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DCS World. Su-25T gratis [2014: +TF-51D Mustang gratis]

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

Update 6 KickStarter DCS: World WW2 1944



You've asked for it. We've discussed it. Now we're very happy to announce that we will be releasing the EDGE landscape engine SDK to Kickstarter backers.


The SDK can be used to create new landscapes for the DCS WWII project. It's an all-in-one tool that combines a 3D object library, texture manager, and a landscape editor. With a full 24-hour day cycle, options for multiple seasons and time periods on the same map, and industry-best level of detail, EDGE is designed for and tested by real pilots to ensure it meets the highest standards of realism.


Please note that the Normandy landscape shown in the video is an early mock-up using temporary stand-in objects,mock-up trees, and low-quality placeholder textures.


We're really hoping that the community can organize a concentrated effort to design and create one or more new landscapes for DCS WWII. With the amount of time we have before the initial release, it should be possible to have them completed for the day-one release of Europe 1944!


A more detailed look at the tools and the technical details of the design process will be released at a later time. The SDK itself should be available later this year. Please note that the SDK will be released to project backers only and / or will require a signed NDA to use.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%


DCS 1.2.6 Update 1 - Change Log


DCS World

Fixed crash when loading mission from a public server.

Fixed crash after jumping from aircraft during an "Autostart".

Fixed crash when try to lock ground target when using Easy Radar mode.

Fixed crash after collision of two aircraft.

Fixed crash when player gets close to column with delayed start.

Fixed crash after plane switches to glide path.

Kuznetsov ATC can now recover multiple flights without causing collisions.

Fixed IR pointer when using Combined Arms.

Corrected SSE: Empty Error message on coalition.addGroup().

Glide slope ring and , marks for landing mode are now present for airfields with full Russian ILS system.

Restored Flight tasking commands when not in Game Mode. Attack air defenses: LWIN-D. Attack ground units: LWIN-G. Attack your locked target: LWIN-Q.

Fixed 'Value' in trigger 'Bomb in zone' trigger action.

Fixed missing text: "2, rolling" when starting taxi.

Corrected R-73 DLZ for AI. They should no longer launch outside their DLZ.


DCS: Black Shark 2

IT-23 symbology aspect has been corrected.

Fixed joystick commands for kneeboard.

Fixed missing target markers on Ka-50 Easy Radar.

Fixed simulator crash when loading standard arcade mission for Ka-50 when using Easy Avionics mode.


Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3

Su-33 falling through the flight deck when landing on the carrier has been fixed.

F-15C and Su-33 unable to connect twice to tanker in network play has been fixed.

F-15C Tanker AP won't disengage when online has been fixed.

F-15C ADI LNAV "Jiggle" has been fixed.


Several A-10A switches have had their position set to on: PAC Switch, Inverter Switch, AC Gen Switches, Radar Altimeter Switch, Anti Skid Switch, Fuel Boost Pump Switch, and Engine Fuel Flow Switches.


DCS: Combined Arms

Fixed crash occurring when Targeting Panel of selected unit is viewed.

Keyboard input script has been corrected.


DCS: A-10C Warthog

Fixed tanker not completing refueling when in network play.



Corrected beacon light connection to electrical bus.

Fixed "floating" UV-26 indication textures.

Added "RI-65 is operative" voice message when turning on the VWS.

Implemented Game Mode flight model.


DCS: UH-1H Huey

Fixed M134 minigun fire audio.

AI UH-1H can now fire M134 minigun.

Fixed autostart.

Flexible sight line of sight is now controlled separately from view camera control.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%
Q&A DCS: WW2 Terrain SDK

[quote][quote]Originally Posted by Cornbread View Post
OK, so, if the SDK is going to be released in about a month, does this mean the lid finally comes off with regard to the secrecy of EDGE technical features?[/quote]

This is the landscape editor. All its features will indeed be revealed.

However the ability to compile the final map and to let tanks drive or planes fly over the new landscape will not be released out. So, many features that relate to the terrain's implementation within the game will not be a part of the SDK.[/quote]

[quote][quote]Originally Posted by empeck View Post
Could you elaborate a bit? What else will be needed to make new, fully functional map for DCS World/WW2? If SDK isn't enough, then what's the point of releasing it?[/quote]

The point of releasing the SDK is so that maps can be made faster by the community than RRG can make themselves, without giving all the tools to make it functional. This will let them put more attention to the aircraft. Enough will be provided to make the land, but the final conversion process of it to let it plug into DCS/DCS WWII will be done by ED or RRG. This would act as quality control, which is in my opinion a good thing.[/quote]

[quote][quote]Originally Posted by White Owl View Post
Would it be possible to use this editor to expand the edges of an already existing map? I'm thinking of how much we want just a few airbases in Southern England. I'm thinking that maybe instead of creating a wholly new map, we could make the existing map larger.[/quote]

A map in EDGE actually has real-world coordinated connected to a virtual globe. It has constraints.

You could create your own landscape project that borders an existing map.

Then you could just join the two projects together, and have them combined.

That's how, for example, you could join forces between multiple creators working on the same map. Just split it, then join it.

Theoretically you could do silly things like take Normandy, make Scotland, and make Ruhr, then join them together. You'd be able to take off from Scotland, climb, fly over barren nothing below, cross over pretty Normandy, fly over some more nothing, bomb a factory, and then go back home.[/quote]

[quote][quote]Originally Posted by SilentEagle View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this would make it impossible for developers to test their creations in the simulator. That seems pretty counterproductive. As a developer myself, I find this part hard to understand. If the concern is an oversaturation of mediocre or "half-baked" terrains, why release the tools to all backers in the first place. Why not just just to those with serious interest and capability, such as how 3rd party development of aircraft is currently operating?

If a user wanted to create a free terrain or even one that was only used by himself, would he really need to have ED/RRG convert it for him. What about every time he wanted to make a change?[/quote]

Guys, we have an SDK for a game that's not out yet.

Even if we were to release the EDGE source code as freeware, you'd be in the exact same boat. Build, create, compile, and then what?

Until you have at least the DCS WWII alpha, you have no game in which you can fly over your terrain.

We cannot release an even earlier build than our alpha.

The SDK comes with its own landviewer, which is the app in which I did all the footage in the latest vid. That's where you'll test your landscape.

I'm sure we'll have the outstanding questions resolved well before DCS WWII hits alpha. Once we have an official stance on commercial use of EDGE by 3rd parties, everything else will follow naturally.

With non-commercial use, we're obviously interested in having a large amount of user-made content. We're also a very small team and we can't be the quality control or the publisher for everything our users make.

The only reason to release an SDK is to help your product grow. No one on this side has any desire to be the bottleneck in that process.[/quote]

[quote][quote]Originally Posted by aaron886 View Post
Luthier, can you shed some more light on the purpose for restricting the SDK? Will this be specifically for DCS:WWII purposes, or will 3rd parties be able to create sceneries unbound by the WWII theme? I like what you're saying, I just want to see an improvement of the simulator as a whole.[/quote]
[quote]Originally Posted by empeck View Post
SDK won't work with DCS: World? Lets say, wouldn't it be possible to make a tiny map for DCS: World? Like Corsica from the video or even smaller.[/quote]

There's pretty much one game engine at this point.

What works in DCS WWII works in DCS World, at least on the developers' machines as of this very second.

You can theoretically create anything you want, but I really have nothing to do with DCS World as a product line.

The reason why we are talking about the SDK now, the reason why we're releasing it when we are, is DCS WWII specifically.

I personally am interested in garnering and supporting a large-scale community effort to create new WWII content. Here, my main goal is to make sure we have as many talented, dedicated people working on this as possible, and that they enjoy doing it and want to keep doing it long enough to finish the process.

If we just put hurdles in their path, prevent them from seeing their own work, or provide poor support, then this entire effort is wasted: me making that video, discussing this now, us making the effort to create the SDK for external consumption, future discussions with backers, writing tech specs, etc etc etc. There's no point in us doing any of that if we'll give you the kind of SDK that people play with for a while, shrug their shoulders, and go find something better to do with their time.

This I guess should be a more important point than any technical details. Not what we're doing, but why we're doing it.[/quote]

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

Ya esta disponible el sistema de PalPay para el KickStarter de DCS: World WW2 1944



Good morning!


It seems to work.




If nothing explodes in a couple of hours, I'll do a wider more official post.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

Cambios en los requerimientos minimos de DCS: World, se deja de soportar sistemas de 32 Bits por los de 64 bits.



Also today, our official product specifications are as follows:


Minimum system requirements: OS 64-bit Windows Vista, 7 or 8; CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz; RAM: 4 GB; Free hard disk space: 10 GB; Video: 512 MB RAM card, DirectX 9.0c - compatible; Sound: DirectX 9.0c - compatible; requires internet activation.


Recommended system requirements: OS 64-bit Windows Vista, 7 or 8; CPU: Core i5+; RAM: 8GB; Hard disk space: 10 GB; Video: Shader 3.0 or better; NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 DirectX 9.0c or better; Sound: DirectX 9.0c - compatible; DirectX: 9.0C; requires internet activation.


Of note, we no longer support 32 bit OS systems

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

Update 12 DCS: World WW2:


Perhaps a little sleep deprived, DCS WWII lead developer Ilya Shevchenko answers some of the most important questions of the campaign and talks about why he's confident he can deliver on the promises made.


Please watch this video for an in-depth discussion of the project's inception as a leaner, cleaner design the team is confident they can deliver, and why the tasks that make up DCS WWII: Europe 1944 are inherently more stable than many other tasks that often are involved in game design.


This video took a lot longer to make than I anticipated, but I think it was very important to have this out before the campaign ends.


A question that gets asked perhaps more than any other is, are you sure you can pull this off? Can you keep all the promises you're making?


The answer is yes.


First of all, it is a yes because the alternative is unthinkable. Not delivering a product after a kickstarter campaign would not only be fatal to the developer's careers, it would also make them contractually obligated to refund the entire amount raised on Kickstarter to the backers. The team understands the risk, and has chosen Kickstarter as opposed to many other alternatives precisely because we are confident in our ability to deliver.


The project was designed from the ground up to be simple and lean. It's largely made up of three types of tasks: aircraft creation, landscape design, and mission and campaign design. All of these tasks are inherently more predictable than many other tasks often involved in game design. The feature list for DCS WWII was specifically chosen to contain as few risks as possible.


This way, the project plan is a matter of simple math. We can accurately estimate the amount of time it will take us to make the 3D models of aircraft and cockpits because we're not breaking any new ground here. We can accurately estimate the amount of time it will take to create new aircraft because most DCS WWII tasks follow the tracks laid down by DCS P-51. Looking over the blueprints and technical descriptions of all featured aircraft, we see no major tasks that have a serious risk of falling through or taking too much time and jeopardizing the entire project.


The landscape design is also predictable. We know exactly what needs to be done. All tasks can be estimated accurately because they follow preexisting examples.


Content creation, missions, campaigns, is again predictable. We are using the powerful DCS Mission Editor, a stable, established program, that again allows us to accurately gauge the amount of time needed for all tasks.


All in all, we know exactly what needs to be done. We can estimate all tasks with a high degree of accuracy. Kickstarter budget gives us a comfortable cushion to play test everything and correct any unanticipated problems we may encounter.


We are really looking forward to working with our backers, providing constant updates on the development progress, and watching this project take shape.


Please watch the video for an even more detailed explanation from the project's sleep deprived lead developer Ilya Shevchenko.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

L-39 update



*Quick Update*


A lot of work has been going on lately, but I don't always find the time to update this thread with everything I would want to say.


Collision Model


The collision model was recreated from scratch with animation and visibility arguments and was tied to the damage list.


Each section you see here will affect the flight model should damage or loss occur to the piece. If the right wing is lost, a quick left roll will begin due to asymmetric lift. If the horizontal tail is lost, pitch control will be lost and the aircraft may pitch violently up or down. If the vertical tail lost, directional control is lost. Each piece, even individual gear or wingtip tanks, cause their own drag. Losing a canopy will affect flight control and cause massive drag increases.


Imagen Enviada


Random Failures


Work has begun on simulating random failures. While I have an idea how I want these to work, I won't go into details, yet. However, I know that I would like you guys to have more control over which types of failures you are likely to see during your training or combat flights. Because the L-39 is a trainer aircraft, it seemed fitting to allow more control of these settings. While the instructor pilot in the rear seat will be able to fail instruments and electrical systems manually, some things like mechanical, hydraulic, and engine failures cannot be simulated.


Failures only occur when the Random System Failures option is set on in the MISC options menu. While each individual pilot sets these options for their own flights, they are also saved to tracks and missions and forced on clients to ensure fair play and robust tracks.


Sliders for failure rates will operate as follows:


0% = No chance of occurring

1% = (1/100)X of Normal Rate

50% = Normal Rate

100% = 100X Normal Rate


Here is a snapshot of the current options menu:


Imagen Enviada


As you can see, you can choose whether to include a rear seat pilot or not. While this will show a physical model of the rear pilot, it will also add 80kg to your weight. This option may go away when multi-seat capability is possible in multiplayer.


New Wingtip Options and Other Visual Options


Let's face it! Not every L-39 is created equal. There are so many variations even within the C civilian model, with some owners modifying their aircraft to reduce their weight by that last ounce, or squeeze a little more top speed out of the jet by changing wingtip types.


We have new wingtip types that can be set by the skin creator in the description lua file through arguments. These changes are not only visual, but also affect the weight and drag of the aircraft, even improving roll rate in some cases.


Options the skin creator has available:

L-39 Variant (C or ZA) This option is included in the skin creation as our C and ZA model share the same model and certain features are activated by this argument

Civilian Variant (Civilian, Aerobatic, Racer) C model can choose performance with this argument

Wingtip Type: Tanks, Sculpted, Curved Winglet, Double Winglet (Changing to another wingtip type will improve speed by about 25 km/h and lowers weight on the tips of the wing by 32 kg)

Rear Seat (Turning off the rear seat will make it visually disappear, but it will also save 85kg of weight)


Currently, we are only showing the sculpted wingtips:


Imagen Enviada


There is a lot more development not mentioned here, but I thought this would keep you guys up to date.


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vida restante: 100%
Gracias Silver dragon por los updates.

Uff. La cabina del mig 21 se ve fantastica.

A propósito, sólo faltan 4500 dolares para llegar a la segunda etapa en el kickstarter del dcs wwii.


No se si he entendido bien, pero creo que "apoyando" (o backsteando xd) con apenas 1 dolar, da acceso a 3 aviones, el bf109 el p47 y el spitfire.

Personalmente no me ha gustado nada la estrategia económica del proyecto. A mi gusto deberían haberlo dejado similar al dcs world, con un solo avión gratis y los demás de pago. Pero es que aca pués en un comienzo erán tres aviones gratis, pues ahora son tres a 1 dolar (que es lo mismo), pero es que además no son aviones cualquiera, son premium. Uff no se, lo hicieron mal. Como leí en otro post, hubiera puesto el p47 gratis y los demás de pago. Además que la segunda meta (la de los 150.000$) es crear un me 262, pués tampoco me tienta mucho. Hubiera preferido otro avión con motor a pistón para complementar a los demás. O quizas algun bombardero. Yo hubiera puesto en vez del me262, un la5, un il2, o un stuka, o un b17 por poner un ejemplo.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%

Por lo menos, el projecto se ha conseguido y uno de los tramos, por lo que ahora va ha haber 6 aparatos (Bf-109K-4, P-47D-28, Spitfire Mk IX, Me.262A-1 + dos de ED (P-51B y Fw-190D-9), me imagino que el resto de la lista que se ha quedado fuera (B-17, Typhoon IB, FW.190A-5, A-26B-15 Invader, P-38J-15, Mosquito FB.VI, Boeing B-17 + otro aleman), los veremos en desarrollos posteriores despues de la salida de WW2



We did it! Thank you backers! The Kickstarter Campaign is a success!

What a wonderful Saturday morning! We really pulled through in the last couple of days and we did absolutely awesome!


Current total:


Kickstarter: $158,897


PayPal: $5,436.39


GRAND TOTAL: $164,333.39


We'll be shutting down the paypal page in a few minutes to coincide with the end of the kickstarter campaign.


Please watch my celebratory video that talks about what happens next.



Quick summary:


1. Your rewards. I have to tally all Kickstarter and PayPal backers into a single database. Then we have to create a web interface for you to access backer-only content. Kickstarter by itself is no good since it leaves all PayPal backers out. There will also need to be an interface for your reward management.


It's a bit of a project, so we probably won't have it ready for a little while.


In the meantime, the only reward that can go out right away is the DCS World P-51.


If you have selected a reward tier that specifically lists the P-51, you'll be receiving your product keys via email next week.


Otherwise, the process will be completely manual for now. I'll do a backer-only update in a little while that describes this process in more detail.


2. We'll keep on working on the project as previously scheduled. We are adding the Me.262 cockpit to our task list. It'll be done by the same wonderful duo of German cockpit experts that built the FW.190D-9 and Bf.109K cockpits.


3. We will be posting regular backer-only, and slightly less regular open development updates. We'll keep you updated on our aircraft and landscape.


4. The landscape SDK! We can start a dialogue even before the SDK itself is available. Obviously, the most ideal situation that I see is that the community forms a core group of landscape designers that will, with developer support, create more landscapes for Europe 1944. Again, please stand by for a separate more detailed discussion on this.


5. The main priority for the team however is delivering a good game to backers with the features we've listed. We will work very hard to have our alpha available next year. Once that's out, we will most likely open another campaign either on kickstarter or on our own site for more additions to DCS WWII: Europe 1944. I know that a lot of people really want the flyable B-17. I think it's the most logical next step for this product, but of course we have plenty of time for discussions.


We will definitely discuss every single aspect of any future campaign with our backers before launching it.

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silver_dragon HARENA TIGRIS

vida restante: 100%




Update #16 Oct 5, 2013

Landscape Development Update - October 5, 2013

29 comments Unlike 36 likes

Hello everyone,


Here's where we are with Normandy. We haven't made any drastic changes this week, it's just progressing along the same lines. We're playing a bit with the landscape mesh and adding lots of small details such as brooks, little bridges, and so on. Also playing a bit with colors, as you'll probably notice, and adding some detail to landscape textures.


We're also working on something really cool which, to my knowledge, has never been done before in a flight sim.


The terrain can have multiple, potentially limitless, number of states that define virtually everything. What does that mean? It means we can have the early 1944 Normandy with Pointe du Hoc still intact. We can have the D-Day Normandy with bomb craters all over the coast, floodgates open, and some of the landing areas flooded. We can have the post-invasion Normandy with flooding receded and lots of new Allied airfields.


That's what we're working on right now. And actually, here comes out first request. We know what was flooded by the Germans for the invasion. However, we can't find any references on how it was dealt with. Can anyone provide some more info? What would you see on June 7, June 8, June 9?

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

Imagen Enviada

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