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DCS World. Su-25T gratis [2014: +TF-51D Mustang gratis]

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

Mig-21Bis Update #8




DCS MiG-21Bis NewsFlash - Issue No.8


External Model


Rudel still working on the exterior model UVW and texturing. Now he placing thousands of rivets for the full '21 experiance. More pics and info can be found here: http://forums.eagle.....59&postcount=1




Razbam-Cobra is finished the new cockpit, now he's working on to port/test it into the game and very soon he will create a video how it looks like in the game.




At coding side Dolphin and Roland working on the radio as the last system to be implemented. With this last system finishing our code migration so moving to c++ allowed us greater control over implementation, and as a result our already complex base received a general overhaul. After Radio is finalized we will start final bugfixing and test than we reach internal beta.


AFM + Coding


Not significant changes on the roadmap. Later on we should post the possible schedule of our project remaining actions.




Diveplane working on the MiG-21 sound creation. Here it is an early wip progress video of the engine samples completed and mixed beautifully ingame, authentic Tumansky R-25-300:


Afternoon pilots! Big update today; for me at least.


Between Newsflash 7 and 8 a lot has changed on the model with regards to accuracy and how the damage model works within ED's engine.


The entire time spent creating the three 3D meshes for just bullet damage, has been scrapped. Although time wasted, the best part is knocking of nearly 80,000 polys to free up space for more detail in other areas.


Imagen Enviada


As such, UV & texturing has begun. While I was laying down panel lines a lot of areas were not matching up. I took the opportunity to reshape the landing gear doors. A small glitch came about using the bomb-racks. They interfered with the gear doors. The team came up with a solution to use custom arguments to set slotted or non-slotted gear doors based on the payload you choose. Proper holes and framing were added as well.


The landing lights are now in the correct locations and resized. Detailed hinges were added along with a new light holder shape based on real photos.


Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada


The external model's HUD has also been cleaned up.


Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada


And now what most of you have probably waiting for! Do keep in mind, these are still very much WIP with no Normal or Spec mappings. The best part once it's finished, is that I just practically copy it to the right wing and change the weathering.


Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%



Ok guys, Ron Zambrano here, head of RAZBAM:

1st of all, all announcements regarding new projects, cancellations or things in the same nature, if you didn´t read it coming from me, it´s a rumor, or a missunderstood statement.


2nd, the A-7 is not on "ice", or on hold, it is on the development list. we can´t discuss development priorities without breaching our NDA agreement. There are some development issues that prevents projects like the A-7 to be properly created for DCS. But the aircraft will be developed period.


Harriers are on schedule, but be advised, that we changed from the Av-8B PLUS to the GR7/GR9 model as our initial Harrier release, we might squeeze in the AV-8B Night Attack version, BUT, we are getting our sea legs with trainers and doing incremental releases avionics wise.


So far, what we got on track and moving are the T-2 Buckeye (USN C version, and D & E export versions) with AFM, since there is no reason for a T-2 without realistic flight model since Every jet-qualified Naval Aviator and virtually every Naval Flight Officer from the late 1950s until 2004 received training in the T-2 Buckeye, a length of service spanning four decades, that means, Hornet pilots and it´s the perfect tool prior to DCS (ED´s) F/A-18 Hornet.

The next project will be the M2000C developed by Tim Taylor´s Metal2Mesh company and marketed and coded for DCS by RAZBAM, probably, by the same time, you´ll see the Texan II in both versions and then you´ll see a Harrier Package IF (big IF here) things change, we´ll post changes here, meaning that the F-15E could be moved forward, or the A-7 or any of our other DCS projects under the shades

Thanks for your time

Best regards


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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

DCS: W 1.2.6 Update 2



We have released an update 2 to DCS version Please use the auto updater and Module Manager as primary tool for updates and module installation.



DCS Update 2 Change Log


DCS World

Fixed a crash caused by AI in certain conditions.

Fixed crash caused by fullscreen mode failing to initialize when using multimonitor presets (fall back to windowed mode in case of fail).

Multiplayer. Fixed client crash caused by AWACS being killed.

Kh-22 missile 3D model corrected.

Su-25T. Laser Rangefinder doesn't turned OFF when Route mode selected is fixed.



DCS: A-10C Warthog

Fixed crash caused by Mission Prepare.


Flaming Cliffs 3

F-15C. Extra chaff loading has been corrected.

F-15C. Fixed Navigation Mode not updating after aerial refueling.

Fixed Kuznetsov aircraft carrier ATC not providing permission to take off.

Corrected position of smoke outlet of smoke generators.

Su-27. Sorbcya ECM pod 3D model - Fixed navigation light position.

Su-27. 3D model - Fixed canopy texture issue.

Su-27. Adjusted landing gear light cone.

Su-27. Fixed bug with tail numbering for Su-27 "Air Force Standard" scheme.

Su-27. Corrected landing gear animation.



DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight BETA

Corrected upper blister sections of the cockpit 3D model.

Updated animation of radio channel selectors.

Added animations for the RI-65 voice warning system control panel.

Added thumb button to the rotor brake lever.

Added wheel brake lever to the cyclic control handle.

Adjusted wheel brake sound.

Added bomb release command (B) to the default input profile.

Fuel shut off valves defaulted to off during cold start.

Corrected armament keys for joystick.

Corrected altimeter pressure limits.

Fixed audio volume adjustment when opening/closing blisters.

Removed audio volume adjustment when opening/closing fuselage door.

Fixed camera position issue caused by multiple presses of the Flight Engineer position command.

6 DOF now works correctly when switching to the right pilot position.

Corrected operation of dust protection device heating, engine heating.

Added rudder trimmer option.

Circuit breakers. Common turning-off functionality for auto-stop.



Fixed sticking commands in the left pilot position.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

RAZBAM T-2 Update



Another quick update for you guys.


Engine Model - Looking really good and happy with it so far but definitely needs a more detailed evaluation. I've got engine startup and shutdown logic implemented and also pretty satisfied with how it looks so far. The engine model probably has more complexity in the modeling than the aero model. Simple fuel model coded up and more fidelity is being added to it this week.


I'm really excited about the engine model and how it can be quickly modified to fit any turbine type engine with minor modification (turboshaft, turbofan, etc..). If you guys want any more details on how it works I'd be happy to do a small write-up.


Flight Model - Not a whole ton of changes, working to add in dynamics of the actuators based on hydraulic pressure and electrical power status.


Landing Gear Model - More improvements made, looking better each day


Cockpit/Systems Integration - I have a ton of new stuff unit tested and integrated into the cockpit code (sensors, controls, indicators, etc...) once we have an updated cockpit model with more of the needles and switches animated we should have some cool stuff to show.


It's definitely coming together, the next major tasking for the upcoming weeks is the fuel, hydraulics, and electrical models and continuing cockpit integration alongside that.


I know the other guys are hard at work on upgrading the cockpit model and making a completely new external model so a ton of new things coming along!

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

una vieja información de EDGE de parte de luckybob9.



Get you fix of Nevada screenshots:



NOTE: None of this is 100% official. This is me helping you putting information into one spot.



What is EDGE?

EDGE, dubbed internally, Eagle Dynamic Graphic Engine, is a new Image Generator (IG) built from the ground up that allowed for numerous benefits to the DCS environment.


What is the Image Generator (IG) people keep mentioning?

An Image Generator (IG) is another way of describing what EDGE is. Image Generator (IG) is a generic term for something that generates the images on your screen. EDGE a self coined term by c0ff to describe the Image Generator (IG) and is simply an acronym.


When will EDGE be released?

Since EDGE is built from scratch, it will take time to incorporate all the elements that are needed to make it playable at acceptable frame rates.


What are the benefits to EDGE?

· EDGE allows for Direct X 11 support

· Dynamic shadowing of the terrain and mountains

· Clipmap support

· Higher object count

· Higher resolution ground terrain mesh

· More detailed tree models

· Better graphical effects

· High resolution road textures

· Ability for road signs and light signals

· Additional ground clutter (rocks, cactuses, etc.)


Will the Black Sea map in its current form work with EDGE?

No. Since the technology behind EDGE is dramatically different, down to the tools that create it, terrain needs to be built with the EDGE benefits in mind. This is a HUGE undertaking and not an easy task to redo something.


Are there maps in progress that take advantage of EDGE?

Yes, the first map to take advantage of EDGE is Nevada.


How far along is the Nevada map?

It has been stated that the Nevada map is mostly done but work remains to finish the underlying EDGE engine.


If the Nevada map is mostly done, why not post some screenshots to the community?

EDGE is the underlying core of the Nevada map. If EDGE is in a state where it is not capable of running or showing off its potential, (bad frames, no anti-alisting/ jaggies, etc), screenshots might not be possible.


How big is the Nevada map?

There is no official distance/ surface number, but it has been said that it will include Las Vegas, Groom Lake, Nellis, Lake Mead, and Hoover Dam.


Will EDGE/ Nevada cost anything?

EDGE is rendering engine, so no. It has been stated that the plan is still for the Nevada map to be free for users who pre-ordered DCS: A-10C Warthog beta.


So what will Nevada cost if I did not pre-order?

See Below


How will I switch between maps?

When creating a new mission, the authors can specify what map to use. This feature is already implemented but there is only the current map.



Typical questions that do not have answers:

Will trees be collidable?

What is the size of the Nevada map?

Are the creation tools going to be made available to the public?

What is the cost of Nevada if I did not pre-order DCS: A10C?

When will new screenshots be posted?

When will it be released?




June 2013


Work On New Rendering Technology Continues


The new Image Generator (IG) technology is currently in development and will be introduced to DCS World when it is ready. Elements of the new IG include:

- More detailed terrain.

- Better graphical effects

- Dedicated server

- DirectX 11 support

- Skeleton animation for infantry




A few items to reiterate:


1- Much of the Nevada map is done, but aspects of it could certainly change between now and release.


2- The original effort was done by a third party, but for various reasons, that effort did not work out and the Eagle team basically had to re-start it from scratch.


3- Due to the massive number of ground objects, elevation mesh detail, and texture sizes, a new image generator (IG) had to to be created in order to run it at more than single digit frame rates. Creating a new IG is a huge undertaking and it takes a lot of time. More so than anything else, this has been the reason behind the delay.


4- There has been no change in our plan to make this map available for free to those that purchased the A-10C beta.


5- Given the nature of the map, I would imagine that most missions will revolve around training, but certainly large Red Flag type campaigns are also possible.


6- We have no ETA at this time.


When there is a change to any of the above, there will be official news of it.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

Hawk update



Dev Diary update time.


Last night we released a patch to the public alpha testers with a few tweaks, a few bug fixes and have started to implement the fantastic audio from Diveplane.


Here is the change log:

* Added logic to detect start state (cold ramp/hot ramp/air start).

* Flap indicator

* Whiskey compass: added magnetic dip, acceleration error

* Tied custom canopy to ED canopy

* Fuel gauge now displays DCS total fuel state

* Re-worked ADI precession errors and tightened them up

* Re-worked ADI acceleration errors

* Re-worked navigation needle behavior

* Added audio for gyros, fuel pump and GTS (WIP)

* Resolved the FPS hit bug


We'd like to thank all of the public testers for their valuable feedback during this test period.


Work on the damage model is ongoing by Crow and you guys are going to love the work he's doing. We're not going to show it off but leave it as a surprise.


Derelor has stepped up to the mantle and is going through our flight manual and quick start manual to correct any grammatical errors. Thanks again very much to him for doing this.


We currently don't have a "launch" date as a few things still need to happen behind the scenes and ongoing work on the module. However; as soon as we're closer to knowing the date, you will be the first to know.





been given permission to go puplic on the DCS Hawk audio production.

progress is going very well , these videos below are very early wip audios of the hawk

adour engines air distortions , and some weapon sounds.


again they are very early wip and subject to change.


adour engines air distortion internal


external engine audios



weapons video


thx all enjoy.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

EDGE Update



Now that we are getting very close to integrating EDGE into DCS, I can share a few more details.


1- DirectX 11 / DirectX 11 Windows 8 based.

2- Can support up to four GPU (either SLI or CF).

3- Uses clip maps.

4- Two cloud layers can be created with options for none, cumulous, cumulous nimbus, and stratus.

5- Terrain shadow projection is supported.

6- World can be as large as the designer wishes them to be, it is more of a question of development time / map detail.

7- Option to project map on globe surface.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%


Hey everybody!

Sven: We're kind of on the fence about this. By the way, you guys are really sharp. You pick up on important questions just about as soon as we do, and sometimes even earlier.

This is the very strange nature of the modular structure of the project.

What is DCS WWII? Surely it's the sum of all its parts, and taking the parts away destroys the whole? If seen this way, it's natural to sit on the planes that are ready, only make them available to kickstarter backers in alpha-beta, and launch another pledge drive for the B-17 in the interim.

But on the other hand, why not just release one or more of the new DCS WWII planes into DCS World, and use those funds to make the flyable B-17 instead?

This is something that requires a much larger backer-wide discussion I guess. We'll have it in a little while. In any case, we're months away from having any planes ready for release.

MP: I see multiplayer as a huge, huge part of any product's success. However it's not just the net code. It's the interface, the game modes, mission design, a gazillion components. Those of you who go back to the beginning of my early series will probably agree that the MP in Oleg's first flight sim was the bomb. It was so because Oleg had just created two absolutely amazing MP modes for his award-winning FPS titles (virtually unknown in the West, idolized alongside the likes of Doom and Duke3D in Russia). He had a whole crew of experienced MP programmers and designers that spent almost two years ironing out all the kinks.

So, we definitely have a long list of things we want to improve with multiplayer, but if we were to consider doing them for day 1 release of DCS WWII, we'd probably need to double our budget.

Since we didn't, the only thing I can really promise is that we'll try.

Also, trueSky looks really cool, but we're far too commited to making our own clouds and weather system to switch horses mid-jump.

Hopefully the stuff you'll see there will compare favorably to that video.

And regarding the Flight Sim show, we really should be doing a lot more stuff like that. There's always something happening somewhere, and a booth and some product boxes is a great thing to have. Unfortunately we just have no resources to attend most of them, no people to arrange and set up and man a booth, literally no one. So for the time being we'll probably just do a few major airshows, especially those connected with TFC and Duxford.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

Yo-Yo habla sobre el Spitfire Mk V and IX que veremos en WWII. XD



You think that Mk IX will make you an absolute winner?

I have bad news for those who consider P-51 too stick sensitive and thus prone to stall...

As Spitfire has neutral stability there is only 3/4" of stick travel to stall as it was reported by NACA. Really silk hands or full scale joystick required...

It will be no mercy, hardcore only - all will be as Mitchell designed.


¿Crees que Mk IX le hará un ganador absoluto?

Tengo malas noticias para aquellos que se consideran a P-51 tiene un stick demasiado sensible y por lo tanto propensos a entran en perdida ...

Como Spitfire tiene una estabilidad neutra de sólo 3/4 "de recorrido del stick hasta la perdida, ya que fue reportado por NACA. Se requiere realmente manos de seda o un joystick de escala completa ...

Esto será sin piedad, sólo para Hardcores - todo será asi, como fue diseñado por Mitchell.



Vayan preparandose :boing:

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

Nevada Update



La imagen anexa muestra el area cubierta por el mapa de Nevada en DCS. Este cubre un area de 300x300 km que incluyen tres aerodromos funcionales: Nellis AFB, Creech AFB, and Groom Lake (aka Area 51 / Dreamland).


Las areas inmediatas a las tres bases aeresa esta realizadas a un metro de resolución, la areas exteriores del mapa estan a una resolución de 16 metros, y el area entre ellas estan entre 2 y 4 metros de resolución. A nosotros nos hubiera encantado cubrir todo el mapa a 1 metro de resolución, pero teníamos que balancear la resolución contra el tamaño del archivo del mapa. Aun usando texturas de baja resulucion en algunos lugares, el mapa tiene como 26 GB de tamaño.


Despues de que el mapa sea released, es muy posible que nosotros lo expandamos, con con detalles adicionales, nuevos aerodromos, etc. Tal como nosotros hemos hecho en el mapa del mar negro.


Como mencionamos antes, nosotros estamos cerca de mover EDGE y este pama a DCS. Cuando esté hecho, nosotros empezaremos el proceso de debug y tuneado. Dar el primer mapa basado en EDGE en DCS, nosotros no estamos seguros cuanto tiempo podrá tomar este proceso.

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%




Hola a todos,

Yo pienso que vamos a hacer dos actualizaciones de desarrollo a la semana.


El Viernes serán nuestras actualizaciones 3D de desarrollo: aviones, cabinas, vehículos, etc.


Martes habrá nuestras actualizaciones de desarrollo del escenario en donde vamos a estar mirando en nuestra Normandía, ya que toma forma.


Tenemos un montón de cosas que no has visto todavía, especialmente en la categoría 3D, así que espero que estos no resultar aburrido o pasado un tiempo.


Hoy: primer vistazo a nuestro tanque Tiger I.


Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

F-15C Update


Today the new F-15C advanced flight model (AFM) went into beta testing. This new flight model for the F-15C will be used for both Flaming Cliffs 3 and F-15C: DCS Flaming Cliffs. This short little video is provided to show some off the new landing physics (no more glued wheels to the runway!).


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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

WW2 update



Hello folks,


Ive been absolutely swamped these past few days. Catching a plane to Moscow in a couple of hours, so I probably wont respond to any questions or comments on this update for at least 24 hours.


Heres where we are with Normandy today.


We started working on a 1:1 recreation of Utah beach. Itll be one of the areas recreated down to each street, each object. Its obviously in the very early stages.


Were playing around with the representation of the areas with German defensive flooding, and trying to get it so you can still see the fields and villages underneath the floodwaters.


Were also just generally laying out all the important areas, roads, bridges, villages, and so on.


Finally, were also working on different types of coastal cliffs.

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

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