything and start working on the dungeon crawler just to stay in business), then we'll add 'major' content: extra quests and sub-locations. This isn't cut content but ideas that occured to us during development but weren't part of the original design.



Hasta ahora hemos calculado tres meses de atención post-lanzamiento, lo cual suponen unas tres actualizaciones. Durante estos tres meses trabajaremos en contenido extra porque..., ¿por qué no? Considerémoslo contenido "menor": diálogos extra, resoluciones de misión extra, nuevas misiones pequeñas...


Si el juego vende lo suficiente como para extender ese período por otros tres meses (esto es, que no nos veamos forzados a dejarlo todo y empezar a trabajar en el arrasa-mazmorras para poder continuar en el negocio), entonces añadiremos contenido "mayor": misiones extra y sublocalizaciones*. Esto no equivale a contenido cortado, sino a ideas que se nos ocurrieron en medio del desarrollo que no formaban parte del diseño original.


*En The Age of Decadence hay dos tipos de áreas: ciudades y sublocalizaciones. Las ciudades son básicamente ejes de misiones en las que se basan las líneas de misiones principales, se contienen la mayoría de tiendas, negocios y personajes no jugables y tienen lugar numerosos sucesos que rigen el progreso narrativo de tu aventura. Las llamadas sublocalizaciones equivalen a áreas "satélite" para las ciudades, de modo que se abren para ti a partir de acontecimientos en las ciudades y suelen servir para dar lugar a la resolución de pequeños objetivos nuevos u otras misiones más importantes que se hallan contenidas en antes mencionadas líneas de misiones principales.



"Since the final release date is now known, doesn't it have an impact on the latest pre-orders you can receive?Did you observe any form of increased number of the sales?RPGWatch, Codex and some others sites have published this great news, so I guess it can positively affect the sales stats.Or perhaps is it too early to let the stats talking about themselves?"


Our Steam sales went from 3-5 copies a day to 8-12 copies a day in the last 7 days. We sold 2 copies via BMT in the last 2 weeks (a copy a week, woohoo!).



(Respondiendo a un forero que pregunta si han aumentado las ventas ahora que el estado de vaporware del juego ha disminuido con la confirmación de una fecha de lanzamiento):


Nuestras ventas en Steam pasaron de suponer 3-5 a 8-12 copias diarias en los últimos 7 días. Vendimos dos copias a través de BMT (la plataforma libre de DRM desde la que reciben más porcentaje de beneficios) en las últimas 2 semanas (esto es, una copia por semana, ¡viva!).



"Well, no one can beat your optimism: I don't think we can do better, but we can do a lot worse. -Vince D Weller, Lead Developer Age of Decadence salute.gif"


Optimism should be based on something. Even blind faith requires a foundation, no matter how week. I had a lot more optimism and faith when we started. I hoped that we'd sell a few thousand copies in the first month when we released the full demo. It took us a year to sell a thousand copies. I hoped that we'd sell a few thousand copies in the first week when we launched on Steam since that's what most indie games were selling. We sold 282 copies in the first week. Etc. 


So literally everything I've seen so far sent the same message - it won't be easy, don't expect for the game to sell well because it won't. I think that Dead State did very well, compared to many recently released indies. Going by Steamspy's numbers which seems to be accurate (we sold 15,000 copies to-date):


Dead State - 58,788 ± 5,860

Serpent in the Stagland - 4,134 ± 1,554

Lords of Xulima - 35,671 ± 4,565

Legends of Eisenwald - 39,345 ± 4,794

Halfway -  25,567 ± 3,864


Other Early Access' titles:

Underrail - 22,658 ± 3,638

Sui Generis's combat game -  21,586 ± 3,551


We need to sell 30,000 copies in the first year (on top of what we already sold) to consider the game successful and secure our future, so roughly we need to sell 45k, i.e. 2/3 of what Dead State sold but more than many other indie RPGs sold. You don't need a crystal ball to know that it won't be easy and that it's far more likely that we'll fall short. Thus for me the only question is how short? 


Dead State had more coverage, Brian Mitsoda has a strong following, and people do like zombie games a lot more than they like 'urban intrigue simulator' fantasy. We tried to get more coverage but what you see today is the absolute best we can do at the moment. 


I'm not complaining. I know that AoD is a hard sell, both for the media and the gamers. I know that it won't be easy when we started, I just didn't know how hard it would be. It is what it is and honestly I'm ok with it. I'm not dreaming to triple DS sales and wake up swimming in money. I'm dreaming about selling enough to stay in business and make more games. I have 3 settings (other than AoD) that I want to explore and play with and then I can die in peace.


PS. The moral of this story is that it's best to expect the worse and be ready for it than hope for the best and be crashed by disappointments. 



(Respondiendo a un forero que encuentra divertido cómo Vince, continuando con su clásico realismo, piensa que no pueden vender más que Dead State pero sí mucho menos que sus expectativas de alcanzar sus ventas en un 66%. Esta afirmación la condensa cómicamente como: "No creo que podamos hacerlo mejor, pero sí muchísimo peor").


El optimismo debería basarse en algo. Incluso una fe ciega requiere una fundación, por débil que sea. Yo mismo tenía mucho más optimismo y fe cuando empezamos. Esperaba que vendiésemos algunos mies de copias en el primer mes cuando lanzamos la demo completa; y nos costó más de un año alcanzar el primer millar. Esperaba que vendiésemos algunos miles de copias en la primera semana cuando lanzamos el juego en Steam ya que era lo que la mayoría de desarrollos independientes estaban consiguiento; y alcanzamos 282 en la primera semana.


Así que literalmente todo lo aprendido hasta ahora envía el mismo mensaje: "no será fácil, no esperes que el juego venda bien porque no lo hará". Creo que Dead State vendió muy bien, comparado con muchos "indies" lanzados recientemente. A juzgar por los números de Steamspy*, los cuales parecen ser bastante fiables (efectivamente hemos vendido 15000 copias hasta ahora tal y como indica):


Dead State - 58,788 ± 5,860

Serpent in the Stagland - 4,134 ± 1,554

Lords of Xulima - 35,671 ± 4,565

Legends of Eisenwald - 39,345 ± 4,794

Halfway -  25,567 ± 3,864


Otros juegos en Acceso Anticipado:

Underrail - 22,658 ± 3,638

Prueba de combate para Sui Generis -  21,586 ± 3,551


Necesitamos vender 30000 copias en el primer año tras el lanzamiento (sumadas a las que ya hemos obtenido) para considerar el juego un éxito y asegurar nuestro futuro, así que a grandes rasgos tenemos que vender 45000 copias (esto son, dos tercios de lo que vendió Dead State pero más de lo que vendieron muchos otros JDR independientes). No necesitas una bola de cristal para saber que no será fácil y que es mucho más probable que nos quedemos cortos. De manera que la pregunta para mí es: ¿cómo de cortos?


Dead State tuvo mucha más atención de la prensa, Brian Mitsoda posee un gran seguimiento, y a la gente le gustan los videojuegos de zombies mucho más que la fantasía de "simulación de intrigas urbanas". Hemos intentado recibir más atención pero lo que ves hoy es absolutamente lo más que podemos hacer por el momento.


No me quejo. Sé que AoD es un juego difícil de vender, tanto a la prensa como a los jugadores. Sé que no sería fácil cuando empezamos, es solo que no sabía lo difícil que sería. Es lo que es, y honestamente me siento conform con ello. No sueño con triplicar las ventas de Dead State y despertarme nadando en dinero. Yo sueño con vender lo suficiente como para mantenerme en el negocio y crear más juegos. Tengo en mente tres ambientaciones (aparte de Age of Decadence) que quiero explorar y disfrutar para poder morir en paz


PD: La moraleja de esta historia es que es mejor esperar lo peor y estar listo para ello que soñar con lo mejor y estrellarse contra la decepción.


*Steamspy es una página web que realiza un registro aproximado de las ventas de todos los videojuegos disponibles en la tienda de Steam. En este momento estima los números de The Age of Decadence en 14,880 ± 2,966


Resumen: Vince quiere 30000 ventas más para asegurar el futuro del estudio durante los años que necesitan para lanzar otro proyecto de la magnitud de The Age of Decadence. No cuenta con ello, pero espera que el arrasa-mazmorras ambientado en el universo AoD que planea le ayude un poco.

Entre vuestra merced en este castillo estrecho y mal acomodado, pero donde siempre habrá lugar para las armas y las letras

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Cazzeris Elder

vida restante: 100%

@Gabe Newell, cambia el título por favor. Añade que el juego ya está disponible en BMT, Steam, GOG y Gamersgate. De paso quita lo de "hardcore", "aka DIOS" y "Roma decadente", pues nada de eso es cierto.


PD: Enlace al comentario de Vince (acerca del lanzamiento, naturalmente).

Entre vuestra merced en este castillo estrecho y mal acomodado, pero donde siempre habrá lugar para las armas y las letras

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