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Guia Shadows Over Soubar (SPOILERS)

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SirLancelot ¡Mods lover!

vida restante: 100%

Legal Stuff:
Whilst I don't really give a monkeys how many times this walkthrough is redistributed, there are certain criteria that that must be fulfilled first:

1). Email me prior to using ANY of this stuff.
2). You may not reuse this to make money out of it (if anyone is gonna earn from this it is gonna be me. OK?).
3). This walkthrough may not be reused by any site owned or run by Gamespot or Gamespy. Even now, I still don't like them, and I'm not gonna let them use it. (Sorry but that the way it is

Suburban Jub Collective (inc. ACAB) 2002.

) Introduction
) Character Kits
) NPCs & their quests
4) Shadows of Soubar walkthrough
4.1) Introduction to the Shadows of Soubar & the quests for Selence
.2) The Road to Soubar
.3) Moseying around Soubar
.4) Soubar Militia Quests (Private)
.5) Soubar Militia Quests (Sergeant)
.6) Soubar Militia Quests (Captain)
4.7) Soubar Militia Quests (Chief Lieutenant)

1) Introduction:
So here we go again, dear reader. I hope you are well set for what is the third instalment of the Suburban Jub Collectives burgeoning BG2 mod walkthrough collection. Regular readers will know I am a bit of a pompous arse, so youll have to forgive my rambling asides from time to time . Additionally dont expect to find information here that you can readily find over at the teamBG website. Therefore you wont find background plot, detailed descriptions of any NPC, and I dont do item lists. If you are looking for a particular item simply search through the document as I mention all important treasures by name and where you can find them in situ. Now remember: I WILL NOT WRITE A SEPARATE ITEM LIST. If anyone e-mails me requesting this dont expect a reply. However if anyone else can be arsed to write one and e-mails it to me, Ill happily add it to this walkthrough. Lastly I strive to make sure that all information is correct at the time of writing but since new fixes are being regularly created some of the information probably will become outdated at some point. Please let me know if this happens and I will make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

) Character Kits
Initially Cbisson had created a new kit for this mod, the Fence. At the time of writing however one of the fix-packs has removed this kit from the game owing to the fact that

I made a HUGE mistake when creating it and in order to fix it, I would have to do much too much work for the kit to be worth it. (Cbisson, taken from the readme 5 July 2002.)

As such it is not worth devoting much time to this kit since it will not be seen by the vast majority of players. In all honesty I thought the kit looked a bit shit anyway so I dont see its removal as any great loss. There were no special advantages or disadvantages other than the fact the kit can use any weapons. In my opinion it wasn't as good as some of the standard thief sub-kits, since it had less thieving proficiency points to spend, and didn't come with any of the special advantages of other thief kits

Ziad El-Hajj has noted an additional problem with the Fence kit:

...there is a big problem with the Fence using a non-thief weapon, one I bumped into when I tried to give Gram The Sword Of Grief to Selence. By looking at the proficiency table you would think that the Fence can be proficient with any weapon, and although you can assign proficiency points to just about anything at level up, that does NOT mean the Fence has become proficient with that weapon. In my example (Gram), after giving Selence proficiency in both long swords and two-handed swords, I was shocked to see that her THAC0 was the same with both Gram and Daystar, even though the first is +5 and the second only +2. Under such circumstances, using a non-thief weapon is actually a really bad idea.

He does however notice some pretty funky things which (presumably) relate to another of the Fences abilities, Fence Charm:

Ive noticed that Selence does very weird things to some NPCs that walk by. I was in the Copper Coronet, and just as she passed by Nalia I got a message (in the text box) saying that my influence in the black market (or something similar) has made me an ally, who will not travel with me from area to area, but will help me in any fight. Nalias marker (the circle around her) changed from blue to green, even though she was not in my party, I could still not control her in any way, and could talk to her normally. This happened to me again in a random encounter in the wilderness, whereas one of the Bandits was turned, but I couldnt investigate the effect because a split second later my Horrid Wilting went off . Im not sure, but this MAY be some form of Fence Charm that is used automatically.

Thanks for the info, Ziad. Anyone else who has other things to say about the Fence feel free to e-mail me, and Ill add your comments.

) NPCs
There are four NPCs that have been added with this mod. Charlotte, Bolivar, Tomas and Selence. Here is where you'll find them and my two cents worth on their relative merits.

Selence - A female, chaotic neutral fence (with a really sexy voice!), initially found in the Promenade. You cant recruit her immediately you have to do some quests for her first but once she is available youll find her in the Seas Bounty in the Docks district. She has reasonable stats (STR 14, DEX 16) as well as curiously high INT (17) but cack CON (10). She appears to gain CHA on some level increases as well as when she joins your party. If you kick her out of your party she gets the hump and returns to the fence stronghold, but wont rejoin your party, claiming that youve betrayed her in the past. Ziad El- Hajj notices that she also gains the Use Any Item Thief ability at a much lower level than normal (about level 16) . Cbisson has asked to me point out that that this is due to the removed Fence Kit..

Selence quests:
The quest related to Selence cant be undertaken until after you have defeated Sureblade (at least I couldnt). Once you are ready enter the Seas Bounty and ask her about a big job, she will ask to join your party, and then tell you about the quest. Allow her to join and leave the tavern whereupon shell tell you to head for the graveyard district. You might become caught up in the whole Bodhi main game thing here, so you may want to resolve that first before asking Selence to join your party, since you dont want her to leave your party just yet. If you wish to undertake Selences quests before freeing Soubar, Ziad El-Hajj has a tip for you:

I took on her quests before even starting the main Soubar plot. I left her in the Seas Bounty after she told me shed have a job for me in a couple of days, and headed for the Umar Hills. After the cutscreen I went to Soubar, picked Charlotte, crossed the river, and talked to the Mayor. Then instead of talking to the Major I headed back to Athkatla, and she joined me.

Many thanks again to Ziad.

When you arrive in the Graveyard district Selence will provide some vague information about where to head. I, on the other hand simply say go to x1620 y1310. Enter the crypt where youll get attacked by some undead, banedead mummies and the like. Once these are dead you can start exploring the area.

Your immediate priority once inside is to find six phylacteries, which hold the life essence of six liches, although you wont be told about this yet. The liches that inhabit this crypt are (with one exception) not of the normal kind, and are as such invincible (hence the need for the phylacteries). Thereis some truly funky treasure to loot in here (most, although not all is from Throne of Bhaal), but your life will be a lot easier of you can track down the phylacteries first. Close to the entrance is some groovy loot to pick up, before heading off and fightin and stuff. Open the chest (x4590 y1450) for the Firetooth Crossbow +6 (no ammunition required), and the (crap) Bronze Horn of Valhalla. A nearby table (x3000 y 2200) has the (also crap) Iron Horn of Valhalla and some other stuff, and a chest (x3140 y2130) has the Storm Star mace +3. Now move north through the building to x2820 y660 and search the table for your first phylactery. Now head over the grave at x4100 y1100 and open the chest gold, another phylactery and the Wondrous Gloves (+1 to Thac0, +1 AC, bards only) and an amulet of protection +1. A nearby grave has naught but gold and minor treasures.

Chances are by now you may well have run into one of these baneliches, so how do you whack the blighters? And what is the point of the phylacteries for Gods sake? Despite what it says in the description of the phylacteries, they are completely indestructible and also unusable. To kill the baneliches you simply have to carry the phylactery in your inventory. Once the banelich is dead the phylactery will vanish. However it is not quite that simple (is it ever?), since although you MUST have the phylactery in your possession, unless you are careful the baneliches can still become indestructible even with the fucking things. If at any point the banelich becomes a undestroyed(see the battle text), you should reload the game, because at this point (to my knowledge) they are completely invincible. So how do you kill them, then? To kill them you must make sure you hit them with large amounts of damage (40+ points) when they are nearly dead, otherwise they will become undestroyed. To achieve this I found the best tactic was (killing Charlotte beforehand since she became a royal pain in the arse by rushing over hitting the banelich for 10 points of damage and turning it into an undestroyed banelich. Well thanks Charlotte! Another great contribution ) to use the spell Black Blade of Disaster, which would regularly hit the banelich for 40-50 points of damage. Cant cast level 9 spells? Dont know Black Blade of Disaster? CLUAConsole:CreateItem(SCRL9x), should help . Once the first banelich is dead, move north to x2250 y1250 and meet the second banelich. Dispose of this pest and now its time to start looking for the third phylactery.

My friend Ziad suggests that killing the baneliches is NOT to do with large amounts of damage, but like me cant work out how to kill the Undestroyed Baneliches:

While Ive also run into this problem with Undestroyed Baneliches, I dont think its due to too little damage. I eventually killed them all with regular melee attacks (meaning 10-20 damage). I have no idea what some times they became undestroyed and others not.

Joey Abrams adds:

Baneliches died eventually so long as I had a phylactery. Some took a few seconds and others 4 or 5 minutes. There didn't seem to be a pattern for beating them. Even after they became undestroyed, I kept hammering away and eventually they died. Don't ask me why. I couldn't figure it out.

Thanks for the info Joey. So it seems contrary to what I might have said (or thought) the Undestroyed Baneliches CAN be killed. As to why some baneliches become undestroyed, and some do not I am still no clearer. If anyone can shed light on this mystery, do let me know.

Move north to x1850 y800 and open the crypt to find the third phylactery, Angurvadal +4 long-sword (extra fire damage) and a battle-axe +1. Time to kill your third banelich (x3430 y370). While you are here make sure that you open the locked (and trapped) altar for a Tome of Leadership (+1 to CHA), and a Manual of Gainful Exercise (+1 to STR). Now for the fourth phylactery.

Move north and sneak past any enemies you see, heading over to x1620 y 560. Unlock the chest and grab the phylactery, potions and the ammo belt. Now head back to x3040 y620 and bag yourself a fourth banelich. This chap might have some friends with him, but they shouldnt detain you for very long. The fifth phylactery is located towards the western part of this level, so move round the corridor killing any enemies you find and move to x920 y1120. Get the phylactery and kill the nearby banelich. Once this fellow is dead there is only one banelich left, and his phylactery is on the next level. Before you descend feel free to explore the rest of this level, looting the tombs. Look out for x2370 y420 (potions, gold and the Armor of the Hart +3), x2470 y340 (the Silver Horn of Valhalla), x3000 y3000 (gold, and the Answerer +4 long-sword), x3100 y380 (bag of holding, potion case, white dragon scales). Once you have looted to your hearts content, get ready to descend to the next level.

When you arrive on this level youll be met by the Avatar of Lloth and some drow wizards. After a (very) brief speech from the Avatar the fight is joined. This battle should not trouble you unduly, and once destroyed the Avatar warns you that youll meet again and then teleports away. Once this battle is over Selence will ponder why Lloth is here. Loot the fallen for gold, spells, drow equipment and a Robe of Evil Archimagi. Now head west down the corridor where youll meet a normal lich and some cronies (x2410 y710). Kill these and then go into the ante-room behind them. There are some potions and an Amulet of the Power Word Pain (can cast Power Word Pain once a day). The rest of this corridor is pointless and ends in a cul-de-sac, so feel free to ignore it. Head back to the main room (x3360 y1290).

Move south to x2660 y1790 and loot the tomb here for some potions and a Demon Staff (can do 4d6 damage and cast fear once a day, can summon Tanarri once a day, and can turn wielder into Slayer once a day. Cool). Now head down south-eastern spur to x3160 y2050, where there are lots of mindflayers, spiders and a second Avatar of Lloth. This can be quite a tough battle, but Chaotic Commands will certainly help. Once the Avatar is dead, shell spout more bollocks and then teleport away. Feel free to loot the tomb (x3150 y2130) for a Staff of Skulls (can animate dead, provide cure serious wounds) as well as two Hellblades. There are quite a few Hellblades around this dungeon and they all act like +3 swords, although have extra enchantments attached to them. They are notionally sentient and form a strong bond with their owner, and apparently cause the wielder to gradually become Chaotic Evil and start doing dastardly deeds. To be honest I didnt bother with them, since all of my party had better weapons, but Id be interested to hear from anyone who has used them and rates them. To date not many people have had much to say about them, one of whom was Ziad El-Hajj:

Ive just had one small adventure with one of the Hellblades I had dropped back in the Fence Stronghold suddenly appearing in my inventory when I reached Soubar. Cool

Joey Abrams has also had some experience with the Hellblades, and offers the following warning:

The hell blades will follow you all over and get really annoying after a while. They would spawn in inventory each time I went between an original SOA area to an SOS map(or new area) decreasing party's rep by 1 point each time. Could be another bug or that I'd just had them with me too long before I sold them.

Once you are finished here return to the cross-roads and go west down the corridor (x2950 y1420) and kill some more mindflayers and umberhulks. From here head south down the middle corridor (the left hand corridor is a dead end and pointless). Search the tomb (x600 y1760) for a phylactery (at last!), an Efreeti bottle (this summons Cespenar although it didnt work for me), somepotions and another Hellblade. You can now either head over to x1030 y1320 to fight the last incarnation of Lloth or return to the previous level and kill the remaining banelich.

When you are ready to fight Lloth head on over to x1030 y1320 to get it on. Shell spout a load more bollocks, and then it is head kicking time. Youll be fighting Lloth herself as well loads or spiders, mindflayers and some of her followers. This can be a really tough battle and it can be difficult not to get overwhelmed. Actually you can make things much easier for yourself by taking advantage of a weakness in the AI, by attacking most of the drow warriors, the driders and assorted companions before Lloth herself (and the attendant mindflayers) becomes involved. I found using this tactic, combined with Chaotic Commands (I love that spell ), and the wonderful Sureblades Sword made pretty short work of all the mindflayers and Lloths helpers. Once these are all dead you should concentrate on Lloth herself, who (somewhat disappointingly) I found to be quite easy. Once you have killed her you are rewarded with a HUGE 4 million XP!!! When Lloth is dead Selence will mention that she is amazed that she killed a goddess (Hang on! She didnt DO anything). Search the fallen for the following loot:

Holy Symbol of Lloth (+2 Level 6 spells, +1 level 7 spells, +5% MR, + 1STR) Elven Clerics only
Cleric Staff +3
Robe of Evil Archmagi

Some people have commented that they found Lloth very tough, particularly because of the continually spawning Mindflayers. The general opinion is that this may well be a bug, but actually one that makes the battle much more challenging (Lloth IS a goddess after all). For those of you who have found this a real struggle, all I can say is that with Sureblades sword, the Mindflayers are a piece of cake (they are below level 18) . Any tips will be welcomed.

Now move forward to the next (massively trapped) room and search the tomb for:
Ring of the Drow (prevents drow equipment from disintegrating in sunlight)
Firetooth Crossbow +6
Bag of Plenty (unlimited +1 bullets)
Amulet of Protection +1
Another Hellblade sword

Actually you dont need to wear the Ring of the Drow since the drow equipment doesnt disintegrate anyway , although this might come in useful if you are playing ToB where there are two areas there where drow equipment disintegrates, namely the Grove of the Ancients (AR4000) and Sendais Enclave (AR6100) (thanks to Ziad again for that nugget). When you are ready return to the main room(x3460 y1250) and then walk down the northern corridor to descend to the next level (x3800 y900).

Whilst you are down here you should speak to the (pathetic) adventuring group who have nothing of interest to say (apart from a passing Monty Python reference and an obscure Captain Beefheart reference. By the way do you know how Captain Beefheart got his name? Its truly disgusting!) . Feel free to explore this level, but this is only one thing of interest here: a Deep Dragon (x1560 y1330). You can have a short conversation with it, or just challenge it to a fight, but hes a total pushover. When hes dead youll get 68 000XP, and you can loot the body for 12 000 gold and a crap wand of fire. After the dragon is dead Selence congratulates herself for killing a dragon (Hang on! This just isnt right!). Also one of the adverturing band Te Elle asks you how you fared and you tell him you killed Lloth and the dragon. He thanks you for your efforts and then buggers off. Selence now tells you that she must leave the party but will meet you on the first level in a few hours. Nothing else to do now except leave. As you leave you might as well talk to the remainder of the adventuring party who all leave as well. Leave the dungeon and rest .

Re-enter the dungeon a few hours later and head over to x3060 y2080 where youll meet Roger the Fence and Selence (the Fence). Selence will rejoin the party and you can speak to Roger. He has nothing if interest to say, although he mentions that from time to time hell have goods for you get out of the city. Nothing else to do now, so you might as well leave and continue your adventuring (although obviously dont start the Throne of Bhaal stuff because you wont be able to return to Athkatla).

Shortly afterwards Selence mentions that Roger has some goods to you to shift. Return to the stronghold and speak to Roger. Pick the sword up from the chest and sell it to any trader outside the city (actually you dont even have to do that, you can just hold on to it or dump it if you wish). A few days after this Selence will mention that Roger has some more items for you to fence, so you should return to the stronghold as soon as possible. He has some gold and some more items to sell (dump). Once more a few days later Selence will mention again that there are some more items to shift. Return again to the stronghold, where youll get accosted by a guard (Sendai!!), who asks for the password. The password is fafhrd, although it makes no difference if you get the answer wrong or simply ignore her. Collect the loot from the desk and some more items to shift (dump) and resume your adventuring. A few more days later (hmmwonder what happens next?!) Selence again says you should check on the stronghold. This time when you speak to Roger he has some funky items for you, about 9000 gold, and mentions that a big job is going down in 2 weeks time. Once again leave and resume your adventuring. 2 weeks later Selence again pops up and tells you to go back to the stronghold (are you sensing a pattern here?), and once you get back there Roger has some more goods to shift (keep) and some more cash in the desk (this time it was 28 000). Some time later (about a week) Selence mentions the some things have been stolen from Athkatla and you should check it out. Aahh this sounds like a quest, but sadly its not. Go back to the stronghold and get more goods and more gold for you. Shortly after this you are told to go back to the stronghold, but this time (and forever more) Roger simply has money in the desk and there are no more goods to fence. As far as I am aware there are no more quests related to the stronghold, it is now just a way of generating large sums of money. If you know any different, let me know and it could be your name up in lights. Well, alright then but youll get a mention

Thats it for Selence quests, all that remains is to free Soubar, or if that has been achieved youve completed the mod. Well done!

Bolivar - A male dwarven chaotic good fighter found in the Copper Coronet at x430 y1460. A pretty mediocre character to be honest, he has good strength (18/22) but this is marred by terrible dexterity (11!), and despite being a dwarf he has uninspiring constitution (17). Nevertheless he is not a bad type who will work quite well as a front line fighter, and with the addition of gauntlets of dexterity could be pretty decent. To get him to join your party you need to challenge him to a fight, and once his health gets below 50% he will offer to join. He comes with no equipment of note, and will return to the Copper Coronet if kicked out of your party.

Bolivar quests:
There are no quests related to him.

Charlotte - A female fallen stalker (a ranger subset) found in the first Chionthar river section of the game (x2300 y1120). Is she the worst character ever to (dis)grace a Black Isle game? I think there is a very good case for saying she is. She has pretty good intelligence (17), wisdom (17) and charisma (16), but isnt she a ranger I hear you ask? Yes, so why she has high intellect is a mystery to me. So what about the important (for a ranger) stats? Her strength is not bad (14), her dexterity is poor (12) but her constitution i truly shocking (9!!). Isnt constitution is the prime requirement for rangers I hear you say? Yes, so god alone knows why she is one because her constitution is laughable. This all adds up to VERY low health points, an appalling fighter (she is no Minsc thats for sure), and a character that you will spend most of your time desperately trying (and largely failing) to keep alive. Saying this she does come with a pet spotted lion who is quite handy at fighting (and apparently immortal which is nice), and a ring of Earth Control (+1 bonus to AC, can summon Earth Elementals). Do I recommend keeping her? Probably yes, since she has some quests related to her, and often pops up with (questionably) useful things to say. She is quite important to the story progression. Also she seems to get on very well with Nalia and they will often have conversations together, although these are almost completely about fashion, and accessorising clothes. Curiously these seem to be in the form of yknow, like, totally valley girl terminology. Nevertheless they are quite diverting and you will occasionally get rewarded with some XP (and Nalia who gets a pretty radical makeover). Two additional especially annoying features of Charlotte only came to light much later in the mod and these are that she will not accept ant change to her AI script (at least not for me). Whenever I set a new script for her (principally Cautious) it simply wouldnt take. This was coupled with an insane desire by Charlotte to get involved an ALL combat (despite being utterly hopeless), to the extent of charging most of the way across map squares to join in. Lastly she also refused to use ranger weapons (but shes a ranger!), and would always default to melee (even when the only available melee weapon was her fists!). I found it almost impossible to keep her alive (especially in the fence stronghold) and actually let her stay dead for long periods of the game. If kicked out of the party Charlotte returns to the River Chionthar section, accompanied by Nalia (if she is also in the party, I knew there was something dodgy going on there). Ziad El-Hajj has also noticed that there are some further problems relating to Charlotte and her menagerie of animals:

one extremely irritating thing happens every time I try to use an area of effect spell. Should any of your party members ever injure her pet lion (as far as I know the only way to do this is with magic), Charlotte will immediately turn hostile (red) without any warning. It actually took me three repeats of the same combat before I realised what was going on. This means that you can never use Cloudkill, since Charlotte will merrily rush into the cloud to attack the enemy, with her lion at her heels. And the moment the lion enters the cloud, Charlotte will attack you. Worse, in one combat an enemy mage confused the lion, who attacked Charlotte - she then turned hostile!

Actually its worse than that, since if you kill Charlotte and then resurrected her, shell be resurrected hostile! If you do decide to keep Charlotte long term (God help you) Ziad has some tips on making her useful:

but I eventually settled to tucking her up in the best armour (Drow Full Plate +5 ), with gauntlets of dexterity, Shimmering Sash, and whatnot, and gave her the Celestial Fury. Since her lion seems to draw all attacks towards himself, she actually became quite handy (my second fighter, Bolivar being the primary one)

Once you get Charlottes fallen status removed she gets loads of extra XP, but also gains her own personal menagerie. Regrettably this, like so much else related to Charlotte is not without its own problems. Ziad El- Hajj explains:

Charlotte now has the spotted lion, a wolf, and a bear walking with her. Great canon fodder, though I have to add to the list of Charlottes cons that they make her even harder to control, because they can cluster around her and pin her against the wall. When this happens, you can never move Charlotte again, except if you cheat (I had to use Ctrl-J more than once, because the alternative was restoring a saved game, and I didnt feel like going through the same battle just because Charlottes pets are stupid)

Charlotte quests
The first quest must be done before she will join your party. If you talk to her she will tell you that she is investigating what is happening to all the animals and why they are behaving strangely. From here you should move south to x2250 y1670 and speak to the ogrillon Narulf who is working, but wont tell you what he is doing. Dont taunt him or he will attack you. Return to Charlotte and tell her about Narulf. She will tell you to talk to him again and find out what is going on. Return again to Narulf and persuade him to give you a bottle of green stuff (this is pretty easy to do), which is Belladonna Juice. Now return again to Charlotte and tell her that Narulfs boss told him to throw bottles in the river. Shell tell you to deal with this situation, so you must go back and talk to him (again!). Mention to him that he is poisoning the river and he will get upset and leave. Return again to Charlotte and receive 45 000 quest XP, and Charlotte will join your party. A few days later Charlotte suggests that you go back and check on the polluted section which you should now do. The conversation should start as soon as you enter the polluted section, but in some cases does not. If this occurs you should send the PC and Charlotte over to x1380 y1480, where the conversation will start, and Charlotte will notice that the river has cleared up, and waffles some bullshit from some guy called Andy Peartree (presumably Bissons favourite singer). If you choose conversation option 2, where you mention Boarded Up the Town you are rewarded with 150 000 quest XP each, and Charlotte gets 200 000 quest XP. If at this point you have already completed the Soubar spy quest Charlotte will get her ranger status back and you get 100 000 quest XP, and Charlotte gets 200 000 quest XP. (thanks again to Ziad El-Hajj for this information)

The second Charlotte quest is related to her getting her ranger status back, but isnt really a quest so much as a way of giving Charlotte a huge XP bonus. If you talk to the ranger in Soubar (hes inside the Candlekeep Inn) with Charlotte she will admit shes a fallen ranger and she is trying to get her status back. She says that she has lost a spotted lion (eh? What?), and the ranger asks where she lost it, and agrees to help her find it. If she talks to him again, she will say that she has found the lion and thanks the ranger for his assistance. However if you talk to the ranger a third time, youll get exactly the same thread as before. I presume that this is either a red herring, or was intended to be a bigger quest that never got finished, because the ranger in the inn is in no way related to solving this quest. To get Charlottes ranger status back you simply have to solve the pollution of the river quest, and the Soubar spy quest (see main walkthrough), which you must to do complete the mod.

Tomas - a male, Elf, swashbuckler, of Neutral alignment found in the Umar Hills section (x4470 y2630). He has reasonable stats (STR 14, DEX 16 and CON 15) which make for a useful second line fighter. Additionally since he is a swashbuckler he gets an AC bonus commensurate with that class and he has a nice dry wit. Unfortunately the equipment he comes with is very poor, but at least it is all removeable. If hes kicked out will simply stay where he is.

Tomas quests:
There is a quest (of sorts) related to Tomas but it is very short. When you arrive in the bridge district with Tomas in your party, the entire district is infested with rats. Speak to Lieutenant Aegisfield about this and hell complain about the situation. After this Tomas pitches up and informs you of this problem. Simply head south to x2020 y2330 and speak to the Pipr. Ask him for the pipe (you may have to ask him several times before he yields). Once you have the pipe (dont play it) the party gets 10 000XP and Tomas gets 10 000 quest XP. Now you simply have to kill all the rats you see (flameblade seemed quite effective). Thats it, job done. As far as Im aware there are no further quests related to Tomas. You might encounter a bug if you have Tomas in your party the first time you enter the bridge. If thats the case, Ziad El-Hajj has the solution:

I must note I hit a bug with this quest, mainly because I already had Tomas the first time I entered the Bridge. Aegisfield complained about the rats, but after I solved that quest he asked my if I had found any clues regarding the murders - even though I hadnt heard of them yet. Talking to Rampah, Rose and Bel led nowhere. I couldnt say anything to Rejiek either (hed just say Im sorry but Im closed at the moment and I would get no chance to reply). I tinkered a bit and found that the TALKEDTOINSPECTOR global variable was not flagged (it is set to 1 the first time you talk to Aegisfield and he tells you about the murders, but since the first time I talked to him he told me about the rats the variable was never set). A quick CLUAConsole to set the variable to 1, and everything worked properly

Thanks Ziad for that detailed explanation.

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SirLancelot ¡Mods lover!

vida restante: 100%
) Main walkthrough.

Hint: You might want to make your main character (or your principal fighter) skilled in Bastard Swords.

Hint (2): When facing Sureblade make sure you main character is at least level 18 in any one class, or you will find things VERY tough. Note that being a multi-classed or dual-classed character who is in XP terms level 18 DOES NOT COUNT. In this instance being level 14/14 is NOT THE SAME as level 18.

4.1) Introduction to the Shadows of Soubar & the quests for Selence
There are a number of ways of starting this mod, Ill describe what I did but to be honest you may find a faster way into the story. From the exit of Irenicus dungeon in Athkatla head south down the district to x1480 y2670 where youll see Selence. If you talk to her shell tell you to get lost because you are drawing undue attention to her. At this point Gaelen Bayle pitches up and warns you that Selence is dangerous and that you should be careful of her. He then makes you an offer where for 10 000GP he will tell you what Selence is looking for, or for 100 000GP he will additionally give you an item which will help you in your quest. Since most people have just started the game the standard path is to get the 10,000 so that is what we will do. Go off and get some cash. Now.

For the record though, if you DO give him 100 000GP (either by cheating or waiting for ever) you get told the same information as you do for 10 000 (see below for this information) but you also get given a key to Selences private chambers in the Copper Coronet (the actual goal of this part of the quest). This second option was added as a shortcut into the mod. After speaking to Gaelen and getting the key you will see a short cutscreen showing Soubar guards getting attacked en masse by some bandits dressed in golden uniform.

If you choose the first option and give Gaelen 10 000GP he will tell you that Selence is looking for a player, and also that Ceeb Isson (ho ho) is in Trademeet looking for a player. By this they mean someone who has their own stronghold, so this should be your first task. It doesnt matter which stronghold you get by the way. Neither character (Selence or Isson) will talk to you until you have a stronghold, so dont bother going until you are suitably attired.

Once you have a stronghold go to Trademeet and go into the inn where youll find Ceeb Isson, to whom you should now speak. He admits that he is also a Bhaalspawn, although he claims to be a bit of a wussy Bhaalspawn. There is lots of digitised speech here (and throughout the rest of the mod) and it is very competently done (although some of the acting is feeble, more of this anon). He tells you that some strangers were in Trademeet and that they need your help, although they were looking for any Bhaalspawn. Isson admits that he does not know what the strangers were looking for. After the conversation concludes you should see a cutscreen showing some golden dressed bandits attacking en masse some Soubar Guards, which ends with the guards retreating to Soubar. After the cutscreen is over Isson suggests that you return to Athkatla where youll find more information, so your next destination should be Waukeens Promenade for another meeting with Selence.

Several people have noticed that if you pay Gaelen (either amount) before talking to Ceeb Isson, Isson would disappear from the Trademeet Inn. I dont know if this a bug, but I think it is because Isson himself shows up later in Soubar, and presumably paying Gaelen triggers a flag which causes Issons location to change. If I hear any concrete info about this I will pass it on. What I am (as yet) unsure of if when Isson disappears he shows up in Soubar as he is supposed to, because otherwise completing the mod could be tricky, since he is important for solving a later quest.
This time Selence will talk to you and ask that you perform some tasks for her to prove your worth (always with the tasks!). The first of these tasks is to go to Sir Williams house in the Government district and get some owed money. Sir Williams house is just south of the park at the Deril Estate (x3480 y2640). When you enter the house Sir Williams butler mentions that Sir William is away (you can say anything you want to the butler EXCEPT choice 5 which will cause you to lose a point of reputation). Question the butler and he will tell you that Sir William is in Brynnlaw (oh great! ), so that should be your next destination (Chapter 4 ahoy!). At the time of initial writing there was a bug in the game where you could cast knock on the container (even though if you tried to pick it, it said you need to use all your skills to find the key) and get the 24 000GP from the container. However currently this has been changed so now the container has become a door, and therefore has been made unknockable. When you get to Brynnlaw head over to Lady Galvenas Festhall enter through the front door and kill any guards you meet. You should then go through the door behind them and go down the corridor and enter the door at x340 y190. You will find Sir William inside, although he may be sleeping. If this is the case you should go away rest and then return. When he is awake you should question him and it turns out that he has been having an affair with Lady Galvena and somehow Selence has found out and has been blackmailing him. You can suggest to him various ways of generating large sums of money, but basically it doesnt matter what you suggest, he will give you the key to his safe. When you are back in Athkatla go back to Sir Williams house and use the key on the painting to retrieve the gold. Alternatively you can actually kill Sir William if you wish for no loss of reputation and the key and 600 gold. Interestingly (or not) Lady Galvenas room have now been made inaccessible (for me anyway).

Return with the gold to Selence in the Promenade and get rewarded with 12 000XP. Speak to her again and she will offer to sell you some amazing fenced goods which you can buy from her at any point from now on. Many of these items were taken from IWD and other Black Isle games, but do try to get your hands on the some of the following:

Kiss of Gloomfrost +4 longsword (10% fire resistance, 10% cold resistance, 5% chance 2-12 extra cold damage)
Mithals Cloak (+3 AC bonus, + 2 to all saving throws)
Cynicism +4 bastard sword (cast knock & find traps 1 a day)
Ogi-Lucs Robe (AC4, set STR 18/99, +2 to CON, single class mages only)
Mystery of the Dead shield (+4 AC bonus, +1 vs. missiles, immunities to some death spells)
Wailing of Virgins cloak (+4 AC bonus against crushing, piercing, missile attacks, +2 AC against slashing attacks, immunity to fear, cursed)
Benorgs Truth +4 axe (+1 against crushing, +1AC bonus, 10% chance of stunning opponent)
Defender +5 warhammer (+2 AC bonus, 15% resistances to piercing, slashing, crushing and Magic Resistance, +3 save vs. spells)

By the way I have no idea what use (if any) the engineering manual plays in this mod. When you are ready return and speak to Selence again for she will have another task for you. She wants you to break into Ribalds shop and steal a shipment of newly arrived goods. Once you have achieved this you should meet her in Five Flagons Inn.

Head over to the south of the district to the golden lion statues (x3480 y3360), where you should see a staircase leading down. Once you appear in the passageway youll meet Ken the Baker (ho ho), who wants you to find some pretty pictures for his lady. If you tell him truthfully the directions to Beregost (he seems to a touch lost) youll get a reward of +1 to reputation. If you do decide to ice Mr. Baker (and who could blame you), the only reward youll get is 2 GP and -10 penalty to your reputation, so its probably best not to bother.

On the first floor there is a staircase and a door. As far as I can tell the door leads into the garden of the house and from there back into Athkatla. In fact if you go through the door you cant get straight back into the house, so you might want to ignore that for now. So go up either set of stairs to a new floor and on this floor ascend the stairs again to the top floor. If you are having some difficulty with the Greater Werewolves inhabiting the Bucko mansion, Ziad El-Hajj has a neat tip for you:

I noticed something interesting about the first two floors. The first time I went in was during the day, and both floors were crawling with Greater Werewolves (were talking a dozen per floor). I was forced to restore the game, then I rested. It was midnight when my party woke up, and when I went in the first two floors were empty. I guess even Greater Werewolves go to sleep

On the top floor there are shitloads of Greater Werewolves and the Bucko daughter. Kill the werewolves and speak to the daughter, who will leave, as should you. Return to the ground floor and speak to Lord Bucko and hell give you 10 000 quest XP and sod all else. (There was initially an infinite XP bug here, but this has been fixed now.) If you talk again to the daughter (Betra) shell complain about her arm hurting and then turn into another werewolf which you must kill. Speak again to the other members of the Bucko family but they are all devastated with grief, so you might as well leave now. Head back down the sewer pipe into the maze and move north and west to x500 y180 to Ribalds stairs.

Enter the shop, though you have to wait until after midnight, and I found I could only go in one at a time. There are loads of traps in the shop and if you set off any alarm's killer mimics appear (they have great high pitched voices, so you might want to do it once to hear this). The traps themselves are pretty tricky to disarm, but if you can move south to the table (x730 y760) which is protected by a petrification spell. Grab the 10 items and leave via the maze entrance and high tail it over to the Five Flagons Inn.

Enter the inn and go upstairs to find Selence. You give her the stuff but she wants you to fence it quickly, and requests that you meet at the Seas Bounty tavern within 2 hours. You are rewarded with 10 000 quest XP, and should be already walking towards the Docks district. When you enter the Seas Bounty speak to Selence and she will give you a key to her upstairs room at the Copper Coronet. Curiously she doesnt take the stuff away from you. Before you leave she tells that she might have work for you from time to time. If you ask her about any jobs for you she tells you that she is planning something big and you should check back with her in a couple of days. (Actually this is a fallacy dont bother waiting a couple of days, if you go back there she says exactly the same thing.) At this point you may want to try to buy some more of her wonderful gear if you didnt pick it all up earlier. Nothing else to do but head over to the Copper Coronet.

If at any future point you go into Ribalds shop with any of the stuff you nicked, he notices that you have some of his goods and gets a touched miffed. There are a variety of conversation options here. You can simply lie and blame Irenicus (this is probably the best option) or you can admit you know who stole the stuff but cant betray their confidences (this is bad because all the guards get summoned), or you can opt to betray Selence, which as far as I can tell is a waste of time since apparently nothing happens, and you can still talk to Selence. Anyone? Alternatively you can admit you stole the stuff yourself and give it back (probably a bad idea) or admit you stole it yourself and NOT give it back (definitely a bad idea since the guards get summoned) If you blame Irenicus you can still use Ribalds shop, so this is probably the best suggestion. I thought Ribald noticing this was a very good touch, nice work Ceeb!

4.2) The Road to Soubar
Head over to the Copper Coronet and go upstairs to find the locked room. There is a chest here with some minor treasures and the sealed Letter of Introduction, which you are advised not to open, and a Letter of Introduction which tells you that you should go to the Umar Hills Inn. Should your curiosity get the better of you, I can reassure you that opening the sealed letter didn't do anything or stop the mod from
progressing (thanks to Joey Abrams for this info) . So its now time to leave Athkatla.

When you arrive in the Umar Hills area a cutscreen starts which shows the current situation in Soubar, and their pressing need for a Bhaalspawn (i.e you). When this cutscreen ends you will see another cutscreen of the bandit leader Rolf Sureblade addressing his troops about how they will conquer Soubar. When the cutscreens ends you are returned to Umar and should move north and enter the inn.

When you enter the inn Arvin Kothonos initiates a dialogue whereby you give him the Letter of Introduction. Arvin introduces himself and gives some background on the situation in Soubar. Vincenzo (the Innkeeper) then orders everyone out of the inn. Once Willet (kyuk! kyuk!) has cleared everybody out of the inn Varros and Kothonos explain in more depth the situation to you, and give you some background on the history of Soubar and Triel. You also get the option of ordering some food at this point, although I couldnt see the point of this to be honest. They then continue with their story and ask you for aid in defending against the bandits. After this you should speak to Varros who will suggest you stay the night at the inn.

In the morning leave the inn and speak again to Kothonos, who will suggest that you travel to Soubar by carriage or foot. If you opt to go by foot you have the option of going back to Athkatla and are advised to see Selence, although when I did this nothing new was said and she offered me no further jobs or advice. However you decide to travel you will end up at the River Chionthar section.

From the start point of the new map you can talk to Charlotte and do this quest (see the NPC section for more details) but the only point to this map is to get to the other side. To exit this map square simply move to the north-western corner.

When you enter the next map square Charlotte (if she is with you) will comment that this is the River Chionthar and that you have to cross the river which could be dangerous. She also mentions that there is no bridge but that she has a rope, although it is on the other side (well thats no bloody use is it woman?!!). You can if you want simply walk across one at a time, or try to build a rope bridge. To get to the river bank find the staircase (x1010 y150) and go down and south into the river. You might take some damage from the cold, bt its nothing too serious. Head across to x420 y830 and climb on the bank. There is a rope nearby (remember to use TAB highlight) and if you wish you can make the bridge securing the rope to both trees (x510 y380 and x1010 y360). For achieving this you get 12 000 XP, but to be honest even when Id built the bridge I couldnt use the sodding thing! The reason for this (I later discovered) was that all the bridge does is that it prevents you from being knocked unconscious whilst in the river, you still have to cross it as normal and still suffer the cold damage from the river. I thought this was a good idea, but poorly executed, particularly since the AI of the NPCs couldnt handle going climbing down the riverbank (I kept being told I was too far away to use even when I was next the stairs). Anyhow once you have navigated the river simply head to the north-western corner of the map and into Soubar! Hooray!

Dont worry about trying to get the lion across the river, he will simply appear with you whenever you move to a new area, talented creature that he is.

.3 ) Moseying around Soubar
The first and only objective is to go to the Town Hall (x3300 y2110) and speak to the Mayor, but before you do that you might want to have a look around town (hint, hint). Moving around outside Soubar (hmm seems familiar) you can talk to various guards and villagers but they have nothing interesting to say or do

There is (obviously) no set order in which to search the houses in Soubar, but this was the way I did it. Unless otherwise specified the houses are either devoid of interesting treasure or merely have minor treasures (gold, potions, etc.) Dont be dissuaded though because there are some great treasures to loot, and none of the villagers object to you ransacking their houses.

The first building I went to was the Soubar Guards barracks (x4620 y2820) but at the moment there is nothing of interest happening so leave here for now. Moving round to the house at x4100 y2620 where a villager claims to have lost here husband Joseph who is missing and was lost down a hole, agree to help her. Actually loads of villagers including men and children will give you this speech and quest, so theres no excuse for not doing it. Who the husband belongs to is anybodys guess at the moment! Actually I later found out that this is not a quest at all but rather, Cbisson is poking fun at one of the BG1 quests. Theres a woman in Nashkell who asks you to find her husband Joseph, a miner, and when you enter the mines you find his dead body with Josephs Greenstone Ring, which you take back to her. Thanks to Ziad El-Hajj for clearing up that mystery. So leave this building and move over to the barn nearby (x4170 y1870) where you should find some arrows +3 and a bastard sword +1. Leaving here there is a shop close by (x4470 y880) where you can loot a container for a cursed two handed Beserking sword +3.

Inside the large building at x3650 y930 (which is actually the Candlekeep Inn) there is a ranger to whom you can speak (see Charlottes quests). You can talk to Winthrop the innkeeper here and he will mention that it wouldnt be much of an expansion without him, which is fair enough. You can also buy and sell some stuff with him. In here you will also find Ceeb Issons Ecologies (a book) which is basically a note from the developer thanking various people for helping him and stuff. More importantly (for players at least) you can sell the book to Winthrop for a staggering 500 000 (!). There is also another one of these books knocking about time, so if you are short of cash, you never will be again. There is nothing else of interest upstairs so when you are ready leave this building. Here again, the ever resourceful Ziad El-Hajj has provided an utterly brilliant tactic for generating vast amounts of cash:

If you want to make insanely huge amounts of money, take the book to one of the fences in SoA instead. Get your pick pockets skill high enough (200 is foolproof), sell the book, then steal it. Sell it and steal it a few times, and youll end up with tens of millions in no time (though some may consider this cheating - I thought it was!)

Moving on to the next house of interest (x2160 y820), there are loads of traps on the first floor but there are some useful spells. Going upstairs there are even more traps but even better spells. Heading on to the top floor you come face-to-face with Mr. Ubiquity himself, Ceeb Isson. Feel free to talk to him if you wish but he has little to say of note, but on this floor there are even more funky spells, the book of Infinite Spells and the Firetooth Dagger +3 (extra fire damage). In case you were wondering if you try to attack Ceeb Isson he is invincible. Has anyone managed to kill him?

Moving on to the Splintered Stair Inn (x1150 y1370) you can find another one of Ceeb Isson Ecologies, and you can you can buy some potions from Ludwig. Head on upstairs to the second floor you will meet Laura Kross. You can talk to her but dont call her Lara Croft more than once or she will imprison your entire party (she DID warn you as well!). Now go upstairs to the top floor where a trapped chest (x170 y340) which contains really cool treasure:

Robe of Vecna (AC5, reduces casting time by 4, 10% magic resistance)
Cloak of the Shield (+5 vs. missile weapons, + 1 vs. melee weapons)
Cloak of Reflection (reflects electrical damage back to source)
Travellers Robe (all right this one is a bit rubbish)

Also a container nearby contains a telescope (use?). Nothing else to do here so leave and go next door to the shop (x990 y1100),

In this shop there is a container which has arrows +3 and a +3 short sword, This shop is run by Reyna who was one of the knights trapped in the Planar Sphere. Nothing else to do so leave and head over to the inn (x770 y1630) which has some pleasant music, very reminiscent of Final Fantasy. Herein there is a chest x1290 y740 which has gold chainmail +3 and Gram the sword of Grief +5 (two handed sword, 10% extra poison damage, chance to lower level of target with each hit). Upstairs here there are a number of chests with large(ish) amounts of gold and minor treasures. Leaving here we will next head to another inn (x1550 y2060) (there sure are a lot of inns in this village).

In this inn you can play darts with a darts player (another nice touch, good work Ceeb!), but remember to pick up your stuff after finishing the game. Also in here at the back there is a wine broker from whom you can buy wine (unsurprisingly). You can also talk to the innkeeper, Oscar, if you wish but he does not have much of interest to say.

The large building next to Oscars inn is yet another inn, The Narwhal although is nothing going on here at the moment, so feel free to skip this one for now. The building at x770 y3230 you will see some fighters training. You can talk to these guys but they seem pretty intent on fighting each other. Back here is an unpickable chest, but you can get the key from a container nearby. The chest, when opened contains a Juggernaut Golem manual and the Warblade +4 a two handed sword. Nothing else to do here so go next door to another inn. Its no wonder the people in Soubar are in such a mess given the amount of boozers, very much my kind of town!

The inn in question x3340 y2780 is Berdes inn where you can find a spell downstairs and various gems, gold and potions upstairs. The large building marked as the Soubar Social club (x3780 y3620) is completely inaccessible, so if anyone can get in there at this stage good luck to you. The building close by x3780 y3620 is Erdanes store where you can loot some relatively low grade equipment.

The next building on our tour (x2670 y1340) has some (as yet) unpickable chests donstairs, but if you go upstairs you will find a Halfling Thief, who after a protracted conversation will ask you to get some stuff from the chests downstairs. Do so now, and then speak to him, where you can give him the stuff if you wish to a whopping 10XP or you can tell him to get stuffed and he pisses off upset. There are some funky arrows (arrows of pain and arrows of healing, both of which are worth a fortune) as well as some utterly pointless gloves of Revelation which tell you the alignment and level of a character but only have one use. Make of these what you will and leave when ready.

Moving on to the Chauntean Reading Room (x2660 y2040) there are some spells downstairs and well as some potions to grab. More significantly there is a Tome of Clear Thought (+1 to INT permanently). Upstairs there are more spells and a Ring of Invisibility and an Periapt amulet of Life Protection (+3 bonus to saves vs. death).

Finally we have finished our in town odyssey, so nothing to do but to go to the Town Hall (x3300 y2120). There is nothing to do here except to talk to Mayor Melandor and company. The mayor fills you in on the situation, and again we are treated to lots more digitised speech. Unfortunately the mayor appears to err be erm reading from some err.. prepared notes. Apparently they dont much set much stock on public speaking in Soubar! After talking to the Mayor and asking him questions you can opt to rest or continue with the adventure. When you are ready talk to the Mayor again, he will tell you that you should not directly attack the bandits outright unless Soubar is directly threatened. Of course before you are allowed to do this you must prove yourself (what? Again?!). You are asked to join the regular militia and have to go and speak to the Major in the Soubar barracks, so this is where you should head now.

Personal Note:
At this point it behoves me to comment on the generally poor quality of the voice acting in this mod, especially with respect to the Mayor. Before anyone gives me grief I KNOW that this is not a professional mod, but surely Cbisson could have found some more convincing voice actors (or at least people who were more comfortable at reading!). And yes I know that this is probably the last of Cbisson concerns, but hey I like being picky

.4) Soubar Militia quests (Private)
When you talk to the Major the first thing that happens is that you lose all your equipment and weapons (bastards! Typical bloody military). You are given a footlocker(actually a Bag of Holding) into which you should put your possessions. You are warned that you should not try to stash your equipment in any of the chests because they will be confiscated. Despite this dark warning from the Sergeant I can inform you that you have little to fear, as Joey Abrams advises:

You can hide all of your equipment in one of Soubar's buildings before you join the militia and retrieve it later. The warning that the guards will search for it is b.s. and you won't lose your various cases and containers that way. Also, you actually can use any of your items except ones that go in the main hand weapons slot, armor slot, and helmet slot. Potions, rings, scrolls, cloaks, etc... I used the peasant house right beside the militia HQ and had no problem getting everything back once I made officer.

Many thanks to Joey to that useful little nugget. If you have a familiar and wish to keep it, you should release it from your pack, give the footlocker to the Major, and then you can pick it up again.

Once you have given the footlocker to the Major the Sergeant kits you out with (sartorially speaking horrible) armour, and low grade magical swords. In one of the later fix-packs Bisson has altered it so that everyone (including mages) gets 2 proficiency points with swords.

The first mission is to patrol the northern road out of Soubar, and you are warned not to let any of the townsfolk die. Head up to the northern end of town (x1720 y270). Once you are there stay where you are and defend the town from bandits. There is a cutscreen showing the militia pissing aound and at the end of the cutscreen you are attacked by loads of bandits. Once they are dead return to the barracks and speak to the Major.

The second mission you are given you are told to go and investigate the disapperance of some Soubar scouts. For this mission you are given a travel bag with some supplies including some potions and a Ring of Regeneration (yay!). When you are ready speak to the Sergeant and you will leave. You are then treated to a brief description of the farms around Soubar, accompanied by some most peculiar music. When you arrive on the map you are told by the Sergeant that you should use the field glasses to see where the bandits are located. The object of this mission is to try to find the scouts and locate any survivors.

This mission is quite tough since you are heavily outnumbered and if many of the bandits see you they can call upon (seemingly limitless) reinforcements. The secret to this mission is to try to lure then only a few at a time. Basically if one of the bandits says call re-inforcements you are pretty screwed. Once all the bandits are dead the mission is not yet over. There is a survivor (a young boy called Charlie) but he will not show until you have killed all of the bandit leaders, and have clicked on the dead bodies. When Charlie appears you will find out that the bandits have killed his parents and relatives. Offer to take him with you (and get a reputation increase by 1) return and speak to the Sergeant and tell him there is no sign of the scouts but you have rescued a young boy. Return to Soubar knowing that you have to find a place for Charlie to live. If you are struggling with this mission Ziad El-Hajj has provided a pretty cool strategy:

I sent Tomas (in stealth mode) to explore the entire area, which made it quite easy to lure the bandits. Even with that they called in reinforcements, so I had my PC (wild mage) and Aerie simultaneously cast high-level area of effect spells (Dragons Breath and Horrid Wilting. I love Horrid Wilting ) and Voila! reinforcements flambé.

Alternatively John Elrood has come up with another novel way of disposing of the pesky bandits, one which appeals immensely to my sneaky instincts:

One thing I did for the bandit attack at Charlie's farm was right at the outset summon two Aerial Servants (Aerie) and two Fire Elementals (Jaheira), and send them into the actual farm themselves to take on the initial bandits. They wiped out the bandit force without ever losing more than one Servant, and all the party had to deal with were some reinforcements - never more than four at a time. Sequenced Fireballs pretty well took care of any groups

Great tip, thanks John.
When you return to the barracks speak to the Sergeant who tells you to rest, and then speak to the Major. The Major congratulates you and you are promoted to Sergeant and get 30 000XP for your troubles. Not only this you also get a +2 bonus to your AC and get innate free action and non-detection.. Cool!

.5) Soubar Militia Quests (Sergeant)
The first quest after being promoted is actually a pretty easy one, and you get some troops to command to boot Yay! The Major wants you to go over to the Narwhal Inn (x1400 y2630) to stop the displaced Triel villagers from getting drunk and fighting. No worries. Once you leave the barracks you get your squad of men to command, so head on over to the Narwhal Inn. Once you get there speak to one of the guards and he will give you some manacles to stop the Triel villagers from killing each other. To use these successfully you should equip them in the gloves/gauntlets slot and then use them as a backpack item and make a successful attack. Once you entr the Narwhal Inn very quickly everything kicks off and you should try to manacle the Triel villagers as fast as possible. Once they are manacled talk to each villager indepedently and for each villager that you successfully send back to the jail you are rewarded with 1000 XP. Once all of the villagers are manacled (or dead) speak to the guards and tell them the mission is over and you should head back to the barracks. Job done. On the way back to the barracks head to the north of the village where some bandits are attacking the village. You may have to hunt around the village for some more bandits (there are at least two bandits attacking the village).

When you return to the Major and tell him that the town has been attacked. Also tell him about the bar brawl, and he asks you to go and see the Mayor. Do so now. When you inform the Mayor he gets pissed off (and almost sounds convincing too!). There is nothing to do except return to the barracks. Tell the Major about the report to the Mayor, and you get rewarded with 40 000XP, and are allowed to loot the shelves for your troubles. The shelves have some really great loot including :

Book of Gainful Exercise (+1 to STR permanently)
Boots of Speed
Ring of Protection +2
Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialisation (+2 to THAC0, extra ½ attack a round)
some potions

When you are ready report once again to the Major who has a new mission for you to undertake which is to recruit some more men to replace those lost in the repeated raids.

Whilst still in the barracks descend the stairs to the prison. Your first task is to get the prisoners to join the militia, but since you are here make sure that you check out the container (x820 y520) which has some potions and a Ring of Lockpicks (+25 bonus to lockpicking). To get the Triel villagers to join the Soubar cause all you need to do is to talk to them twice (although with some of the more obstreperous inmates it may be three or four times). Simply talk to each villager in turn and for each villager that agrees to enlist youll receive 500XP. Once all the villagers have joined up leave the prison and head for the training ground.

En route to the training ground you might get attacked by (yet more fucking) bandits. There could be quite a few of them, but there may be only a couple (I tried this mission twice and the first time I got jumped by eight bandits and the second time I got jumped by only two). This could be a tough battle especially as youll probably still have really crap equipment. Anyhap when you are finished head over to the south-western corner of the map (x110 y3640) and move to the training camp.

Whilst you are here make sure you speak to the guard in the middle to get some better equipment and weapons, and then you can tell him that you want the Triel villagers trained into fighting machines. You then get to see a series of nice cutscreens of these villagers bashing seven shades out of an orog/ lizardman/troll (dependent on the type of training you select). After this return to the same guard and ask for more training, this time in marching. You get to see some more nice cutscreens of the troops marching (although my drill instructor would NOT be happy with these maggots marching. They cant even form a straight line!!). Once the marching training is complete speak again to the guard and hell tell you that they are trained and ready to join the militia. Now all that remains is for you to give them some orders and leave the training ground. After they have trained you have the option of speaking once more to the guard and hell be prepared to give you weapons training up to grandmaster level (the guy next to him will train you in weapon skills you dont yet possess). This service is free, although it does take quite a few weeks. When you are ready return to the Major and he thanks you and you are rewarded with 10 000XP and you next mission which is to investigate whether there is a spy in Soubar. (you also get an additional 50 000XP at this point.). En route to the Major you might again get attacked by a small group of bandits, but they should pose no problems. Its possible that you might encounter a bug herein, especially if during the Narwhal bar brawl one of the Triel villagers got killed. If this is the case, Ziad El- Hajj has a solution:

During the brawl in the Narwhal one of the Triel villagers killed another one. That did not pose any problem, until after I had finished training the remaining nine. At that point, when I talked to the Major, I couldnt tell him the training was over. A quick look at the global variables (thanks to Shadowkeeper) showed that the variable CBPARTYTRAINEDONENEWGUARD was set to 9. The only way I found to be able to continue on with the game was to set it to 10, at which point I could talk to the Major and advance the plot. Im not sure if its indeed a programming oversight or if I did something wrong somewhere, but I thought it worth mentioning.

Thanks Ziad for highlighting this possible and, and providing a cogent solution.

There is only a rumour of a spy and its your job to confirm or refute this allegation according to the evidence you uncover. I personally thought this quest was right royal pain in the arse, but thats just me The idea behind the quest is great, but I thought it was waaaay too complex and clever for its own good (I am a simple man, no great mystery), and the notion that anyone (well anyone from 6 or 7 ) could be the spy just made things far too complicated. I checked teamBGs message forum and found I was not the only person who ended up exceedingly frustrasted at this quest. So stop ranting and tell me about the quest already, I hear you say.

OK, the brief to this quest is simple: there might be a spy in Soubar and you have to find him/her (actually there IS a spy , but you can complete the quest without actually locating the spy if you follow a partcular thread - that is another problem with this quest, there are far too many possible endings). The Major tells you that you must locate and deal with this spy, but where to start? Well if youve got Charlotte in your party shell happily pipe up with loads of (utterly useless) information, so feel free to ignore her. Whilst there are numerous (apparently 144 according to Cbisson) possible resolutions to this quest there is only one way to get it started, so listen up.

The first thing to do is head on over to the Candlekeep Inn. Before you go in however bear in mind that the path described below is merely the path I took, it is not the only succesful resolution to this quest (though I GUARANTEE that this path works). There are many ways to get to your goal, and I am merely explaining the one I took. Of course if you do decide to take a different route, dont come whining to me if this quest doesnt work, I spent ages trying to solve this quest myself.

Go into the Candlekeep Inn (x3640 y940) and speak to Winthrop about the situation and he will provide you with three possible leads. Leave the inn and immediately return, whereby the ranger will approach and offer his help in solving this mystery. Agree to his help and you will be able to compile a list of suspects. The suspects are:

1): Winthrop
2): Ranger
3): Mayor
4): Ceeb Isson (hes the guy who bought the Millar place)
5): Charlie (the boy you rescued from the farmstead)
6): Some fighters over in a warehouse (x770 y3230)

This quest has been structured so that ANYONE on the list (with the possible exception of the Soubar Social Club, although I am unsure of this) can be the spy. The course of your investigation determines who is the sp. Neat eh? No sadly not. There are three crucial things to remember in this quest:

) Only ask 1 question about each suspect. If you ask 2 questions about the same suspect you cannot ever complete this quest!!
) Once you have asked a question about a suspect, they are ruled out no matter how pathetic the answer is. For example if you ask Ceeb Isson about the fighters in the warehouse he will say he has no idea who they are. I have no interest in local affairs. Despite any evidence to the contrary this answer rules them out as being spies. This rings true of all suspects and questions. AS SOON AS YOU ASK A QUESTION ABOUT ONE OF THE VALID SUSPECTS THEY HAVE BEEN RULED OUT. They are no longer a suspect.
) NEVER ASK A SUSPECT WHETHER THEY ARE THE SPY THEMSELVES, YOU WILL NEVER COMPLETE THE QUEST. Actually this last one is pretty bloody obvious. Would you willingly admit to being a spy?

Right then, so how to complete this quest? Heres how I did it (though I took advantage of what might be a bug/loophole to do so)

1): Speak to Winthrop (this gives three leads - Soubar Social club, Ceeb Isson, the fighters in the warehouse
2): Speak to the Ranger and get four additional leads (ranger, Winthrop, Charlie and the Mayor)
3): IN THE SAME CONVERSATION THREAD, speak to the ranger about Winthrop (thus ruling him out)
4): Speak to Charlie (in the guards barracks) about the ranger (thus ruling him out)
5): Speak to the Mayor about Charlie (and heres where I take advantage of a bug/loophole). If you ask the Mayor about Charlie he will ask for the name of Charlies father. GIVE THE INCORRECT NAME. If you tell the Mayor that Charlies father is called Charlie/Paul/Richard he will say that he doesnt know who Charlie is (but for some reason this rules Charlie out of the equation). Then you can ask him about a further suspect, I chose the Soubar Social Club, thus ruling that out as a suspect. If you give the Mayor the correct name of Charlies father (Jacques) he will recognise Charlie (ruling him out as a suspect) BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ASK HIM ABOUT ANY OF THE OTHER SUSPECTS, making it fucking tricky to finish this quest.
6): Speak to the fighters in the warehouse (x790 y3220) about Ceeb Isson
7): Speak to Ceeb Isson about the Mayor in the Town Hall
8) : Voila, only the fighters left theyre your spies.

Please feel free to send me any other tips or suggestions as to how you solved this quest, I am sure there are many, many great ways to solve it. I dont claim to have the best tactic, this is merely the only way I could find of discovering ANY spy. As you can see the secret of my tactic is to make sure that I ask the Mayor about Charlie (but get the name wrong), thereby allowing me to rule out two suspects in one go. I simply couldnt find any other way of doing it. Using this bug/loophole it is very easy to juggle which person you want the spy to be.

An alternative (and more orthodox) solution has been posited by Ziad El-Hajj:

I actually managed to solve it in a more orthodox fashion. Heres how:
)asked ranger about Winthrop
)asked Winthrop about ranger
)asked Charlie about Soubar Social Club
)asked Mayor about Fighters in warehouse
)asked fighters about Charlie
)asked Ceeb Isson about mayor
)This leaves out Ceeb Isson, hes the traitor!

Pretty easy actually

Perhaps having Charlotte is important to complete it this way, since after I talked to Ceeb (and walked out of his house. This is important to trigger her dialogs) shes the one who clearly spelled out he was the spy.
The hard part was that when I went in to confront Ceeb again, he did not peacefully agree to anything. He instead teleported in a bunch of bandits along with Rolf, and they kicked my arse in no time . Heres how I eventually defeated them. First I set traps (with Tomas and Selence I could set 7) over the floor, particularly near the stairs. Then I kept everyone near the stairs and sent my lowest-AC character (Tomas in this case. Being a swashbuckler, I managed to get his AC down to -12) to talk to Ceeb. The traps instantly killed the bandits that teleported at the stairs (fun ). While Tomas was distracting Rolf (and drinking potions by the truckload, despite the low AC), my wild mage and Aerie were throwing in Dragons Breath and Horrid Wiltings. Once Rolfs (not Ceebs) HP gets low enough he and Ceeb will teleport out (with a well meet again rant). I reported to the Major, and got promoted to Captain.
Note that when I reported to the Major everyone got 50,000 XP as you mentioned, however on top of those Charlotte inserted a few words in and got an additional 100,000 (why does she suck in all that XP??), then immediately triggered another dialogue with me. That made her regain her Stalker status (finally!), as well as dumping 100,000 quest XP on everyone, plus an additional 200,000 for her (hey, I wasnt kidding about the XP thing!)

Wow! Pretty cool eh? Thanks for the tip and solution, Ziad.

Once I had fingered the fighters (ooh-err!) they agreed to come peacefully and you are then teleported to the prison. You are then congratulated by the Major, and are promoted to Captain and rewarded with 50 000 quest XP. I noticed (with some chagrin) that although you get your equipment back you are not given scroll cases or (more importantly) non-removable items (such as your familiar). Also while you are in prison you might want to have a look around in some of the boxes. Although most of these are warded there is one nearby which is merely locked and contains a crowbar (now you can unlock all of the surrounding chests) and get some great treasure:

The Answer +4 longsword
Darksteel + 4 shield
Runehammer +4 warhammer

Feel free to open up the surrounding crates which have a variety of +2 and +3 weapons and armour which you can take, but there is nothing outstanding here. When you are ready head on back upstairs and speak to the Major for your next mission.

.4.6) Soubar Militia Quests (Captain)
Your first commissioned mission is actually pretty straightforward. You are told by the Major to go and speak to Prelate Wessen (in the High Hall of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District) and also High Merchant Logan (in Trademeet) and deliver a missive to them requesting their aid. It doesnt matter which person you visit first they will both give you the cold shoulder, saying that their hands are tied but theyd like to help (yeah, yeah, yeah heard it all before). You are told to return to the Major with the news that theyd like to help but will send confirmation within ten days.

Enter Soubar and return to the barracks and report you failure (well you did, didnt you?) to the Major. Youll receive 60 000XP for doing this. Now leave the barracks, and youll be approached by a Sergeant who warns of a large bandit attack on Soubar. He says that they have broken into the prison, and that you should investigate. Agree to this and re-enter the barracks. Descend to the prison and err Well actually I couldnt find any bandits in the prison area, nor could I find any hotspot to move me to another area where there might have been any bandits, so I cant really describe what you should do here. I simply returned to the Major and when I spoke to him he seemed to think that I had repelled the bandit attack, although Soubar had suffered great losses (eh?). He also mentions that his Chief Lieutenant was killed in the attack, and requests that you report to the Mayor immediately. Leave the barracks and head over to the Town Hall.

I am not sure if the location of the bandit attack is random, because I tried a couple of times, and was always told that te bandits were in the prison. However other people have commented that the attack occurs in the north-western corner of the town. If it does occur youll be facing about 50 (or more) bandits, but some heavy duty area effect spells should help here, and give you the opportunity for some serious looting.

When you speak to the Mayor, hell ask you to become Chief Lieutenant and for this you are rewarded with 100 000XP. Speak again to the Mayor and hell request that you find and kill Sureblade.

.7) Soubar Militia Quests (Chief Lieutenant)
Leave the Town Hall and return to the barracks. Speak to the Major wholl say that hes got two plans for attacking Sureblades castle: an underground route and an above ground route. I chose the above ground route and will describe that in more depth, because the underground route necessitates gaining access the area under the prison (where the bandit attack alledgedly took place), which I couldnt access. However for those of you who can access the underground tunnels, heres what to do.

If you are able to access the underground route (I couldnt, so dont blame me if this is wrong!). From the start of dungeon head south-east fighting your way through the Tremor Worms and work your way over to x3070 y780. There is a cache of treasure (x2470 y150) which has some gold and gems. In the second area your task is to head north-east to x3030 y350, fighting lots more Tremor Worms. Once inside youll find yourself in the basement of Rolfs castle and youll have a great advantage (Id imagine). Now go and kick Rolfs arse!

For those of you who wish to attack the castle directly this is what you need to do. Move to the northern end of Soubar and leave via the Road to Lyrars Hold. Youll appear in a snow covered pass where youll get attacked by some yeti. They are easy to kill but youll need ranged weapons (or ranged spells). Move north-west to x780 y220 and leave the section. When you appear on the new section youll be met by three bandits, who flee when they see you but they dont get allowed back into the hold.

The first thing to do is to move to the northern end of the map square because there is a catapult, which is slow to arm, but does massive amounts of damage if it hits (it has limited range, so anywhere on the north of the map is safe). Make sure you check the bandits around here for loot, some of them have improbably good stuff (one of the guys outside is wielding Carsomyr +6 paladin only sword). To get inside you need to attack the portcullis which has a lot of HP, so a good tactic is to use Cloudkill to eliminate some of the archers, which otherwise can be a real pest. Once inside kill the remaining bandits and any archers left (from whom you can loot well over 200 +2 arrows).

You are now free to explore the courtyard, although there may be some bandit orcs kicking around. Head over to x1420 y2000 and enter to find a small storeroom. There are three orcs and some minor treasures to check out while youre here, but nothing else. Now head over to x1540 y2500 to find a small barracks with a dozen or so bandits and orcs. Kill them all (they have rubbish treasure to loot), but there are a couple of chests with 8500 gold in each. Leave and then make your way over x3890 y2400 to find a larger barracks. Again there are about a dozen or so bandits in here, which should not detain you. Searching round the room youll find x670 y640 (lots of arrows +2, arrows of piercing); x500 y650 (gold and gems); table x220 y360 (gold); chest x300 y160 (3000 gold); weapon-stand x500 y70 (halberd +2, Ravager +4, Spear of Withering +4, Staff of Rhynn +4); armour-stand x480 y170 (Aslyferund Elven Chain +5 grants immunity to all normal weapons); armour-stand x640 y230 (Gorgon Plate +4); weaponstand x870 y310 (Ixils Nail +4, Dragons Breath +4, Duskblade +2, Blackmist +4, Spear of the Unicorn +2); table x990 y530 (Runehammer +5); chest x850 y340 (5000 gold); chest x390 y460 (I couldnt open this one. Anyone?). Phew! Once you are done here go through the door x250 y170.

Youll find yourself in a prison type area, with lots of locked up Soubar villagers, Triel villagers and Soubar guard members. Youll get attacked by various bandits and orcs, whom you can loot for gold, gems and other assorted crap. When the bandits are dead talk to the Triel villagers, although they have nothing of value to say. There is a trapdoor here x1170 y790, which is probably just a relic from the original BG1 (and thus irrelevant). Nothing really much else to do here, so leave the prison and smith and then head on over to the keep proper x3440 y1840.

Ziad El-Hajj notes that if the Soubar Spy attacked you, (and subsequently teleported away) they will be found here:

I found Ceeb Isson (who, in my game, was the spy) in one of the cells. He didnt have much to say though, just that Rolf was punishing him.

When you enter the main keep move forward and a cutscreen will start where youll have a conversation with Sureblade, which (inevitably) ends with a big fight. Try to take out the archers first and youll have litttle difficulty here. Once Sureblade gets to Nearly Dead and has had a pasting hell run off upstairs. Now you are free to explore the rest of the floor, though you might want to watch out for traps first. Looking around this floor there is a weapons rack x490 y1120 which has Blackmist halberd +4, and both the Wave Shaft and Wave Blade. There are two chests at x1250 y250 which have about 5000 gold inside. There are some other exits of this floor (besides the stairs to the second floor x2320 y920) but these are one way doors to the prison areas. Before going up the stairs there is a nearby barrel to investigate (x2090 y 970) which has:

Gram the sword of Grief +5 (two handed sword)
Spiders Bane +2 (longsword)
Carsomyr +5 (paladin only two handed sword)
Flame of the North +2 (two handed sword)

Once you are done here head on up to the second floor.

Emerging on the second floor, you meet Rolf again. Hes got some crappy mates with him, which you may wish to eliminate first. Rolf is quite a tough cookie and has lots of health. Once he is nearly dead and has had plenty of punishment hell run away again. As he retreats you MUST follow him or you wont be able to complete the quest because he opens an unpickable/unknockable door. Dont worry well search the rest of this floor shortly. Before following him you will have time however to search the table in this room (x1940 y820) which has a shield +2, Saving Grave +3 and the Mace of Disruption +2.

As you follow Sureblade through the door, hell vanish up the staircase. You should follow him, but first you might want to check out the trapped bookcase (x1960 y1410) which has a Tome of Understanding (+1 to WIS). Now go up the staircase to the first level where youll get attacked by some bandit giants. Loot these for spells, Axe of Unyielding +5 (there are loads of these knocking about) , and the Purifier +5 (ditto). Head on up the stairs again where youll be met by more bandit orcs. Nothing else to do but to climb the stairs (again). Yet another level with yet more bandit orcs, so you must ascend the stairs again. The next level has no monsters but a slightly irritating trap which causes minor damage. Ascend the stairs again and youll be face-to-face with Sureblade.

Before meeting Sureblade make sure you cast whatever protection spells you can, because Sureblade is one tough bastard. Bear in mind if any of your characters are below level 18 (you did READ the hint didnt you?!), it is not worth casting protection spells since they wont last more than a few seconds.

So what makes Rolf so tough? He has a sword which causes greater deathblow on any character below level 18 (ignoringall protections), and also an invisible non-removable ring which prevents his HP from going below 1!! (thanks to Shadowkeeper for that info). This means a straightforward melee WILL NOT EVER work (and means that even CTRL + y is useless). The only way I found of killing him was to get him down to Nearly Dead and then using a spell like Power Word: Kill, which has no saves (he also has fantastically good saves vs. just about everything). When he is dead he yields a paltry 28 000XP (for what its worth I thought Rolf was an utter bastard to kill, yet Lloth, a piece of cake, was worth 4 million XP. Go figure). You are also treated to a narrative description of the battle. Once you have control again you can loot some really great treasures:

Rolf Sureblades Shield (AC bonus 6! Bonus movement rate, immunity to missile weapons)
Rolf Sureblades Sword +3 bastard sword (Level 18 Greater Deathblow)

For those of you who are experiencing some difficulty in fighting Rolf, Joey Abrams has got some helpful advice:

Gram the Sword of Grief, Axe of the Unyielding, and the Silver Sword did wonders to kill Rolf. Level drains and vorpal weapons will kill him without using any spells which lets your clerics heal the damage he deals out and mages can hide you to recover if you need it.

Anyone else with any useful tips to kill Rolf, please feel free to send them in.
From the room you can loot some gold, gems and be sure to search to the bookcases for the following;

Tome of Leadership (+1 CHA)
Tome of Understanding (+1 WIS)
Manual of Quickness of Action (+1 DEX)
Aurora Whole Realms catalgoue (+80 to lore) - I couldnt get this to work

Great though Sureblades sword is, to be honest I actually think it is way too powerful, since many, many battles in the rest of the game (and the mod) are rendered slightly redundent. Liches? No problem. Mindflayers? Piece of cake. Personally I thought it was a really good idea, although I would have restricted it to level 15. (Thats not to say I didnt keep it and love it. I mean, come on, its been put there to use, for Gods sake )

There is nothing else to do up in the tower, so you should now descend and you can start exploring the second floor of Sureblades castle. Leave through the (now open) southern door x1730 y1670 and start moving round the corridor. There is nothing inside the first door x1340 y1730, so continue round the corridor killing foes as you progress. Enter the room x580 y1210, and search the table x620 y960 for a tome of Exercise (+1 STR). Go through the doorway (x820 y1030) and fight some bandit giants. There is nothing else of interest for us yet, so leave and continue exploring round the corridor. Go through the door x1550 y650 and enter the room where youll meet Alduvar Snowbrand, who is Sureblades mage and his mates. Kill the mage for 12 000XP and pick up the great loot:

Ring of Gaxx (+2AC, Resistances, Regenerate 1HP every 3 seconds)
Gargoyle Boots (Cast Stoneskin 2/day)
Ring of Protection +1
Dagger +2
Amulet of Power (Immunity to level drain, 5% MR, Improved Casting Speed)
Bracers AC3
Belt of Inertial Barrier (Resistances against missile and magic damage)

Now head on to x1270 y1500 where there is a chest nearby (x1190 y1360) which has gems and gold. Go through the door (x1260 y1330) and kill all the bandits inside, looting them for gold, gems and other minor treasures, Axe of the Unyielding +5, Purifier +5 (I said there were loads of these knocking about) and spells. Search the table (x1100 y960) for some potions of Superior Healing, and then go through the southern doorway. Search the chest here (x860 y1150) for 3000 gold and the cupoboard (x1070 y1230) for :

Mage Robe of Fire Resistance
Cloak of Balduran (+1 AC, +1 Saving Throws, 25% MR)

Another cupboard (x1090 y1250) has some cruddy cloaks. Finally head right round to x2060 y1190 where a trapped chest contains 25 000 gold and a cupobard has some spells. Nothing left to do but to head on over to the staircase to the basement.

When you emerge youll get attacked by some orcs, which will be no problem. In this first room are a couple of chests, by they contain little of value. Head on through the next room into another room with more bandit orcs. Again the chests here have little to detain you. Once inside there is a large room (where Nalias fathers body was in the corresponding dungeon) which has some bandit giants and a really evil trap. I was unable to either spot the trap or unlock the door once the trap is set off. The best way through this problem is to kill the giants from afar, and then have your best thief remove all their equipment and go into the trapped room. The traps get set off so quickly head over to the chest, pick the lock and return to the (locked) door. Although I was unable to pick the lock I found I could pass the equipment through to another member of my party, and when the thief was dead, I simply resurrected her (Nalia in my case) and bingo! Job done. The treasure you get is:

Lyrars Plate AC-1 (+4 bonus vs. slashing damage, reduces movement by 3)
Lyrars Shield AC +4 (+4 bonus vs. missiles)
Lyrars Mace +5 (STR set to 22, immunity to level drain)

However if you dont like my slightly cheating way of solving this puzzle, John Elrood has a really cool tip for avoiding the traps and opening the door from the inside. Over to you John:

The way I avoided the traps were: as soon as I stepped into the room I headed straight for the first column on the left side (placed it at my left hand if looking down the hall). Then walked to the same position at the next column. Went around to the other side of that 2nd column and walked to the third. At the third I circled around to the inside again and proceeded to the next colum. I kept doing this pattern until I had a straight shot to the back of the room. Went to the back of the room then went directly to the sarcophagus. Did not hit any traps. Reverse to get out. Its kind of hard to explain without a picture to reference, so I'd advise when doing it to QUICKSAVE each time your character makes a successful move.

To open the door from the inside, you have to be along the back angled wall - the one with the frescoes carved into it. The switch is at the bottom right-hand corner where the frescoes end - almost hidden behind the sarcophagi sculptures. Move the cursor around and when you're over the switch it'll turn in to that little circle made of two double-headed arrows.

Also back here in this underground section is where youd emerge if youd followed the underground route to the castle (x580 y1080). There is a Tremor Worm back there, who looks much nastier than he actually is. Since youve completely cleared the castle all that remains is to head back to the prison section where you should speak to each of the prisoners in turn and inform them that Sureblade is dead, and that they are free to go. For each free prisoner you get 1000XP. Nothing else to do here except return to Soubar and revel in your glory. Ziad El-Hajj has noticed that there is a way to get more XP for freeing the prisoners:

Actually there are two dialogue choices you can pick to free the prisoners, and they give you different amounts of XP. The first (No no, Im not here to torture you) gives you only 1000XP, but the third (Relax. Its okay now) gives 2000XP.

Speak to the Mayor who will thank you for your efforts and asks for you to be become the new Mayor. If you accept you get 200 000XP for the main character and each party member gets 100 000XP, and you are also iven two items (although I never got them so I don&#

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